In Great Britain, infections, deaths and hospitalizations are still falling

JACK HILL via Getty ImagesBritain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during a virtual press conference to update the nation on the status of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the Downing Street briefing room in central London on January 4, 2022. – British hospitals have switched to a “war footing” due to staff shortages caused by a … Read more

Covid Latina, 4 deaths and another 1236 positive cases in the province

There are 1236 new positive cases registered by the ASL of Latina in the last 24 hours in the province. The daily bulletin also reports 4 other deaths, two patients from Latina, one from Minturno and one from Terracina. There are 3 more hospitalizations in the hospital than yesterday. The new positive cases Municipality by … Read more

in Abruzzo 3,633 new positives, 299 recovered and 8 deaths

Today in Abruzzo there are 3,633 new positives (of which 2,011 emerged from antigen tests), aged between 1 month and 101 years, emerged from 8,215 molecular swabs and 25,199 antigenic tests. In today’s bulletin there are also 8 deceased, aged between 47 and 105, of which 2 in the province of Chieti, 2 in the … Read more

Covid19, two deaths in the last 24 hours in South Tyrol. The situation in hospitals worsens: more people are hospitalized

BOLZANO. I am 1757 i new infections that are recorded in the last 24 hours in South Tyrol. Unfortunately today the South Tyrolean health authority communicates the death of two people it’s a worsening also in the numbers of hospitalizations. They go up again and reach number di 91, people who are hospitalized in normal … Read more

MZ conference. A large increase in infections in the poviat, three more deaths

21:02 USAUS President Joe Biden’s medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, believes no new vaccine is needed against the Omikron variant of the coronavirus. He spoke about it on Thursday in an online speech addressed to the authorities of the Roman University of La Sapienza, which awarded him an honorary doctorate. Fauci was of the opinion that … Read more

Mexico has received 200 million vaccines against covid-19; thanks international support

One year after the supply of vaccines against covid-19, The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, led the event in recognition of the various entities that made it possible, including the laboratories that collaborated with Mexico for its supply and packaging, as well as the countries that supported efforts to achieve the agreements and … Read more

The exact number of deaths avoided in the US thanks to vaccines has been calculated

AGI – Over 240,000 fewer deaths and one million potential deaths prevented thanks to the vaccination campaign for Covid in the United States. To calculate the estimates of the effectiveness of vaccines in the US is a study conducted by York University in Toronto, together with Yale University, published on Jama Network. The Covid-19 pandemic … Read more

Covid Veneto 11 January 2022, today 21,504 cases and 29 deaths. Zaia: “We go orange”

Venice, 11 January 2022 – The peak of infections of this fourth wave, Veneto could record record numbers around January 20. Trend confirmed by the worrying explosion of cases recorded in the last 24 hours: 21.504 positive and 29 deaths. I am 205.699 the Venetians currently infected from the virus and isolates. Of these, 1.895 … Read more