The boy who died at 20 crashed for a selfie. It was a promise of football

Florence, January 24, 2022 – A night raid in the high school he had attended, one stunt to record with a video, a selfie, a story to share on social media and also tell. Although all this, friends swear, it wasn’t exactly Roberto Frezza, twenty years old from San Piero a Sieve (Florence) in love … Read more

“He crashed a plane just to get more clicks” –

from Alessandro Vinci The FAA investigates a video of the 28-year-old: the well-founded suspicion that he deliberately caused an accident for mere reasons of online visibility How far can the hunger for web views go? Judging by what the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US government agency that deals with civil aviation, up to flying … Read more

A minibus with four people on board crashed into the Evançon stream in Ayas: the driver died

A nine-seater minibus with four people on board went off the road and fell into the Evançon stream in Champoluc di Ayas. From the first information the driver – Roberto Arrigoni, 61 years old from St-Vincent – would have had an illness and the vehicle, out of control, broke through the protections and ended up … Read more

The service technician crashed one of the most expensive Ferraris in the world. Repair will be extremely expensive

illustrative photo The sight of a car accident is never pleasant. However, the view of the accident of one of the most expensive cars in the world is even worse. That car is Ferrari Enzo, which according to the available information was not managed by the car mechanic during the test drive. The accident occurred … Read more

The plane crashed on the tracks. The policemen saved him at the last minute – o2

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers rescued the pilot from the crashed plane seconds before the train hit the wreckage. The footage of this shocking event went online and quickly went viral. Shocking footage from Los Angeles The plane crashed on the railroad tracks of San Fernando Road and Osborne Street. The recordings come from … Read more

US: Police officers make spectacular rescue of pilot from crashed plane / News

In broad daylight, a pilot makes an emergency landing in his small plane on the track in Los Angeles. But the injured man cannot free himself from the plane wreckage. When a train approaches, the worst threatens to happen. But several police officers rush to help. The video of a dramatic rescue operation in the … Read more

Like B. Vanagas – a Dutch truck jumped on several hills, crashed and crashed irreparably

This time, Dutch racer Maurik Van Den Heuvel, who is taking part in a truck race, was unlucky. The athlete, who fought successfully, turned sadly into the last section of the stage – 32 km before the finish. The accident was similar to the accident of Benedict Vanags – without seeing the hills, Maurik Van … Read more

The organizers of Dakar did not show any pity for the Lithuanian competitors who crashed the truck

In a treacherous place, a truck seeming to be speeding several times after appearing on the road in seemingly completely threatening hills, after which a machine weighing several tons became uncontrollable. The crew was lucky that they were not taken seriously after the incident and the truck overturned on wheels. After arranging the equipment, the … Read more

In 2020, a Russian submarine crashed into the radar of a British ship

In the North Atlantic at the end of 2020 Russia The submarine of the Navy’s Northern Fleet has run into the radar system of the British Royal Navy frigate, British The Ministry of Defense has approved the BBC. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The incident was captured by the team at Channel 5, … Read more