Daniël (77) disposes of a collection of 4,000 beer bottles, 5,000 glasses and 10,000 beer cards: “In the container? I can’t get that over my heart ”| Hooglede

HoogledeInterested in a bottle of Carlsberg that was brewed especially for the crowning of the Danish king? Or how about a sixty-year-old Lichtervelds Piro beer? These are just a few of the thousands of unique beer bottles that you can find at Hoogledenaar Daniël Hoornaert. The retired construction worker is selling his entire collection. “Sure … Read more

how to get Rayquaza in the Collection Challenge in the Hoenn Region Celebration event

In the event of Hoenn Region Celebration of Pokémon GO we have one of the novelties that has been introduced is a special mission which will challenge all players to meet a series of objectives to receive a few rewards, so we are going to review in the following guide what it consists of. How … Read more

Apple kicks off $ 5 Build Your Collection movie sale featuring iconic ’80s and’ 90s movies

Apple has started a $ 5 Build Your Collection movie sale this weekend. You’ll find a wide range of discounted genres with a number of titles from the 80s and 90s headlining. All of these movies will become a permanent part of your library, so now is a great time to expand your collection and … Read more

Film Music Collection (12-CD)” – SOUNDTRACK BEAT

Quartet Records and El Deseo present a revised reissue of the mammoth box set (this time with 12 CDs) that compiles revised and remastered editions of all the soundtracks from the films on which Pedro Almodóvar and Alberto Iglesias have worked together—a partnership that celebrates 25 years of uninterrupted collaboration this year. After work with … Read more

The Master Chief Collection a great success

At the 2014 E3 conference, developer 343 Industries revealed Halo: The Master Chief Collection to the world. A compilation of the legendary adventures of John-117 in which we must save humanity from imminent extinction. If you want to know more about this title, you will surely be interested to know that the crossplay function is … Read more

How to catch Plusle and Minun in the Hoenn Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Image via Niantic Trainers have the opportunity to catch various third-generation Pokémon during the Hoenn Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go, as part of the tour de Pokémon Go: Kanto. Of the nine Pokémon that you must collect during the challenge, Plusle and Minun are two of the most difficult to catch. In addition to finding … Read more

Sortify, to sort your music collection on Spotify

Spotify ranks high among streaming music service providers. In addition to the available music catalog, its social functions and its recommendation algorithm make the experience with this service a richer one, in relation to what can be obtained from other platforms. If you use this platform to listen to music, the following tool could be … Read more

OT’s ‘book-scam’ factory casts us on another collection of scribbles

Related news Me with myself (Bruguera), de Flavio, from the latest edition of OT, is the last twist of the program’s machinery to squeeze its contestants to the point of absurdity -as we have already seen with the notorious Aitana case or Ana Guerra’s bluff-: the wheel continues, and if they do not succeed with … Read more

London Museum acquires “Baby Trump” for its collection | U.S

LONDON (AP) – The huge inflatable Baby Trump will live beyond the president’s presidency. The Museum of London said on Monday it acquired the giant balloon depicting Donald Trump as a crying baby as an illustration of the protests that greeted the US president when he visited the English capital in 2018. “By collecting the … Read more

Anuel AA adds a new Bugatti to his luxurious car collection

Anuel AA adds a new Bugatti to his luxurious car collection (Photo: Anuel AA-Instagram) Anuel AA once again showed off another of his new toys on social networks. It is your new luxurious white Bugatti with which you have made your dream come true. The urban exponent boasted in the publication that since 2016 he … Read more