How antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruit, tea and wine can delay memory loss

New study shows slower cognitive decline with flavonoids. Know which foods are recommended Eating more flavonoids, the antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruit, tea and wine, may slow the rate of memory loss, claims a new study. The cognitive scores of people in the study who ate the most flavonoids declined 0.4 points per decade … Read more

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, how to slow down cognitive decline

Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 600,000 people in Italy and, due to the aging of the population, it is estimated that by 2050 more than 130 million individuals worldwide could be affected. Although progress is being made in terms of research at the moment there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. The available drugs aim above … Read more

Junk food, liver, dementia: Inserm puts forward new hypotheses

Why is this interesting? It is now well accepted that obesity and physical inactivity, markers of our contemporary societies, contribute to the occurrence of certain pathologies such as non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis, which affects around 200,000 people in France. While several studies have already reported the negative effects of an unbalanced diet on obesity and brain … Read more

New drug lecanemab may be able to slow down Alzheimer’s, but there are still concerns about side effects

©  Getty Images/iStockphoto Alzheimer’s disease is still treatable. This is evident from study results of pharmaceutical companies Eisai and Biogen, who jointly developed the new drug lecanemab. Especially in an early stage, patients would benefit from it. But it’s not all good news: there are concerns about side effects, and the question remains whether patients … Read more

Urine test to detect Alzheimer’s in the early stages – Heilpraxis

Biomarkers in urine indicate Alzheimer’s disease When the first symptoms of a Alzheimer’s disease occur, it often is too late for treatments that slow the progression of the disease. Because the first disease processes often take place decades before the first effects. A new Urine test should the dementia in a early stage reveal so … Read more

Treatment of depression in the elderly can reduce the risk of dementia by 30%.

Treating depression reduces the risk of dementia. British researchers have analyzed data from the UK Biobank and examined 350,000 participants, including 46,280 participants with depression. During the study, 725 of the patients with depression also developed dementia. The people with dementia were categorized into 4 different stages of their depression: Gradually worsening symptoms with mild … Read more

Alzheimer’s breakthrough could be ‘beginning of the end’: drug study

Alzheimer’s disease could soon be a distant memory. A revolutionary new Alzheimer’s drug named lecanemab could mark a major breakthrough in the decades-long battle against the neurological disorder, according to eye-opening Phase 3 trials. The potentially game-changing dry runs transpired in May 2021, but the results were only published Tuesday in the New England Journal … Read more