Apple participates in a medical study to be able to detect dementia with an Apple Watch and an iPhone | Technology

Science is advancing by leaps and bounds and sometimes it has to put the turbo, as has happened with the Covid-19 vaccine. Now a study is being developed with the participation of Apple, through which the detection of senile dementia is sought through an iPhone or an Apple Watch. It is quite interesting, since the … Read more

The TSJB for the eviction of an elderly man with senile dementia and terminal cancer

CARMEN MORALES PUISEGUR @moralespuisegur Palma Saturday, 14 November 2020 – 11:37 Julio Daz, 83, endorsed a missing woman after signing a loan of 59,000 euros. The refund exceeds 83,000 euros. Julio Daz photographed at his home. PAH An 83-year-old man with senile dementia and terminal cancer stay at home for the moment after paralyzing the … Read more

Sean Connery’s wife claimed the actor didn’t know who he was when he suffered from dementia

The actor Sean Connery, who passed away last Saturday, was the first James Bond in history who in life was considered one of the most elegant men in the world, in his last years of life he suffered from dementia to the point of not knowing who he was. It may interest you: Comptroller’s Office … Read more

OTB Football Saturday | Gary Breen, Celtic woes, heading and dementia en The Off the Ball Football Show en mp3(07/11 a las 18:56:17) 01:32:48 60050805

Gary Breen, Dan McDonnell and Johnny Ward joined John Duggan for OTB Football Saturday this week, talking Celtic’s woes and much more. The lads discussed David McGoldrick’s international retirement, the dangers of heading heavy footballs, and we had the breaking news of the new President-elect of the United States! .

Sean Connery’s wife spoke of the actor’s health: That was not living

This Saturday, the departure of Sean Connery At the age of 90 it was a great sadness for the thousands of colleagues and fans of the actor. The protagonist of The Untouchables he lost his life while he slept and it was not until today that it was known what his state of health was. … Read more

Granddaughter, mother and grandmother with dementia, in a demonized house

A mother and daughter return to the family home after the disappearance of Edna, the octogenarian grandmother. The relationship between them, old age, dementia and a disturbing house with increasing prominence are the ingredients of the Australian Natalie Erika James’ first film. Sundance already applauded a few months ago this horror film that competes in … Read more

Coronavirus: ‘Doctor chlorite’: “The masks are a sham. They cause depression and dementia”

Coronavirus The denialist doctor of the Covid-19, before the cameras of the program ‘In the spotlight’ Gabriel Ruiz, during his conversation with Cuatro’s reporter, Vernica Dulanto El doctor Gabriel Ruiz, recognized Covid-19 denier, was the protagonist of the Cuatro ‘programIn the spotlight‘and again emphasized that the pcoronavirus andemic is “a sham” and that the masks … Read more