“We must investigate the state debt to Social Security”

It is his second attempt to reach the National Assembly, this time with the Honesty Alliance. Javier Sánchez spoke with EXPRESO about his legislative and oversight proposals. Presidential debate 2021: three hours, 16 candidates and few concrete answers Read more – District 1 has several characteristics: crime, marginal sectors. How do you hope to convince … Read more

Mercado Libre raised 1,100 million dollars of debt

Given the boom in technology companies, especially those engaged in electronic commerce activities, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, Mercado Libre announced the closure of its public offering of bonds in two tranches totaling 1,100 million of dollars. The resources obtained will be used by the company both to consolidate its sustainability strategy, as … Read more

Six graphs to better understand the debt left by the covid

In 2020, public debt jumped from 95% to 119% of GDP. However, the interest to be paid on this mountain of money will fall by 2.5 billion thanks to low interest rates and the ECB’s purchases Hibernate. Put the economy in a freezer to take it out when the pandemic has passed. The main measures … Read more

The public debt grew more than US $ 13,000 – Noticias de Córdoba – HoyDia.com.ar

Public debt grew more than US $ 13,000 According to data provided by the Ministry of Finance of the Nation, the Argentine public debt went from US $ 323,065 million (registered in December 2019), to US $ 336,087 million. In just one year there was an increase of US $ 13,022. It is estimated that … Read more

Why a property owned by an SCI cannot always be used to guarantee a personal debt – Miscellaneous

Manager or partners must not endanger their SCI (© Damien Meyer – AFP) A member of an SCI had a debt. He had given a building that belonged to the SCI as a payment guarantee to his creditor. But the Court of Cassation recalled that this is not possible when it endangers the existence of … Read more

“We have managed to refinance part of the Community debt without interest”

MURCIA. Luis Marin, director of the Institute of Credit and Finance of the Region of Murcia (Icref), is optimistic about the future of the recently released 2021. He points out that the macroeconomic indicators indicate a recovery from the second half of the year and wants to be optimistic. Doctor of Law, degree in Economic … Read more

Definitively approved the credit modification for the payment of debt

A. G.-O. LUANCO. Friday, 15 January 2021, 09:39 The Official Gazette of the Principality (BOPA) has published this week the final approval of the credit modification of the Gozón City Council for the payment of debt. Specifically, a transfer of 46,636 euros will be made from the specific complement item. The government team estimates that … Read more

YPF began the negotiation of its debt in a climate of tension with the banks

Negotiations between YPF and its creditors began this Tuesday in a climate of tension with the banks. Many creditors do not agree with the changes proposed by Affronti, the CEO of the oil company, to the bonds. In fact, in a statement, the Ad Hoc Committee of YPF creditors described the proposal as “hostile”. The … Read more