Worker denounces aggression by guards in Iquique mall: Doggis confirms ongoing investigation | National

Impact and annoyance generated a video shared on social networks, where a Doggis worker, with injuries to her face, reported having been attacked by four guards from the Iquique mall. The affected affirmed that the attack took place after she accused unsanitary conditions in the premises. From the company they said they regret what happened … Read more

The baby from the album Nevermind files a complaint for child pornography

Spencer Elden, the baby on the cover of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ album, has filed a new complaint for child pornography. He is claiming $150,000 in damages. Reports Cnews. Advertising He had already filed a complaint in August 2021, but the file had been closed for procedural reasons. Indeed, on January 3, a judge in Los Angeles … Read more

Victim of threats, Latefa Ahrare files a complaint, the accused arrested

By Nisrine Zaoui on 01/15/2022 at 7:03 p.m. The blackmailer of actress Latefa Ahrrare has been identified and taken into custody. This is what the artist explains in a video on Instagram where she tells the facts and encourages Moroccan citizens to file a complaint when they are victims of such aggression. aA Victim of … Read more

Lichocka notifies the National Broadcasting Council on the program “Królowie Życia”

A few days ago, Jan Śpiewak published strong entry about the program “Królowe Życia” in the TTV station belonging to TVN. “It is run by a brothel who served a prison sentence for pimping and trafficking in human beings. In her brothel, women were trafficked for 5,000 euros. As she writes, her stay in prison … Read more

There is a complaint about the death of Domenico Biscardi, a no-vax leader. It is from Senator Granato: Punishing the guilty

The former M5S senator Bianca Laura Granato filed a complaint with the carabinieri of Rome for the death of Domenico Biscardi, which took place in San Nicola la Strada. Turn on notifications to receive updates on “I ask for the punishment of the guilty”, we must “clarify the death of the doctor Domenico Biscardi“This is … Read more

Wrestling company files complaint against WWE

We learn today that the MLW (Major League Wrestling) has decided to file a complaint before the American justice against the WWE. A complaint that accuses WWE of unfair competition and monopolizing the wrestling market. Indeed, we learn via a press release that the WWE would have intervened in the business relations of the MLW … Read more

The European court rejected a complaint against bakers who refused to bake a cake with an inscription in support of gay weddings

The dispute began in 2014, when Gareth Lee of Belfast, Northern Ireland, ordered a cake with a picture of two puppets from the Sesame show for private purposes, opened and labeled “Support Gay Marriage”. Daniel and Amy McArthur first accepted the order for 36 pounds (about a thousand crowns), then rejected it because of the … Read more

Alexa Parra could spend up to seven years in prison if found guilty

José Luis Guerrero, lawyer for actor Héctor Parra, went to the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office to report Alexa Parra, daughter of Ginny Hoffman, allegedly false statements. If found guilty it could happen up to seven years in prison. Of course, I have been in constant communication with Hector. In fact, before I came here to … Read more

Child pornography complaint from Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album closed by judge

The complaint for child pornography filed at the end of last August by the man who appears baby and naked in a swimming pool on the cover of the legendary Nervermind album by Nirvana has been closed by a California judge, according to a court document. The judge closed the case because the plaintiff, Spencer … Read more

Prince Andrew calls on US justice to dismiss “sexual assault” complaint

Prince Andrew of England is on hold. Queen Elizabeth’s second son will soon know if he will face a sexual assault trial. His lawyers tried Tuesday, January 4 to convince a New York judge not to go further. Prince Andrew should not be prosecuted for sexual assault. This is what his counsel explained to Judge … Read more