Serious accident in Alleur: the passenger of a car loses her life, the life of the driver in danger

A serious road accident occurred on Sunday afternoon on the E40 motorway near the Alleur exit, in the Liège-Brussels direction. The passenger of a car lost her life and the days of the driver are in danger, specifies Sunday evening the parquet floor of Liège. Three people were in the vehicle. The driver, born in … Read more

Horror! It turns out that this is the danger of oral sex, 7 diseases lurk, this is the solution, says Dr. Silvi

North Sulawesi portal – There are many ways that married couples do to stimulate before having sex. One of them with oral sex. Quoted from various sources, Oral sex is a sexual activity carried out by stimulating Mr P, Miss V or the anus of a partner, using the lips, mouth, and tongue. This sexual … Read more

Danger that threatens heart health in children!

Danger that threatens heart health in children! In adults, the disease called metabolic syndrome occurs when being overweight, accompanied by high blood cholesterol and blood sugar values, and high blood pressure values. Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Expressing that the diseases that cause deterioration in the quality of life in metabolic syndrome can also cause … Read more

Americans’ savings rates are in danger, and the reason is the specter of inflation | latest news

Amidst inflation in America at a four-decade high, America’s personal savings rate fell from 33.8% in April 2020 to 5.1% in June 2022. Credit card balances reached a 20-year high during the second quarter of 2022. With the rising fears of a recession in America… How is the citizen trying to save money? More in … Read more

Danger is at the door with the uncontrolled influx of immigrants! It transmits deadly diseases, it doesn’t matter day or night.

Rize Recep Tayyip Erdogan University (RTEU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Zoology Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Akıner and his team started an investigation in 2015 on the mosquitoes collected from all over Turkey, especially the ‘aedes albopictus’ species, in a laboratory environment. Continuing the studies and examining the flies under observation, the team also … Read more

The “hidden danger” of the spread of Corona .. How did the feeling of loneliness affect the psychological and physical health of people?

Research published in the journal American Psychologist earlier this month found that feelings of loneliness increased during the pandemic. Experts called this case the “unity epidemic.” This loneliness is associated with increased depression and anxiety, as well as shorter life, premature deaths, dementia, sleep disturbances, and many other conditions.

The hidden danger in the heat! This disease increases in the summer, because…

It can give different symptoms in patients Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Noting that the symptoms of food poisoning vary according to the microbe that makes the person sick, Ozan Kocakaya said, “The symptoms can be seen in a few hours after the consumption of food, and the development of the disease can take days.” says. … Read more

– Ukraine uses a strategy that puts civilians in danger

Amnesty chief John Peder Egenæs says that the report on Ukraine’s use of civilian infrastructure in the war is well founded and maintains a high standard. At the same time, the number of critics is growing. Secretary General Jon Peder Egenæs of Amnesty International Norway defends the report which accuses Ukrainian forces of endangering civilian … Read more

War/Conflicts, Politics | Tankesmie: False accusation about nuclear power plants undermines warnings about the danger of nuclear disaster

Thought smithy Institute for the study of war (ISW) writes that the fake news diverts attention from the very real danger posed by Russia’s alleged militarization of the nuclear power plant. According to the think tank, several media in the West and in Ukraine reported on Monday that the Russian military leader in the area … Read more