“Newton’s game” raises the issue of marital rape … and Ahmed Karima comments

02:07 PM Sunday 09 May 2021 I wrote – Amal Sami: The twenty-sixth episode of the series “Newton’s Game” raised the issue of the so-called “marital rape” or forcing the wife to practice an intimate relationship by coercion, as it is a legitimate right of the husband, where “Munis” forced his wife “here” to practice … Read more

3 simple reasons why you have trouble with your bowel movements (and how to solve it) – Wel.nl

One person goes to the small room every day for a big message, the other only twice a week. But sometimes things just don’t go smoothly. Why is that and what can you do about it? Professor of gastrointestinal diseases Danny De Looze of the UZ in Ghent explains in Het Laatste Nieuws. Not enough … Read more

After sexist comments, Activision disagrees with Jeff Leach, actor of CoD: Warzone

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Unfortunately, the player base of Call of Duty it is known to be very toxic. Listening and reading offensive comments is the daily bread in multiplayer lobbies and forums. However, in the last hours a case came to light … Read more

Al-Jasmi publishes his picture in a cup of “Homs” on the Nile .. and comments: The more simplicity the more beauty

Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi posted a picture of him drinking a cup of “Halabsa and Homs Al Sham” at the top of one of the bridges above the Nile River in Egypt, and behind him shows the beauty of the water and the splendor of the Egyptian capital, through his Twitter account, accompanied by … Read more

George Wassouf comments: “Good news,” and a fourth Al-Zayyat responds

The Syrian star crossed George wasouf About his happiness to heal the Lebanese media Zahi Wehbe One of the complications of infection with the Coronavirus and he reposted the media tweet Fourth Al-Zayat About the exit of her husband Zahi Wehbe from the hospital, and George wrote through his official account on “Twitter”: “Sweet news … Read more

The cause of Prince Philip’s death has been officially announced

The official cause of death of Prince Philip, stated in his death certificate, is old age, reports “Independent”. Queen Elizabeth II’s husband passed away at the age of 99 on April 9 this year. In the months before he died, Philip’s health gradually deteriorated. In early March, he underwent heart surgery at St Bartholomew’s Hospital … Read more

THE BALL – Jesus comments on the appointment of Artur Soares Dias (Benfica)

This Wednesday Jorge Jesus previewed the classic with FC Porto, on Thursday, and commented on the nomination by Artur Soares Dias to whistle the match: «He is one of the good referees that we have. It’s not just him, there are several. As I know João Pinheiro – who is in the VAR – is … Read more

Rafa³ Brzozowski has beaten Michał Szpak from “The Voice of Poland” and comments unequivocally? “The answer is …”

For several months it has been said that Michał Szpak will no longer be a coach in the twelfth edition of “The Voice of Poland”. So the question arises – who will sit in his place? Rafał Brzozowski seemed to be the most serious candidate, which is now favored by the authorities of Telewizja Polska. … Read more

From Scotland to Wales: how Britain is falling apart

Scotland’s first independence vote took place in 2014 – 55% in favor of staying in the UK In Britain, the day of the regional elections, which is scheduled for May 6, is approaching. The Unionists are mainly concerned about the Scottish Parliament elections – Holyrood. Power is expected to remain in the hands of nationalists … Read more