Chinese vaccines would barely work, but are being over …

Last weekend, head of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention Gao Fu said the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccines “is not very high” and ways must be found to increase it. Afterwards he indicated that it was a misunderstanding. But what if it really is? “This can lead to problematic situations,” says vaccinologist Geert … Read more

Chinese women’s football suffered a major blow, captain Wu Haiyan accumulates yellow card suspension

Original title: Chinese women’s football suffered a major blow. Captain Wu Haiyan has been suspended for accumulating yellow cards At 4 pm on April 13th, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s football team will usher in the second round of the Olympic preliminaries. They will play the Korean women’s football team at the home stadium of … Read more

Chinese media calls for boycott of Western companies :: Dienas Bizness

At first glance, it might seem that the global pandemic crisis may have led to a fall in house prices, as large purchases are usually postponed when the uncertainty is huge. The crisis has been different, as house prices have continued to rise in most Western countries, and in several cases they have been quite … Read more

Shhh … Myanmar Junta Called Using Chinese Drones to Monitor Demonstrators

Jakarta – Military Myanmar called using an unmanned aircraft or drone to monitor anti-coup protesters on Myanmar’s streets. According to the information published Jane’s International Defense Review, the drone is said to be artificial China. As reported by the local news agency, The Irrawady, Sunday (11/4/2021), the report cites images on social media taken in … Read more

21 Chinese miners are trapped in a flooded coal mine | NOW

A coal mine in the Chinese region of Xinjiang was partly flooded on Saturday evening during works. 21 miners are still detained and 8 have since been rescued, Chinese state media report. Due to the flooding of the mine, the electricity went out. The 29 miners were probably surprised by the water. 12 of the … Read more

Chinese regulator fines Alibaba 18.2 billion yuan for antitrust violations

China’s National Market Regulatory Authority on Saturday fined Internet trading company Alibaba 18.2 billion yuan (2.33 billion euros) for violating antitrust rules. Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to Chinese state media, the regulator closed the investigation against Alibaba launched in December and found that the company had exercised a dominant position in … Read more

Chinese authorities fine Alibaba over 2.3 billion euros / Article /

Chinese authorities have fined internet trading company Alibaba more than € 2.3 billion for antitrust breaches. Alibaba representatives have already announced that the fine will be paid and will make the changes requested by the regulator. Experts believe that this is part of the Chinese authorities’ strategy to subject technology giants to a state-friendly legal … Read more

Chinese regulator fines Alibaba billions

According to Chinese state media, the regulator closed the investigation against Alibaba launched in December and found that the company had exercised a dominant position in the market by restricting competition for retailers using Alibaba platforms and thus distorting the free movement of goods. The fine imposed on the company is equivalent to 4 percent … Read more

Tense! Chinese Military Chase Philippine Journalist Ship in South China Sea

Manila – A number of military ships China reportedly chasing a civilian ship carrying journalists Filipina in the water South China Sea. The Armed Forces of the Philippines are investigating the incident which it said took place this week. As reported AFP, Friday (9/4/2021), several journalists from Philippine television, ABS-CBN, came to Second Thomas Shoal, … Read more

PayPal founder sees Bitcoin as “Chinese financial weapon”

Investor Mark Cuban still sees great development potential for NFT, as he explained in a podcast. The tokens completely changed the industry. Mark Cuban is one of the most successful business people in the United States and, among other things, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. He has appeared many times in the past … Read more