Factors that increase your risk of dementia – Journal Haïti Progrès – Haitian # 1 Newspaper

Age Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. About a third of people 85 and over show signs of the disease. The genes you receive from your parents play a role at this age, but so do diet, exercise, your social life, and other illnesses. Dementia is not a normal part of aging. … Read more

Dementia will affect 153 million people worldwide by 2050

A new study released this Thursday estimates that 153 million people worldwide will have dementia by 2050, almost triple the estimated for 2019 (57 million), due to population growth and aging. The study, published in the scientific publication The Lancet Public Health, a few months after another of its kind, by the World Health Organization … Read more

Study indicates that dementia will affect 153 million people worldwide by 2050

The study, published in the scientific publication The Lancet Public Health, a few months after another of its kind, by the World Health Organization (WHO), estimates 351,504 people with dementia in Portugal in 2050, almost double the number predicted for 2019 (200,994). ). The paper presents estimates of the number of adults aged 40 and … Read more

A sensor based on quantum technology could help detect dementia

Foto: Getty Images. Scientists have developed a new sensor that can help detect cases of dementia; Equipment based on quantum technology was used to develop the sensors; It is hoped that the mechanisms developed can be used to increase the accuracy of the analysis. The search for therapies or processes that delay dementia can be … Read more

This food can prevent dementia, cancer and premature death

Researchers have found another solid proof of the miraculous benefits of olive oil. Replacing high-fat dairy products with olive oil can reduce the risk of serious illness and premature death, according to a large 30-year study. Using olive oil instead of margarine, butter or other saturated fats could protect you from dying from cancer, cardiovascular … Read more

Scientists predict a sharp increase in the incidence of dementia

Some 153 million people may have dementia in 2050, compared with 57 million in 2019. Researchers expect a particularly high increase in the number of people suffering from dementia, including in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates Japan will record the lowest growth rate You can find more such stories on the Onet homepage Over … Read more

Elderly people with dementia still often receive psychotropic drugs

Due to staff shortages in nursing homes, elderly people with dementia are prescribed psychotropic drugs more often than desired. Specialists in geriatric medicine have been arguing for years that the use of antipsychotics and antidepressants among others should be reduced in people with dementia, but this has so far been little heeded. Pointer reports this. … Read more

Still often antipsychotics for people with dementia, despite major health risks

Antipsychotics The administration of psychotropic drugs in elderly people with dementia has been a concern for many years because it poses major health risks. It has often been said that less should be done, but in practice the administration of medication remains high. Research by Radboud University shows that about 55 percent of elderly people … Read more

Elderly people with dementia are given antipsychotics that are not recommended by guidelines

Staff shortage According to Bianca Buurman, president of the V&VN, the professional association of nurses, the use of antipsychotics can be reduced, but the practice is unruly. “The absenteeism and staff shortage in nursing homes is high. Due to this work pressure, medication is requested more quickly if there is a difficult situation with a … Read more

Dementia cases could triple by 2050

Worldwide, cases of dementia are expected to triple by 2050, according to research in the Lancet medical journal. According to the World Health Organization, dementia is currently the seventh cause of death worldwide. in public ‘dementia’ In the study, which aims to support the states to prevent dementia, which is defined as the disease, the … Read more