This is how Nft worked, the Italian crypto that froze the savings of 6,000 customers

ServiceReckless investments For over two years, high interest has been paid (10% per month). The capital was tied for 3 months, expanded at the end of May to 12. Just before the company froze sums of at least € 100 million by Vito Lops August 12, 2022 Listen to the audio version of the article … Read more

GISMETEO: Toyota will pay its customers for recalled electric vehicles – Auto

Japanese brand cars Toyota renowned throughout the world for their reliability and durability. For example, last year a pickup truck was discovered in the USA. Tacomawhose mileage was a fabulous 2.5 million kilometers, and the car continued to be operated by the owner. Now, however, something seems to have gone wrong for the Japanese as … Read more

Lebanon..An armed man detains employees and customers inside a bank, and these are his demands

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Local Lebanese media and activists on social media circulated videos of a gunman who stormed a bank in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and detained a number of employees and customers. This came according to what was reported by the official Lebanese news agency, which stated that the bank cuts … Read more

Epson disables its customers’ printers because of allegedly full sponges – Webmix

There is hardly an electronic device that upsets its users as much as printers: It starts with the high costs of ink and refill cartridges and goes through frustrating paper jams to the inexplicable phenomenon when the WiFi printer that has been used for years suddenly no longer works home network wants to appear. The … Read more

Direct Asia reveals the amount of insurance renewal for 1st class cars, as well as rewards 1st class customers with an exclusive cruise package for free!

DirectAsia, the first auto insurance broker in Thailand that is ready to be with you from start to finish It is found that consumers are still interested in purchasing first-class car insurance as the number one priority. Economic park where the cost of living is high Oil prices are in an uptrend. and inflation The … Read more

Lufthansa among largest customers: These are Boeing’s open orders for 787

The aircraft manufacturer is allowed to deliver Dreamliners again after a long break. Not only Lufthansa is waiting. An overview of customers and open orders for Boeing 787. It’s time. Boeing has from the American aviation authority FAA received the green light and is allowed to deliver Dreamliners again. In October 2020, the manufacturer had … Read more

The “Kelionii opera” outlet, which opened its doors in Vilnius, will surprise customers with extremely low prices

Factory outlet from simple ones differ in that in it there are items made specifically for sales. “Imagine a giant Samsonite production line that is matched to a specific model of suitcaseams. After the end of the season came a new collection and launched a new line. It is useless to stop the old one, … Read more

Vodafone does not pay the electricity bill: customers are left without a network for days

Numerous Vodafone customers in Renchen in Baden-Württemberg recently had no network for several days. The reason for this was that the network operator had failed to pay its electricity bills at a base station such as “teltarif” for months reported. The electricity was therefore turned off, which resulted in the failure. After talks with Oberkircher … Read more