Niger: credits to the economy increased from 347.1 billion to 946 billion between 2010 and 2019

(Niamey and the 2 days) – The development of economic activity recorded over the last 8 years has led to an explosion of credits to the economy. These credits thus experienced an average annual increase of 10.3%, from 347.1 billion FCFA in 2010 to 946 billion in 2019. This increase is mainly driven by loans … Read more

Banks warn that they will increase the rate of credits due to the new tax that will weigh on the Leliq

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Alberto Fernandez and Axel KicillofThe tax on Leliqs and passes promoted by the Buenos Aires government will have a direct impact on the financial system in 2021. In the banks they assure that an unpublished tax of these characteristics will have an inevitable consequence: rising interest rates. According to the calculations of … Read more

Credit cards, should you pay only the minimum?

Having a credit card can have many benefits, including making purchases for months without interest, which implies a responsibility when having to make payments in the amount and on the indicated date. Having a proper management of your cards can lead you to have healthy finances, but if you are one of those who think … Read more

Dier credits Mourinho when he comes out with upbeat statement about ‘Spursy’ label

Eric Dier has insisted that Tottenham coach José Mourinho has played a vital role in changing the perception of the club’s mentality. Spurs has a reputation among fans for living up to a ‘Spursy’ label aimed at the club in recent seasons. The term relates to the inability of the club to obtain seemingly comfortable … Read more

Self-employed companies will have three more years to return ICO credits

The Government has approved a decree law by which companies and the self-employed They will have three more years to return their ICO loans. This was announced last week by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvin, affirming that those who request it can extend your credit up to eight years. “The … Read more

They denounce “traps” of banks with UVA credits | Chronicle

By Mariano cerrato @marianodcerrato The situation of the more than 100,000 people who took out UVA mortgage loans is still complex, since despite having the freezing of their installments until January 31 established by the Central Bank, they denounce that they are under pressure from the banks to pay the difference for the freeze now … Read more

Eight entrepreneurs were awarded credits

A total of eight beneficiaries from this locality received credits from the Social Economy Development program. The Minister of Social Development, Diego Alvarez, and the municipal mayor Rubén Müller led the brief act that took place in the Sarmiento square and under the protocol required by the coronavirus pandemic.The main objective of this plan is … Read more

Fovissste: where to consult the list of credits awarded via score

With the credit you can buy a new or used house. (Photo: Pixabay)At the beginning of November, the call for registration for the traditional credit by the 2021 Point System of the Issste Housing Fund (Fovissste), to acquire a home and a couple of days ago the list of results of the granting through said … Read more

Banco Nación Motorcycle Credits: how to process loans in 48 installments

The National government launched the Mi Moto Program, which allows you to request a loan with a rate discount for the acquisition of nationally manufactured 0km motorcycles. The maximum amount to be financed by each user is up to $ 200,000, for a single term of 48 months. You can choose from 34 models that … Read more

Laufenburg: All credits approved – only 70 people entitled to vote worked off long agenda items quickly

Laufenburg Details Category: Laufenburg Published: November 21, 2020 (mw) The Laufenburg voters had to complete a mammoth program. No less than 20 businesses were on the agenda. All were approved. Among them are loans in the millions. Overall, there were few discussions. Of a total of 2002 eligible voters, only 70 were present (an absolute … Read more