The rocket has arrived..a new dance line by Lourdiana in transparent black to the tunes of my sisters festival..and a follower swept Safinaz and Sama Al-Masry

Lordiana revealed her secrets for the first time about her personal life, and said that she has been in Egypt for years, confirming that she came to Egypt because it is the right place forDance Oriental, and she studied belly dancing and other types of dance. In Brazil, Egypt was the first country to start … Read more

Better than Dana Jabr.. The virtuous prostitute, Sama Al-Masry, has an oriental dance compass with a transparent shirt that shows what is underneath, a right tremor and a left-north tremor. And a follower: Angie Khoury and Shams Al-Kuwaiti swept.. I watched

Always controversial Egyptian dancer Sama Al Massri Which is one of the most famous artists in theDance The Egyptian also does many account accounts on social networking sites.In this picture, I tried to imitate the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of the way he stood and commented by saying: “Cristiano Min and the … Read more

Medio Metro leaves the dance and appears in a fight at the Arena Neza

After the controversy that left the lawsuit between pirate sound and the half meterthe famous social media character appeared in a fight feature on the Arena Nice. In a video shared on social networks you can see the Internet star helping the gladiator Maximum to obtain the triumph, for seconds before celebrating with their traditional … Read more

Colomiers. Dance in the spotlight at the cinema

This week, among its very wide choice of screenings, the Véo Grand Central cinema puts the spotlight in particular on operatic singing and dancing. After the opera “Tosca”, last night, it’s time for dancing, this Friday January 27 at 8 p.m., with the film “Neneh Superstar”: on the occasion of the “Nuit des Conservatoires”, this … Read more

The hero took down a killer in a dance club in California. It was caught on camera

Twenty-six-year-old programmer Brandon Tsay runs the Lai Lai dance studio in Alhambra, California, with his family. On Saturday night, he heard strange noises and went to check the studio door. He encountered 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, the same man who had shot and killed 11 people earlier in nearby Monterey Park. Tsay thus probably prevented … Read more

Fat in Al-Ataki.. Al-Kashta Fifi Abdo makes young people happy with a fiery red dance video exposed.. And a follower swept Safinaz and Sama Al-Masry

The artist posted Fifi Abdo a new video clip of her through her official account on her Instagram page, to exchange photos and videos. And Fifi Abdo appeared at the party of the daughter of the great artist Adel Imam’s brother, wearing a dress of fiery red color and exposed from the chest area, and … Read more

Just as her mother gave birth to her..a housewife does the forbidden and defies the most famous dancer, a dance compass that drove the youth crazy from her bedroom..and a follower wiped Safinaz and Sama Al-Masry

A video clip of MrHouse wife TDance in a strange way than usual In the clip, which activists circulated on Twitter, THousewife Dance A popular dance in an exciting way that won the admiration of the viewers. Another video clip sparked a lot of controversy on social media because of a bride’s dance at an … Read more

TWICE’s Momo “A perfectionist when it comes to dancing… I’m free when dancing”

Group Twice member Momo showed her unsparing love for dance. On the 20th, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan released a pictorial and interview of Momo. In the pictorial, Momo not only showed off her elegant goddess figure in a long dress reminiscent of the Little Mermaid, but also showed off her unique colorful charm by wearing an … Read more

Exhibition “Song and Dance Festival” by Mar Bischoff

Exhibitions Exhibition “Song and Dance Festival” by Mar Bischoff 2023-02-21, 11:00 Concert hall “Lielais dzintars”, art room “Civita Nova” The general Latvian song and dance festival can certainly be considered one of the most important values ​​of the Latvian people, which will gather thousands of singers and dancers from all over Latvia and the world … Read more