PCIe 4.0 expansion card comes out!Insert the main board and fill it with 21 M.2 SSDs, up to 168TB large capacity | T Kebang

Generally speaking, the number of ready-made M.2 SSD interfaces on the motherboard is very limited, mostly one or two. If you have extremely extreme expansion needs, you can also consider PCIe 4.0 expansion cards in addition to external mobile SSDs. A few days ago, Apex Storage launched a PCIe 4.0 SSD expansion card named X21, … Read more

AYANEO 2 handheld gaming computer hands-on (2): Comprehensive and game performance test | T Kebang

In this article, the author will test the performance of AYANEO 2 to see how well the game works with this handheld computer. Processor and battery life performance test In the first half of the paragraph, we first look at the hardware specifications of AYANEO 2 and the performance of its processor. It should be … Read more

Epic released Unreal Engine 5! An iPhone can handle the facial motion capture of 3A video game masterpiece | T Kebang

What kind of new technology can stand out in the encirclement of ChatGPT? An iPhone, two minutes, a real person becomes a digital person immediately! And whether it’s facial expressions or eye details, they are all restored one-to-one. That’s right, the motion capture video, the live iPhone recording of the presentation, and the whole process … Read more

AMD Zen4 low-power Ryzen7 7840U first appeared: 28W will kill 45W Zen3+ | T Kebang

AMD’s Ryzen7000 series mobile version has many products, but only the flagship Ryzen7045HX series and the high-end Ryzen7040H/HS series are the new Zen4 architecture, and the H/U series below are all old architectures. In fact, AMD is also preparing the 7000U series of the Zen4 architecture, the 7040U series to be precise, and has seen … Read more

AYANEO 2 handheld gaming computer hands-on (1): unpacking, specifications and system function introduction | T Kebang

AYANEO 2 is a handheld gaming computer equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor. Its biggest advantage is that it can run various Windows programs and games. Looks like Switch Lite The body of AYANEO 2 integrates a 7-inch IPS panel LCD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a game controller … Read more

Foreign media evaluates how to choose a CPU in 2023, AMD Ryzen 7000X3D game performance is the god | T Kebang

Just two months after 2023, AMD and Intel’s latest generation CPU processor layout is almost the same. Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 7000X3D, Intel 13th generation Core are the current mainstream, and new installed machines are basically selected from these three series. up. For the convenience of selection, the TH website has compiled a performance overview … Read more

AMD says it is not difficult to make an RTX 4090-level RDNA 3 GPU, but the price and power consumption are not cost-effective for players

AMD executives said in an interview that technically, they are fully capable of developing an RDNA 3 GPU such as NVIDIA RTX 4090, but they decided not to take this path due to power consumption and cost considerations. In September last year, NVIDIA officially released a new generation of RTX 4090 flagship graphics card, equipped … Read more

Only 3.7GB in size!Experts transform the Win10 system and make a complete “pseudo-WinXP” trial version | T Kebang

Although the WinXP system has long since ceased support, it still has many supporters around the world.Creator travis#2800 recently launched Windows EXPERIENCE Freestyle Update update,The size is 3.7GB.this is actuallyBased on the “pseudo-XP” transformed from the Win10 system, you can re-experience the Windows XP system. The Windows EXPERIENCE Freestyle Update system is not an early … Read more

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4070 Ti AERO OC 12G at the sweet spot of price, performance and power

The winter vacation is over, but the graphics card war that started last fall is not over yet. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti has dominated the market with its super high cost performance. Want to buy a mid-to-high-end graphics card to play 2K games this year? This card will be the best solution. 2K120 Zhang, … Read more

Is the heterogeneous CCX also considered a “large and small core”? Ryzen 7000X3D series processor architecture description |

Ryzen 7000X3D series processors only use 3D V-Cache technology to expand L3 cache memory in one group of CCX. How will it affect the application of processor resources? Add 64MB L3 cache memory in CCX The Zen 4 processor architecture allows up to 8 sets of physical cores to form a set of CCX (Core … Read more