Official, Premier League Changes Procedure for Postponement of Matches Regarding Covid-19 All – Premier League officially changed the procedure for postponing matches due to positive cases Covid-19. Previously, every Premier League team was still required to compete if they still had at least 13 players outside the goalkeeper. The rule indirectly illustrates that the Premier League does not care about how many positive cases of Covid-19 … Read more

Research Reveals Benefits of Cannabis Content to Prevent Covid-19, Here’s the Explanation |

Home Life Health – Wednesday, January 26, 2022 13:31 WIB Ganja Medis (net) POSITIVE CLICK The results of research published in the Journal of Nature revealed that the compounds in marijuana have the potential to prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from penetrating healthy cells in the body. The two compounds commonly found in … Read more

Is there cause for concern about rising public debt? – Society and Politics – News

How sustainable and sustainable Latvia’s debt will be in the future depends directly on what we will do today with the borrowed money: by investing it in economic growth, the current level of debt will not cause any serious problems. On the other hand, by “eating” all the money or spending only on current needs … Read more

Careful! Experts Say Corona Can Trigger Diabetes

Jakarta – Recently, scientists have focused on the question of why COVID-19 may increase the risk of developing diabetes. According to a Live Science report, some studies suggest COVID-19 infection can trigger diabetes in some people, but the reason is still a mystery. Quoted from Live Science, Tuesday (25/1/2022), diabetes cases related to COVID-19 were … Read more

Don’t Miss It, This is the Location and Schedule of Booster Vaccines in DKI Jakarta, All ID Cards Accepted!

Illustration of vaccination preparation. (Source: Associated Press) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Head of Disease Prevention and Control Division of the DKI Jakarta Health Office, Dwi Oktavia, people who have received the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine or vaccine booster has reached 310,629 people per Sunday (23/1/2022). The number of recipients is expected to increase as the … Read more

New discovery in coronavirus: Antibody signature! NEWS January 26, 2022 11:17 TwitterLinkedinFlipboardE-mailCopy LinkFont Doctors from University Hospital Zurich have discovered an “antibody signature” that can help identify patients at greatest risk of Long-Covid, where symptoms of coronavirus can persist for months. With the new discovery, the long-term damage caused by Long-Kovid in the body will be prevented. class=”medyanet-inline-adv”> Researchers from … Read more

Protests in France over a health pass that requires a third dose of vaccines against Covid-19

First modification: 15/01/2022 – 20:31 Thousands of people protest in Paris and other French cities against the health pass that becomes a compulsory vaccination certificate, including the third dose of antidotes. The deputies of the Lower House approved, this January 15, the controversial bill, which must now be discussed in the Senate. Several protests against … Read more

Three Brands of Booster Vaccines Effective After Two Doses of Sinovac

Oxford researchers have just released data on the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccine as a Sinovac booster. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, by Among them, Dian Fath Risalah, Rizky Suryarandika Researchers from the University of Oxford, on Monday (24/1/2022) released the conclusion that booster doses (booster) of the AstraZeneca-Oxford, Pfizer-BioNTech or Johnson & Johnson vaccine administered after two doses … Read more

Six-figure salaries, cascading resignations… Fierce war for talent in consulting firms

INVESTIGATION – In full recovery, management and strategy consulting firms are lacking employees. Consultants, tired and highly courted, are leaving the sector earlier and earlier. Never had activity been so sustained in strategy and management consulting firms. In less than a year, the sector has already managed to erase the stigma of the start of … Read more

Second Booster Vaccine, Elderly Endurance in Israel Increases 3 Times

TEMPO.CO, Jerusalem – Giving booster vaccine the second dose was able to increase antibody levels in the elderly even more after receiving the first booster dose. A preliminary study published by Israel’s Sheba medical center on Monday showed that result. The Israeli Ministry of Health announced the results of the study on Sunday, January 23, … Read more