The Chosen of Glory –

In the next few weeks (still without an official confirmation date), “Los Elegido de la Gloria” (The Right Stuff) will premiere in Latin America, the new series that comes to Disney Plus produced by National Geographic, and with renowned actors such as Patrick J. Adams, who played the role of Mike Ross in the series … Read more

Is Disney Plus better than Netflix, Amazon, or Apple TV? –

The answer to the question of whether Disney Plus It is better than Netflix, Amazon or Apple TV, it will surely depend on the taste of the users, but without a doubt, the streaming service of the entertainment giant has many points in favor. It is true, that it does not have the amount of … Read more

Unusual: Teachers denounce that they cannot access credit for the purchase of computers that Nación launched for the sector | 03442

The federation that brings together the teachers of the 32 headquarters of the National Technological University (FAGDUT) claimed today that a large number of university professors could not access the credits for the purchase of computer equipment launched by the National Bank and the Ministry of Education – program agreed upon in joint negotiation with … Read more

How to see Disney Plus in Latin America and where to download the app

From November 17, Disney Plus can be seen in Latin America through different platforms, operating systems and devices, including from smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS to devices such as Apple TV. You can also see Disney Plus in different Internet browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Explorer on Windows, and in Safari, Firefox, … Read more

Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon (4) Custom Designs Non-slip Rubber Base for Gaming Mouse, PC, Computer: Electronics

Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to improve your shopping experience, provide our services, understand how you use them in order to improve them, and to show you advertisements. These tools are also used by authorized third parties in connection with the advertisements we display. There was a problem saving your … Read more

Xiaomi presents a powerful new minicomputer similar to a Rubik’s cube – MDTech

After moving to Apple the podium of the firms with the most smartphones sold in the year, Xiaomi returns to the market with a revolutionary bet: its cube-sized minicomputer Rubik. This tiny team has dimensions that make it suitable to fit in the palm of the hand: just 62 x 62 x 42 mm and … Read more

From new Macbook computers to … the Apple TV 6? The possible novelties of the ‘One more thing’ 2020

Apple doesn’t stop. In case the world developers conference (WWDC, for its acronym in English) that was held last June had known little and the keynotes that served to present the new iPad and watches in September and already in October the four new iPhone 12 models were not enough, those from Cupertino have pulled … Read more

Which countries in Europe can Argentines travel to?

With COVID-19 causing a second wave in the Old Continent, which mainly affects Spain, Italy, France and Germany, and with many restrictions in several destinations, which countries in Europe can Argentines travel to. In general terms, Argentines cannot travel to Europe, with some exceptions among them, having a passport from the European Economic Community, or … Read more

Can you see Xiaomi’s PC in this picture? Yeah it’s that tiny cube

Image: Xiaomi Ningbei Mini PCs are nothing new, but Ningbei – one of the many companies that operate under Xiaomi’s arm – is giving the concept a twist with the new Rubik’s Cube Mini, a striking desktop computer that, as its name suggests, it is about the size of a Rubik’s cube. Measuring 62 x … Read more

Apple orders 2.5 million computers with the new Silicon processors

Apple is confident in the success of its laptops with the new Silicon processors based on ARM architecture, to the point of having ordered up to 2.5 million units to distribute from their imminent release until early 2021. These are the first Apple laptops to be equipped with Silicon processors, a new generation of devices … Read more