“Recently passing asteroid revealed danger detection vulnerability”

A truck-sized asteroid ‘2023 BU’ passed safely over South America without colliding with Earth on the 26th (local time), but it showed the need to improve risk detection capabilities to respond to asteroid impacts, Reuters reported. According to a report on the 29th (local time), 2023 BU was small among the 5-50m diameter asteroid group, … Read more

Road, Weather | Closed and danger of column in several places

The weather is cloudy on Sunday, which leads to challenging weather conditions in several places in Sogn and the surrounding area. At the time of writing, Fv53 Tyin-Årdal, Fv50 Aurland-Hol and Rv13 Vikafjellet are all closed. On the two first-mentioned, new assessments will be taken on Monday at 12 noon, on Vikafjellet on Monday at … Read more

Invisible danger in the Baltic. Swimming in the sea almost cost Jaroslav his life

A holiday by the Baltic Sea could have cost 45-year-old Jaroslav from the Polish village of Jarocin his life. While swimming in the sea, he contracted the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio, which caused a serious infection in his leg. It eventually led to sepsis, and the man even spent two weeks in a coma. After almost … Read more

The ignored danger in pumpkin seeds: No one knows about this damage to the intestines!

Pumpkin seeds, which have survived from ancient times to the present, have numerous benefits. Pumpkin seeds, known as the seeds of the pumpkin and squash plant, are consumed as a healthy snack today. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PUMPKIN SEEDS? It is rich in antioxidants. It can reduce the risk of diabetes. It has anticancer … Read more

Stop Eating Fried Cabbage! Danger If Frequent Consumption Can Trigger Cancer?

AYOSEMARANG.COM — Fried cauliflower for some people is a culinary favorite. But the fact is, this food has bad effect and danger for health if you often consume it. Fried cauliflower is considered by some to be a food that adds to the appetite, especially when used as a side dish for fresh vegetables. Wow, … Read more

Due to the Fernando Báez Sosa case, El Trece raised The hotel of the famous 2: is its continuity in danger?

And yesterday it did not go on the air and a special edition of the Trece newscast was broadcast for the coverage of the trial on the case Fernando Baez Sosa. The channel that commands Adrian Suar It is still in the doldrums and the changes in its schedule, for the moment, do not have … Read more

Danger Alarm, Russian Troops Become Sabotage Targets in Idlib

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 – 08:12 WIB VIVA – Major General Oleg Yegorov pressed the alarm button, having received information that troops military Russia became the target of terrorist sabotage in the city of Idlib, northwestern region Syria. This intelligence information reached Yegorov, who is Deputy of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Thursday, … Read more