Novavax affirms that its vaccine against the covid has an efficiency superior to 90% | Science

The experimental vaccine of the American company Novavax against covid is safe and has an efficacy of 90.4% against symptomatic infections, reaching 100% when it comes to avoiding severe or moderate cases, according to a statement released this Monday by the firm. The company, based in Maryland, ensures that the preparation is 93% effective against … Read more

Covid, virus-related diabetes risk

Diabetes and prediabetes may be some of the long-term consequences of Covid-19. The discovery comes from a research published in the journal ‘Nature Metabolism’ and developed by the Sacco hospital, San Paolo hospital and the University of Milan with an international team coordinated by Professor Paolo Fiorina who also includes the University of Pisa and … Read more

Two studies show the presence of covid antibodies in breast milk of cured and vaccinated women | Society

The breast milk of women who are naturally infected and who have overcome the disease or have been vaccinated against COVID do not have traces of the coronavirus. And most of the samples tested contain antibodies. This is the result of two studies carried out by the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology of the … Read more

the “Andean” variant of covid that is now of interest to WHO

Lambda. This name will not be easily forgotten, since the WHO named the variant of the coronavirus that way, which was detected for the first time in Peru last year and is already present in several Latin American countries. 81% of cases of covid-19 diagnosed since last April in the country are associated with the … Read more

Best treatment of kawasaki-like image after covid not yet known

One study says the combination of intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG) with corticosteroids is better than IVIG alone. The other doesn’t show that. The best treatment for multisystem inflammatory disease in children (MIS-C: the kawasaki-like picture) is therefore not yet clear. In any case, it is still advisable to start immunomodulatory therapy quickly. This is evident from … Read more

Israel studies possible links between Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and myocarditis

The Ministry of Health in Israel detected 275 cases of myocarditis between December 2020 and May 2021 among people, mostly young men, who were vaccinated with the biological developed by Pfizer-BioNTech in that country. The 275 cases of myocarditis were recorded among more than 5 million of vaccinated people. Most of the patients spent no … Read more

List of COVID Vaccine Locations in South Jakarta, More Complete!

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta is aggressively pursuing the herd immunity target, August 2021. For those who want to participate, COVID vaccine locations in South Jakarta it’s easy to find nowadays. It should also be noted that vaccination coverage is currently being expanded. DKI residents aged 18 years and over can already access the Corona vaccine … Read more

Covid, Sardinia is no longer “armored”: stop with a buffer and registration obligation for those who arrive

June 16, 2021 2:03 pm The President of the Region Christian Solinas has decided not to extend the ordinance expiring on June 15 at midnight on checks at arrivals The decision – A choice, that of the Sardinian governor, according to what is learned, also linked to the fact that in two weeks the Green … Read more

The Czechs will download the European covid passport to their mobile phones. The Dot and ČTečka applications are being prepared

Vaccination against the covid-19 virus is in full swing, as is approval international certificate about vaccination, illness or testing coronavirus. While certificates will be recognized throughout the European Union next month at the latest, the Czech Republic is already preparing two applications with which it will be easier not only to prove certificates, but also … Read more

Latvia opens up: those with a COVID certificate will not need to be quarantined and tested

From tomorrow, the ban on unnecessary travel abroad and the requirement to take the COVID-19 test and quarantine upon entry into Latvia will be lifted for those who can present a digital COVID certificate proving that they have been vaccinated against coronavirus or have contracted it in the last six months. With the growing proportion … Read more