‘Wife marries another man after hiding crores of lottery winnings’; A man with an unusual complaint

There are people who separate from each other due to marital breakdown and file a case after this. Both men and women come as plaintiffs or defendants in this regard. Money is a big factor in most of these cases. Demand for compensation is often made by women. As for women, they also have the … Read more

The judge admits the prosecution’s complaint against Barça, Rosell and Bartomeu for the ‘Negreira case’

The judge of Barcelona Silvia López Mejías has admitted for processing today the complaint filed by the Prosecutor’s Office against Fútbol Club Barcelona and its former presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu for a crime of sports corruption due to payments of around 7 million euros to the former vice president of the referees, … Read more

Merciless announcement from the Nyíregyháza: “There are completely unfounded and completely untrue news about the club’s employees” – a complaint is filed

He made an unexpected announcement on the official site az NB II-es Nyíregyháza Spartacuswhich says that there are completely unfounded and completely untrue news about the club’s employees. In the announcement, it is emphasized that these news items violate the personal rights of the club and those involved in an extraordinary way and that their … Read more

Clashes and over 50 arrests in Moldova, Chisinau’s complaint: “Members of a network controlled by Moscow have been handcuffed”

According to the reconstruction made by the head of the police, one of their agents managed to infiltrate the group led by a Moldovan-Russian, also recording 10 hours of video and audio. “People have come from Russia with very specific training,” added the official alerted in advance, “about the organization by the Russian special services … Read more

Shopping in e-shops with greater consumer protection

According to the statistics of the Česká ecommerce.cz project, there are currently almost 51,000 e-shops operating in the Czech Republic. Reviews from buyers only For many consumers, customer reviews are an important source of information not only about individual products, but also about the e-shop itself. However, if online stores want to continue to display … Read more

Company used a dead doctor to win a tender: it “ringed” hundreds of tests despite being deceased | bbcl_research

Despite the fact that he died on July 4, 2020 – the result of acute respiratory failure – the doctor Emilio Cintolesi Richter continued, so to speak, practicing medicine. At least on paper. The name of the radiologist is now in the midst of an investigation by the Public Ministry for identity theft, fraud, illegitimate … Read more

Musician from Daniela Darcourt’s orchestra denounces arbitrary dismissal. What happened?

Kenyo Herrera stated that his separation from Daniela Darcourt’s group would not be justified. The musician is the fourth member to leave the Peruvian artist’s band this year. Daniela Darcourt thanked the musicians who left her musical group for their time working. This Friday, Daniela Darcourt surprised with the announcement that she was withdrawing four … Read more

Serious complaint against Camila for animal abuse before entering Big Brother

Camila’s video that aroused controversy over the treatment of her cat Only five participants remain in the house of Big Brother, of which four are on the plate, with the possibility of leaving a few weeks after the end of the reality show. Thus, the strategies of the circles of fans of each one of … Read more

“This complaint is laughable and testifies to the great talent of the Walloon left to waste public money”

A legal complaint (civil) has been filed by the FGTB and the National Union of Socialist Mutual Funds against Georges-Louis Bouchez for defamation. In question, comments that the president of the MR, also locally elected in Mons, had made to the municipal council of Mons in November 2022. of videos He had compared certain practices … Read more

Uchulu | Magaly Medina after Etza Wong’s accusation: “You have to be brave, don’t minimize the complaint” | show business

Magaly Medina referred to the ‘Uchulú’ complaint. Photo: ATV/Instagram capture of the ‘Uchulú’ Magaly Medina She was upset by the sudden change that “Uchulú” had when she retracted the complaint for improper touching in “El reventonazo de la Chola”. For this reason, the host supported this accusation and did not hesitate to express her perception … Read more