Profeco wins lawsuit against Dell for breaching laptops price in 679 pesos

Eduardo de la Rosa Mexico City / 08.04.2021 21:34:55 The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) reported that the Court Seventh District in Civil Matters of Mexico City admitted a class action against the provider Dell Mexico, so that the offer of the Good End 2016, for the sale of laptop-type computer equipment with a price … Read more

Days Gone: these are the exclusive features coming to PC

In mid-February, Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, revealed that Days Gone, the exclusive title for PS4 that debuted in 2019, will make the leap to PC later this year via the Epic Games Store and Steam stores. While waiting for confirmation on the exact date for the official launch, Bend … Read more

Laptops Battery: Is it better to have the laptop plugged in all the time or use the battery? This is what the experts say | laptops | computers | technology | PCs | | TECHNOLOGY

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Today’s technology – a new generation of iPad computers appears soon

Today’s News Technology Today – A new generation of iPad computers appears soon Source of the news – Al-Arab News Today, with the details of the news, a new generation of iPad computers appears soon: Al-Youm News – Cairo – Al-Arab Al-Youm The eyes of fans of Apple mobile devices are looking forward to the … Read more

Expert: Microsoft Vulnerability Used For Blackmail – Computers

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cannot be installed on some computers

A few hours ago we saw the maze that Microsoft is in with patches to correct bugs from update released in March for Windows 10. In a week we take two patches to correct the bugs. One first, the original and another, with the numbering KB5001649 aimed at correcting the previous one.

The problem now is that apparently, there are not few users who are running into problems when installing patch KB5001649 on their computers. In these cases, they are running into error code 0x80070541 on the screen.

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A new generation of iPad computers appears soon – UAE breaking news

The eyes of fans of Apple mobile devices are looking forward to the new generation of iPad computers, which is supposed to be unveiled soon, to bring users features and capabilities that encourage them to abandon their old computers. And Bloomberg quoted several informed sources in the field of electronics news that Apple is planning … Read more

Facebook manufactures a bracelet that allows computers to be controlled with the brain This device would allow them to interact with their next glasses of reality increased by mere thought

Facebook offered a preview of its plans for a new Raised Reality interface, based on CTRL-Labs, the startup it acquired in 2019. In one video, the company shows bracelets that use electromyography to translate subtle neural signals into actions (like typing, sliding, or playing games like an archery simulator). Facebook Reality Labs posted a blog … Read more

Get out of the box first! XBOX wireless earphones are priced at 3,000 in Taiwan, and they are ruthless characters that can be used on computers and mobile phones | 4Gamers

Following the lightning release in February, the Xbox Wireless Headset, which will soon be launched on April 2, has been confirmed to be priced at 2,880 yuan in Taiwan.Because I got the product ahead of time, I opened a fragrance, and seeProfessional peripheral businessMicrosoft’s new performance. After touching for a while, I can only say … Read more

The Mystery of How 2,000 Year Old Analog Computers Work – The 2,000-year-old mechanical device that is often referred to as the world’s oldest “computer” has been reinvented by scientists trying to understand how it works. The Antikythera device has stunned experts since it was discovered in a Roman-era shipwreck in Greece in 1901. Legacy tools Ancient Greek This powered hand is thought to … Read more