SpaceX Creates “Starshield” Division Focusing on Government and Military Customers – Engadget 中文版

SpaceX SpaceX announced earlier over the weekend the creation of a new “Starshield“Department, the main job is to promote the possible application of Starlink technology to the government and military departments. This is mainly based on the successful experience of the Starlink satellite group, building a dedicated satellite group for the government and the military, … Read more

Customers rarely sign long-term contracts, and the price of regenerated wafers will be strong next year | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

As fabs continue to move towards advanced manufacturing processes, in order to improve yields, the number of regenerated wafers required has increased significantly. It is understood that China Sand (1560-TW), Sunban (8028-TW) have signed a long-term contract (LTA) with a major foundry. The period lasts for several years, and the content of the contract covers … Read more

Two men ransacked an Apple store and took away more than 200,000 products. The move is a textbook: Let customers take the initiative to get out of the way.

Two men ransacked an Apple store and took away more than 200,000 product salesmen. The move is a textbook: let customers take the initiative to get out of the way Robbery incidents at Apple stores in the United States occur from time to time. recently,Two masked men ransacked an Apple store in broad daylight in … Read more

Write “Monkey” on Customer’s Glass, Starbucks Staff Penalized Page all – A staff Starbucks received sanctions due to racist actions against one of his customers. The unnamed worker had the word “monkey” written on the glass instead of his real name. Monique Pugh, a woman of African descent originally from Maryland, became a victim of this behavior when she ordered a Venti Frappuccino at … Read more

Another crypto bankruptcy is declared and affects Argentina: which company went to zero and what happens to the customers

It was confirmed that another key player of the crypto ecosystem I declare bankruptcy. After the fall of FTX, Now crypto lending platform BlockFi revealed today that it has filed for bankruptcy protection. of Chapter 11 in the Bankruptcy Court of USA for the District of New Jersey. In the official document, the company listed … Read more

It is becoming more difficult for banks to pick customers for mortgages

It is becoming more difficult for banks to pick customers for mortgages Housing loans have turned into a “lender’s market”. With limited resources, banks only want to be “good customers”. According to the latest statistics from the Financial Regulatory Commission, as of the end of September, among the top ten housing loan banks, Huanan Bank … Read more

The delight that Aldi customers seek for their Christmas dinner

the dinners of Christmas They are for many families the most anticipated moment of each year. Reunions, anecdotes or happiness converge on the table every December, some unforgettable moments that need to be savored like authentic delicacies like the ones you offer Aldi in all its feeding sections. One of those foods that cannot be … Read more

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has shipped the first electric cars to customers in the US

Part of the shipment of VF 8 electric SUVs will be received by the US Autonomy service. However, most of the electric cars sent are intended for retail sale. The company plans to send the second delivery of cars to the USA around January. VinFast also plans to build an electric car manufacturing plant in … Read more