Cough Medication for Children and Its Side Effects that Parents Should Be Aware of – Parents need to be aware that many over-the-counter children’s cough products can cause serious side effects. Quoting Medical News Today, coughing is a child’s body’s response to help remove mucus, infection, and irritation from the respiratory tract. Experts do not recommend using drugs to cure coughs in children. Also read: Recognize the Causes … Read more

“The little sentence” – Odi the whooping cough

“You have to go 30 years back to Pirmin Zurbriggen to have seen something like this! » He is the absolute artist of the White Circus. Marco Odermatt, phenomenon on slats, has just concluded an exceptional World Cup season. The opportunity for Cyprien Lovis to devote The little sentence (Tuesday, 8:20 am on RFJ) of … Read more

Therefore, pregnant women should be vaccinated against whooping cough – Arbetarbladet

All pregnant women in Gävleborg are now offered free vaccination against whooping cough. The aim is to give babies protection against the disease right from birth. – It is these infants who have the highest risk of suffering serious infection, says Robin Razmi, infectious disease doctor at Region Gävleborg.

12 Ways to Relieve Cough, Easy and Can Be Done at Home

Jakarta – Coughing is the body’s natural response to clearing the throat of phlegm, dust and other irritants. Cough usually occurs due to irritation of the throat or airways. The condition of a continuous cough can of course interfere with daily activities. So how do you relieve a cough? Check out the answer here. Factors … Read more

Refractory and unexplained chronic cough has been given its own ICD-10 code

Chronic cough is defined as daily complaints of coughing for more than 8 weeks [1] and is often accompanied by social isolation and reduced quality of life [2]. In the Western world, cough is the most common reason for seeking medical attention [3]. The prevalence of chronic cough is about 10 percent in the adult … Read more

7 Ways to Overcome a Baby Who Has a Cough Before Being Taken to the Doctor

CNN Indonesia Sunday, 19 Mar 2023 10:10 WIB Illustration. Causes and how to deal with a baby who has a cough. (iStock/damircudic) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Parents need to know how to deal with a baby who has a cough before rushing him to the doctor. Because, there are several home methods that can be applied … Read more

Male esophageal cancer “risk soars 16 times”! Nutritionist reveals that 7 types of people should be careful: these warning signs are easy to ignore | Life | CTWANT

Seven types of people, including those with smoking and drinking habits, obesity, and the elderly over 60 years old, are all high-risk groups for esophageal cancer. (Schematic diagram / flipped from pexels) Taiwan’s top ten cancers for men rank 6th, and the disease that kills nearly 2,000 people every year is “esophageal cancer”, which is … Read more

It’s drying up! If you drink 1 glass a day…

With the change of weather, upper respiratory tract infection started to become widespread. Cough and phlegm, especially with flu and cold, have become unpleasant ailments that greatly reduce the quality of your daily life. But don’t worry about it! Get rid of these complaints with natural methods that you can easily apply at home. How … Read more

Cough, shortness of breath, feeling of pressure in the chest… Symptoms can be confused with other diseases! 9 important facts about asthma

Many diseases cause similar complaints. In childhood, it can be confused with conditions such as upper respiratory tract cough syndrome, foreign bodies entering the lungs, congenital heart diseases, and in adulthood, in addition to these, permanent enlargement of the bronchi, loss of vocal cord function, COPD, heart failure, and other lung diseases. It can sometimes … Read more

It erases the traces of pneumonia from the lungs like an eraser: It both destroys the phlegm and makes the lungs clean – Gallery

It erases the traces of pneumonia from the lungs like an eraser: It both destroys the phlegm and makes the lungs clean. Pneumonia is among the most common diseases in the world. This contagious disease is caused by microorganisms. This life-threatening disease may present with symptoms such as cough, chest pain, and high fever. Especially … Read more