‘Pepco’ is celebrating its five-year anniversary in Latvia and is giving customers a special lottery

For five years, the beloved brand “Pepco” in Latvia has been taking care of customer comfort and offers the opportunity to buy important household items in one place – from clothes for the whole family to stylish interior accessories and other everyday useful things at an affordable price. Marking the company’s rapid growth and five … Read more

A capital gains tax could change rates in favor of bank customers

It is not a question of the company’s extraordinary profits, obtained thanks to the company’s own efforts, if the general market conditions have not changed significantly and the increase in profits does not create conditions that do not worsen the financial position of the customers. Sounds like quite a tangled mess, and there would certainly … Read more

So confused! When the Microsoft support solves the problem of the customer’s genuine windows cannot be activated by cracking.

This puzzling story was revealed by a Twitter user named TCNO/TroubleChute Who are having problems with Windows 10 Pro keys bought from the Microsoft Store cannot be activated at all. Contact Microsoft support immediately, but after that, the team uses some methods that can be activated without any problems. Twitter users TCNO/TroubleChute said, “I couldn’t … Read more

customers eat without paying, Benjamin Maréchal conducted the survey

In technical language, leaving the restaurant without paying is called grivèlerie. But in good French, “it’s theft”. Every year, hundreds of restaurateurs are victims of customers who indulge themselves and leave without paying the bill. In Waterloo, the thieves came with their children. Dad took a 500g T-bone. In Gembloux, the profiteer complained about the … Read more

The owner of the mutton stove killed the regular customers! After chopping and putting it in the freezer, she witnesses customers eating “human meat stove” every day | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Reported by Lin Qihua ▲There was a major criminal case of “Human Meat Stove” in Keelung. (Schematic diagram/data photo) Please read on…. The movie Human Meat Barbecued Pork Buns is horrifying. There has been a similar case in the history of public security in Keelung, namely the “Human Meat and Lamb Stove”. … Read more

They won’t see me there anymore! Yuck! Customers flocked to Globus. For what he did elsewhere

17.03.2023 12:45 | From networks The behavior of Czech producers, whose beer, as well as a whole range of foods, appear on the shelves of Russian supermarkets is described as “desperation” on social networks. Until they withdraw their products from the Russian market, many Czechs refuse to buy them in Czech stores. People are also … Read more

“While eating” with a smartphone, popular ramen shops are prohibited from bitterness Even if you ask for consideration, it will be reversed … Some customers leave and go home: J-CAST News[Full text display]

A popular ramen shop in Tokyo has decided to ban the use of “while eating” while watching YouTube videos. This is because the noodles will stretch and the taste will deteriorate, and it can be a nuisance to other customers. There was also a problem that “I got angry even if I offered to refrain”, … Read more

Apple launches Shop with a Specialist video service for U.S. customers

A new service that Apple is starting to offer customers in the US can shop with a Specialist via video. to shop online more conveniently It offers a new online shopping experience via apple.com, which will be shopping with an Apple Specialist via video call. to connect with customers who are interested in buying an … Read more

Ecosh manager Aistė Pranukevičienė: “We aim for the products to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers”

„Ecosh“ – an Estonian food supplement brand that has been operating in Lithuania for over three years. What is the history of the emergence of Ecosh in our country? Getting to know Ecosh took place in 2019 in the spring when I was living with my family in Tallinn, Estonia. I was on maternity leave … Read more

unheard of in supermarkets, customers surprised while strolling through the shelves… (videos)

As inflation continues, supermarkets face increased food theft. Some large retailers have taken measures to stem the increase in food theft, especially meat and fish, reports La Voix du Nord. of videos “It’s awful” «The novelty is that we ‘anti-theft’ the meat, the packaged fresh fish. We didn’t do that three years ago. We see … Read more