Union rejects renegotiating R$ 2.2 billion debt

The Union informed yesterday that it rejected the request of the owner of Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos (Ita), Sidnei Piva de Jesus, to renegotiate the R$ 2.2 billion debt of the group, which is undergoing judicial recovery. At the end of last year, on the eve of Christmas, the company suspended its flights, leaving passengers with … Read more

lol! Malaysian Gambling King Threatened to Bankrupt, His Debt Piles Up

Jakarta – Billionaire and King of gambling Malaysia, Lim Kok Thay is currently in danger of going bankrupt. This was because a subsidiary of his casino company, Genting, which operates cruise ship services, failed to get an injection of funds. A subsidiary of Genting, is currently building a cruise ship dubbed the Global Dream. Unfortunately, … Read more

Gott is returning to the Czech Republic, but … DEBT IS WAITING HERE!

When she quickly moved back to Helsinki in May to see her husband, metal musician Tim Tolkki (55), she was the eldest daughter. Karla Gotta († 80) one sec after another. E.g. she did not have time to paint the apartment in Vysočany, which she returned. “The owner paid for it all and now she … Read more

Scientists explain the mysterious properties of moon rocks

Khabarni – Scientists used to believe that in the past, convection currents occurred in the interior of the moon periodically as a result of the strength of its magnetic field. This explains why traces of magnetization are present in some moon rock samples.And the journal Nature Astronomy indicates that the analysis of samples of moon … Read more

“20,000 terrorists”, power struggle and debt to Putin: what’s going on in Kazakhstan?

Bahrain failed Kazakhstan seems to be doing better than other Central Asian countries in terms of socio-economic development, but there are serious problems behind the showcase of success, Kazakh political scientist Dosim Satpayev explains in an interview with the Kazakh editorial office of Kyrgyzstan’s “24kg” and “Radio Freedom”. “A significant proportion of the population is … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle IN DEBT? To afford their residence, they had to make a loan of 9 million dollars

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have offered themselves a beautiful residence in Montecito, California. For this little paradise on earth with multiple rooms, a swimming pool, a cinema and other enticing activities, the Sussexes had to shell out 14 million dollars. A modest sum that would have put them in debt… After getting rid of … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia TikTok paid her debt: young woman claims that sauce boat has already deposited for “exchange” of jeans Allison Horna farándula | VIRAL

PAID DEBT. Yaharia Plasencia was involved in a scandal after TikTok an entrepreneur will accuse her of not advertising a jeans brand, after the sauce boat received two garments, for the so-called “exchange” that is commonly used on social networks such as Instagram. ALSO READ: Ethel Pozo on Melissa Paredes: “I don’t go to her … Read more

World Bank cuts global GDP forecast, higher debt, more inequality

The World Bank has lowered its economic growth forecasts for the United States. Europe and China decline and warned that high debt levels and increased income inequality The new strain of COVID still poses a threat to the economic recovery of developing countries. From the previous forecast last year that the global economy will grow … Read more

The three best options for mid-range smartphones in Jordan

Tell me – Are you looking for a new smartphone? Now is the time to buy, and our guide to smartphones will help you compare the best 2022 smartphones available in Jordan. There are a lot of good phones to choose from right now, but who’s the king of the castle? Is there even a … Read more

Prince Andrew pays off debt around purchase of millions of chalet: ‘War is over’ | royals

The woman filed a lawsuit against Andrew two years ago, because he had not yet paid part of the purchase price. The prince bought the holiday home, complete with seven bedrooms, an indoor pool and sauna, in 2014 for 21 million euros. He then chose to pay the amount in installments. However, the last 5 … Read more