After comments about Ukraine and Putin, the commander of the German navy – – resigned

1 photo Kayus-Achim Schoenbach. DPA Photo During a visit to India on Friday, Vice Admiral Kayus-Achim Schoenbach said Ukraine would never recover Russia’s annexed Crimean peninsula, and Putin deserved respect. Kiev on Saturday said it hoped the German officer would refute his allegations. “What he wants is respect,” Schoenbach said. If you ask me, it’s … Read more

The head of the German navy resigned over his comments on Putin and Ukraine

The head of the German navy, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach, has left his post following some comments he had made about the risk of an invasion of Ukraine by Russia. During a debate held in India on Friday 21 January, Schönbach had said that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, had to be treated like other … Read more

Metroid Dread producer comments on the game’s difficulty

The producer and collaborator of the series Metroid Dread, Yoshio Sakamoto, talks about how he and the development team structured the game’s difficulty. This hard difficulty is commented by the producer of the Metroid series, Yoshio Sakamoto, in an interview with Famitsu (Via Nintendo Everything). He comments that while EMMIs are a punishing element of … Read more

‘Sex’ actress comments on Chris Noth’s ‘cancellation’

January 22, 2022 16:30 Changes in the plot of “And just like that” were simply necessary, the star believes. Cynthia Nixon did not want to stand up for a colleague on stage. Mr. Big was vilely “cut out” from the end of the series, but in reality, Chris Noth lost advertising contracts worth millions of … Read more

Zelensky in Ukraine – President about the occupation of Kharkiv

Zelensky said that Russia can capture Kharkiv Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suggested that Russia could occupy Kharkiv. He spoke about this in interview for American daily newspaper The Washington Post. The relevant news spread through the regional Kharkiv media, which commented Presidential press secretary Sergei Nikiforov. “I think that the replicators did not read the … Read more

The former Liverpool star comments on Messi’s description of him as a “donkey”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" And last August, Messi left the Catalan giant, after spending a wonderful 21-year career at the Camp Nou, after he failed to reach an agreement with Barcelona officials regarding the renewal of his contract, and then moved to Paris Saint-Germain. And transfer Lionel Messi To the French capital team to … Read more

An Arab artist comments on the transformation of her bank balance from $ 17 million to zero… Video

successfully registered!Please go through the link attached in the body of the e-mail send backفنانة-عربية-تعلق-على-تحول-رصيدها-في-البنك-من-17-مليون-دولار-إلى-صفر-فيديو-1056837411.html An Arab artist comments on the transformation of her bank balance from $ 17 million to zero… Video An Arab artist comments on the transformation of her bank balance from $ 17 million to zero… Video A famous Arab … Read more

Comments on: NATO rejects Russian demands to withdraw troops from Romania and Bulgaria

Kristīne StrautmaneToday 3: 5: if NATO does not stop and fly to the borders of Russia, where NATO really has nothing to do but provoke, then war will be inevitable. history, remember, on average, once a century in the world there is one big war. As a rule …..

Comments on: “There will be no propaganda machine in this place,” the unfinished Moscow House will be demolished in Vilnius

In Riga, Marijas Street 7, there has been a Moscow house since 2002, which Latvian Railway (under the leadership of Zorgevica) exchanged for Russia in 2001 (against whom ??). The narratives of the so-called “Russian world” are constantly distributed, and the totalitarian symbolism is banned on the website. Latvia’s security structures do not see anything … Read more