Covid Explodes Again, This Is How To Prevent Transmission Of Corona Delta Cs

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Recently, new cases of the corona virus in Indonesia have been increasing. Even recently, it has been identified in Indonesia a delta variant (B1617.2) which was found in Kudus and is said to be more contagious. This variant, called the Indian variant, has attracted the attention of many countries, including Indonesia. … Read more

Beware, the New Variant of COVID-19 Spreads to Children Faster!

Jakarta – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the increase in COVID-19 cases was a concern for the whole world, including Indonesia. He said the government continued to monitor the situation as the PPKM policy was issued. “Earlier, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy continued to consolidate steps to deal with the steps and the … Read more

50 Million Pfizer Vaccines Scheduled to Enter Indonesia Gradually Starting in August

As of June 20, 2021, a total of 104,728,400 COVID-19 vaccines have been received by Indonesia. The total vaccine consists of 94,500,000 Sinovac vaccines, 8,228,000 AstraZeneca, and 2 million Sinopharm vaccines. On Sunday (20/6/2021) yesterday, 10 million bulk or raw materials for the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine also just arrived in the country. In the event … Read more

It was announced that Kovid-19 causes loss of gray matter in the brain

Researchers followed 394 people who had COVID-19 and 388 healthy volunteers. Among the participants who survived and recovered from Covid-19, the virus braindeki gray matter It was seen that there were significant effects on cerebral matter with loss of blood. The researchers said their findings relate to loss of gray matter, or areas of the … Read more

End of respirators within reach. Vojtech said when and where we would take them off first

Respirators could end in some indoor spaces on July 1. However, we would not fully document respiratory protection; surgical drapes will certainly remain mandatory. This will also be a great relief for many people. Especially allergy sufferers or asthmatics breathe much harder in respirators. Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES) told Czech Television that … Read more

IMPACT OF Economic Horror If Corona Goes Away Cannot Be Tame

Jakarta – Recent cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia have continued to experience a very significant increase. The government has also taken steps to tighten social restrictions again to quell the tantrums corona. If the spread of COVID-19 cannot be controlled, what will be the impact on the economy? Director of the Center of Economic and … Read more

Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Pros and Cons

The AstraZeneca vaccine began to be accepted in Indonesia in March 2021. The AstraZeneca vaccine had reaped pros and cons in the community, because in the manufacturing process it contains trypsin derived from pig enzymes. Based on the MUI explanation, the AstraZeneca vaccine is declared haram, but it can be used. MUI allows its use, … Read more

Veils could suffice indoors, Vojtěch said. According to him, restrictions due to the delta are not planned yet

The Minister added that in view of the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, he would be inclined to the option that a surgical drape might be sufficient, but not the cloth one. People should be able to choose. “We will have the opportunity to have a surgical drape in those areas,” he added. Vojtěch … Read more

Large increase in bookings of trips abroad

On Friday, the government announced changes in the travel councils abroad from 5 June. Throughout large parts of the pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended Norwegians not to travel abroad unless it is strictly necessary. At the same time as the travel advice has now been changed, you may still have to be … Read more

PT LIB’s Plan If Many Players Are Positive for Covid-19 in One League 1 Club

TRIBUN BALI/RIZAL FANANY Bali United vs Madura United match in the third week of Shopee Liga 1 2020 at Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium on Sunday (15/3/2020). BOLASPORT.COM – Director of Operations of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), Sudjarno, talking about the plan if many players are exposed Covid-19 in one club. word Sudjarno, later … Read more