Comments – Politics | The government allows negotiations with Gazprom next week

Host: Ambassador Vassilev, based on what you said, I have a few questions. First, what will he do with the Take or Pay penalty clause? Iliyan Vasilev: This is nonsense that is being speculated on. I don’t know who invented it. Now the legal office “White and Case” has done an analysis and they are … Read more

What vegetable corresponds to your zodiac sign

Aries Sweet pepper Aries see only the negative or the positive in everything, for them there is no golden mean. They like to wear lavish and bright clothes and be the center of attention. Their temperament perfectly matches that of a sweet red pepper. Aries are never bored and usually become the soul of the … Read more

Ruby publishes pictures from her concert in El Alamein.. Mai Omar comments

06:20 PM Saturday 13 August 2022 I wrote – Bahira Fouda: The artist, Ruby, published photos from her last concert in the new city of El Alamein, through her official account on the “Instagram” website. Ruby appeared in the pictures in a short, colorful dress, and commented: “From the North Square Mall party in New … Read more

Comments on: “The situation is tragic!” A Latvian couple traveling in Africa and creating social media content fatally hits a person

That’s funny. When a celebrity gets into trouble, then everyone has to help and support them, you see they are good people, etc… When an ordinary Latvian bälelins gets into trouble, then nobody needs him… You made shit up, you are also responsible… No one forced you to drive there. I would sit at home … Read more

‘Groningen gas really the best option’ –

The easiest and cheapest way out of the energy crisis is to recover gas in Groningen. technically it is not a problem, our houses stay warm in the winter and the government is left with an enormous sum of money, energy experts say to the Dagblad van het Noorden. “It is wiser now to extract … Read more

After enduring his brother’s tirade, M. Ponitka opened up: he does not communicate with his family and suffers from insulting comments from his parents

Both Ponitka brothers could have sought a place in the Polish national team, but the younger Marcel accused Mateuša that he was not invited to the national team because of the latter’s fault and displeasure. “I heard that the coach had no problems, but Mateusz doesn’t want to see me in the team and work … Read more

Comments on: At the meeting of the National Sports Council, there will be a discussion about the procedure for the administration of state sports budget funds

Referring to the previous comment. I assume that the other sports officials understand it no worse. The squeals will immediately begin, to which sports federations have been given too little, that all activities must be stopped and the current “order” must not be changed in any way. 🙂

A political scientist comments on the meaning of Kariņš’s expression: “It looks like Latvia will have enough gas”

What does Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš’s expression mean: “It looks like Latvia will have enough gas”? Political scientist, co-founder of public relations agency “Mediju tilts” Filips Rajevskis comments in TV24’s “Press Club” program. Most read The weather will change significantly next week. What do forecasters predict? “It is the most terrible weapon that Russia has … Read more

Tamer Hosni is surprised by the enormity of his “bodyguard” in Jordan .. and comments witty

Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni, his bodyguard, joked at his concert at the Jerash Festival in Jordan, Friday, in a comic way, after he was surprised by its magnitude. Tamer Hosni shared a video clip on his Instagram account, commenting on it, saying: “The festival management is thankful for bringing me a real insurance champion, but … Read more

The author of the article described the incident at Babiš’s meeting. The intervention was probably not in order, experts agree — ČT24 — Czech Television

“The boy we see in the photo was with his mom at the meeting. Suddenly he went and took away the speaker with the stand,” Svobodová described, adding that after a while he returned the speaker after several challenges. The editor of Respekt stated that police officers came to the boy immediately and dealt with … Read more