Comments: After E. Musk threatened to fire telecommuters, it became clear – there are not enough desks in Tesla’s office

After Elon Musk, the CEO of electric car maker Tesla, told employees to return to their offices or face being fired, it became clear that the company was poorly prepared for the return of workers. As written, theverge.comworkers at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, lacked parking spaces, desks, and some were hampered by poor … Read more

The circumstances of the death of “Depeche Mode” member A. Fletcher have become clear: he escaped suffering | Names

The results of forensic experts and thanks to everyone who expressed love and concern were shared on the official Instagram of the Depeche Mode group. “We wanted to take a moment to thank Andy for the love you all have shown over the past few weeks. It’s incredible to see your photos, read your words … Read more

The price of copper has fallen significantly. According to analysts, this is another clear indicator of an impending recession

Jan Boháč, 28. 6. 2022 Source: Depositphotos Copper, the price of which rose noticeably after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, is now worth the least for more than a year and a quarter The situation is significantly affected by restrictions on the construction industry in China, with their end this metal will probably become … Read more

Does charcoal really help to clear your pimples and blackheads?

They make big promises, the packaging of care products with activated charcoal (activated charcoal). It would pull grease, sebum, bacteria and toxins from your skin. You could even get a younger skin from it. Sounds great, but what’s true? Is there evidence for these claims? What kind of charcoal is in cleaning products? Let’s start … Read more

People started watering the plants with beer. The reason is clear. One bottle will give you up to 5 liters of effective solution

You have some golden juice left after the event and you are wondering what to do with it? Do not pour it at any cost, it will help rid your garden of pests. As a bonus, you can get a completely natural fertilizer. Cheers! Today you will not drink, but your plants. We probably won’t … Read more

Di Maria Juve, Allegri has a clear request on the Argentine. Background

Di Maria Juve, Massimiliano Allegri has a clear request on the negotiation regarding the Argentine offensive winger. The background As reported by Sky Sport, Massimiliano Allegri made a clear request to the management: to have the full squad as soon as possible in view of a season that kicks off on August 13th. Also for … Read more

Lightning from clear sky. The king leaves Hradec Králové and heads to Belgium

Jan Mejdr left for Sparta, captain Adam Vlkanova would like to go abroad. But the stopper prevented him. “Jan Král moves to the Belgian team KAS Eupen. It is a transition that has come to us like a bolt from the blue. We couldn’t do too much with him, the Benelux team decided to apply … Read more

Details of conditional swap to foreigners become clear

Work continues on the conditional swap arrangement for foreigners. With the new channel, which is planned to be commissioned in July, it has been suggested that foreign investors can provide lira funding with swaps with a maturity of at least 3 or 6 months, provided that they do not short sell the lira. According to … Read more

Clear, clear, throwback to the past, “Watermelon Nida” used to swing with her real mother to show her birth certificate.

However, if going back to the period of 16 November 2010 Watermelon Nida or Pattida Patcharaweeraphonghas had an official press release along with her real mother, which is Mrs. Panida Sirayuthyothin Come and show evidence of your birth certificate to the media. in which the birth certificate specifies the name Ms. Watermelon Patcharaveerapong Born on … Read more