The amount of debt of the countries of the world is increasing; concerns about developing countries / Article

The amount of debt of the countries of the world is increasing; concerns about developing countries The amount of debt continues to grow The amount of global debt, estimated by the Institute of International Finance, is about 349% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) and is equivalent to a debt of US$ 37,500 per … Read more

CHAYO Cheat Scammers Wade to buy debt to support the port through a hundred thousand million. – stock dimensions

Stock dimension-Mr. Suksan Yasasin, Chief Executive Officer of Chayo Group Public Company Limited or CHAYO, who operates both secured and unsecured asset management business. Debt tracking business lending business and customer service center business, revealed that at present, “Chayo Capital Company Limited” which is a subsidiary of the Company Claimed by crooks by notifying the … Read more

Divorce is forbidden… Witness strange rituals and ceremonies for marriage in the Mandaean religion in Iraq

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Al-Arabiya channel showed a video report on marriage ceremonies in the “Mandaean” religion in Iraq, which is one of the Abrahamic religions, and its followers follow special ceremonies and rituals that distinguish it from other religions in Iraq. The report stated that marriage and childbearing are obligatory for every Mandaean clergyman. A clergyman … Read more

“I’m in Dicom”: Woman discovers debt of 11 million in Banco Falabella for credit she never asked for | National

Virginia Coloma Hinrichs has never been a client of Banco Falabella, but even so she discovered that she had a debt of more than 11 million pesos in that bank. She accuses “fraud” and “low security” in the company’s systems. The situation, in addition to her personal stress, caused the suspension of a mortgage loan … Read more

bad investments. Supermodel Tatjana Patitz leaves behind a mountain of debt.

German model Tatjana Patitz dies at the age of 56 The German top model Tatjana Patitz died of breast cancer on January 11, 2023 in California. 12.01.2023 Supermodel Tatjana Patitz has had financial problems and arguments with her son’s father in recent years. She passed away on January 11, 2023 from breast cancer in California. … Read more

The Walloon debt: proportionally 5 x greater than that of Flanders

This week, our PODCAST “Click – The Turning Point” examines the public finances of the “Belgium house” and the least we can say is that the situation is delicate and even critical if we look more particularly at the south of the country. Small inventory with Xavier Debrun, head of the research department of the … Read more

Tim: Vivendi has no de facto control. Translated: it doesn’t have to consolidate debt

Vivendi does not have de facto control of Tim: this is what was established by the Court of Cassation in joint sections which rejected the Consob appeal against the decision of the Council of State which had annulled, upon appeal by Tim and Vivendi, both the resolution of the Commission which qualified Vivendi’s shareholding relationship … Read more

Director Ieva Ozoliņa is making a documentary about debt collectors / Article

The center of the film is the core of the company “Arvik”, which is already known in the media, the creators explained: “The events are based on the story of former prisoners who, at the end of the stormy nineties, decided to establish a debt collection company, allowing us to guess why their work efficiency … Read more

Director Ieva Ozoliņa is making a film about the debt collection company ‘Arvik’

Director Ievas Ozoliņa has started work on a new documentary film “Pigeon with Olive Branch” about the debt collection company “Arvik”. According to the film’s producer Madara Melberga, the upcoming film has aroused interest in France and the Czech Republic at the project stage. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The center of the … Read more