USA: complaint against Tesla, accused of lying about its autonomous driving functions

(Belga) The California Motor Vehicle Agency (DMV) accuses Tesla of lying to consumers about its self-driving technologies, and has filed complaints in a state administrative court, according to information from press published on Friday. Tesla “has made or disseminated statements that are false or misleading, and not based on fact,” the DMV said in those … Read more

complaint against Tesla, accused of lying about its autonomous driving functions

Tremember “has made or disseminated statements that are false or misleading, and not based on fact”the DMV said in those complaints filed on July 28, understands the Los Angeles Times. Tesla cars could never, “and cannot today operate as autonomous vehicles”according to the document cited by the Californian newspaper. The DMV criticizes Tesla for advertising … Read more

This man’s lungs leak from smoking and vaping, this is his initial complaint

Jakarta – Amazingly a man in Malaysia revealed his bad experience due to cigarettes and vaping. Through his Facebook account, the man named Mohamad Faris Ifwat admitted he had a leaky lung or called spontaneous pneumothorax. This condition occurred suddenly, which caused his lungs to not develop normally. As a result, he had to be … Read more

filing for prof Procaccianti

No forgery and no procedural fraud: the coroners who carried out the second autopsy on the body of Mario Biondo, the Palermo cameraman found hanged in his home in Madrid on May 30, 2013, Paolo Procaccianti and Dario Daricello, operated correctly and never altered either the results of the report or some findings needed to … Read more

keys to understand the complaint

Sergio Sendel was accused of three crimes; robbery, dispossession and fraud, by the brothers Sylvia de Rugama and Jorge Reynoso, alleging that the actor and his brother, Arturo Santaella Sendel, occupied 14 properties that were not their property -since 2015-, to put them up for sale through “falsified documents”; One of these real estate properties … Read more

After an assault, a young man from Namur lodges a complaint against the police who came to help him

The victim lives in an exceptional property in the Namur region. Or rather, it rents a property in an exceptional heritage site. When the police drop the young man off at his home, they find themselves in front of a majestic entrance that protects a very luxurious building. The police then find it hard to … Read more

Mercalli’s complaint to Fanpage

Professor Luca Mercalli comments on the latest report on land consumption in Italy: “Dramatic data. In 2021 we ate another 70 square kilometers of land, causing the irreversible disappearance of natural and agricultural areas to make way for new buildings, infrastructures, shopping centers… It’s like a cancer that spreads into metastases ”. Interview with Luca … Read more

Bank UOB Indonesia’s Response to Mrs. Natalia Kusnadi’s Complaint

No. 22/CEA/0070Jakarta, July 25, 2022 To Yth.,Reader’s Letter EditorMediakonsumen.Com Subject : Response to Ms. Natalia Kusnadi’s Complaint Yours faithfully, Thank you for’s attention to PT Bank UOB Indonesia through a letter from Mrs. Natalia Kusnadi entitled “No More Dealing with UOB Credit CardsSaturday, July 23, 2022. In response to the reader’s letter, we hereby … Read more

It does not cause any complaints in the early period! However, if you see the lines bent, you may have it too.

“The disease that occurs in the nerve layer, which is about the size of a lentil grain, which allows the eye to see sharply, is called yellow spot disease. The nerve cells in the retina (nerve cell) layer, located at the back of the eye, are not of equal density everywhere. It is the place … Read more

Yeferson Cossio’s brother-in-law was robbed and followers remind him of the alleged scam

The young man, who defines himself as an athlete, is spending a few days in Europe with his partner Cintia Cossio; his brother-in-law, the influencer Yeferson Cossio, and other friends to attend the electronic music festival that takes place in the town of Boom, in Belgium. However, this weekend he had a bitter experience, as … Read more