That is why the Örebro in Wuhan – the month before the covid outbreak – was Nerikes Allehanda

Örebro resident Siri Englund, 31, competes in the military pentathlon, which is why she was in the Chinese city of Wuhan in October 2019. She finished in 21st place individually and sixth in the team in the military Olympics, the best Swedish positions in both men’s and and the women’s side in the championship. Just … Read more

Celebration and mourning during New Year in Chinese countryside, corona not over

EPA NOS News•Sunday, 7:07 PM Sjoerd den Daas correspondent China Sjoerd den Daas correspondent China The red of Chinese New Year predominates, at the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. But for an unknown number of families, the lanterns will turn white this year. The color of mourning, the color of death. Covid may … Read more

They find a new adverse effect of the Pfizer Covid vaccine

AEMPS, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, has communicated information about a new side effect of vaccine Pfizer covid. The organization’s professionals updated the data related to the different vaccines authorized by the European Union for the prevention of the virus, including unknown adverse reactions. New adverse effect of the Covid vaccine Following … Read more

Long Covid and fatigue, it is the lack of arginine that leads to chronic tiredness

11/13 ©Ansa Meanwhile, as mentioned, in Italy, Covid is retreating and the major indicators, from incidence to RT to hospitalizations, are declining. But in the last week, as the ISS notes in its extended report, infections among children and health professionals are increasing, as are reinfections. The percentage of cases reported in the school-age population … Read more

How long do you have to wait between each booster dose of the covid vaccine? A study indicates the optimal time

And new study from Oregon Health and Science University (USA) suggests that immunity to COVID-19 increases if we allow at least 400 days to elapse between infection and vaccination or between two booster vaccinations. The research explains that this could be instructive to define the vaccination strategy for people without risk factors against covid-19. Scientists … Read more

COVID vaccines and early boosters provided protection for pregnant women during Omicron surge

COVID vaccines and early boosters provided significant protection for pregnant women against serious complications and death, even after the arrival of the new Omicron variant, according to a study published this week in the medical journal The Lancet. This study “demonstrates a vaccine efficacy in preventing serious complications of severe COVID-19 of 76% after vaccination … Read more

Rural Hubei is infected with many deaths, and the opera troupe is too busy | Rural China | COVID Epidemic | Funerals

[The Epoch Times, January 29, 2023](Compiled and reported by Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan) A young man from Tongcheng County, Xianning, Hubei revealed that when he returned home during the Chinese New Year, he saw many mourning halls built to commemorate the dead along the way. The theater troupe who performed events were overwhelmed, and … Read more

Pfizer bivalent vaccine against Covid: where is it applied in Argentina | Effective against the omicron variant

Las bivalent vaccines that protect against two variants of Covid-19 -the original, detected in Wuhan, China, and the mutation called Ómicron-, are already applied in Argentina, in the provinces of Mendoza, Córdoba, and the City of Buenos Aires (CABA). This immunizer is added to the reinforcement dose application strategy to keep the levels of contagion … Read more

Covid drug withdrawn, not effective against Omicron XBB.1.5 Kraken

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United States drug regulatory agency (FDA) has withdrawn a Covid drug from the market. A drug called Evusheld is considered unable to stem the transmission of a new variant of the super-infectious Corona virus. The steps from the FDA made the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the … Read more