Granddaughter, mother and grandmother with dementia, in a demonized house

A mother and daughter return to the family home after the disappearance of Edna, the octogenarian grandmother. The relationship between them, old age, dementia and a disturbing house with increasing prominence are the ingredients of the Australian Natalie Erika James’ first film. Sundance already applauded a few months ago this horror film that competes in … Read more

Coronavirus: ‘Doctor chlorite’: “The masks are a sham. They cause depression and dementia”

Coronavirus The denialist doctor of the Covid-19, before the cameras of the program ‘In the spotlight’ Gabriel Ruiz, during his conversation with Cuatro’s reporter, Vernica Dulanto El doctor Gabriel Ruiz, recognized Covid-19 denier, was the protagonist of the Cuatro ‘programIn the spotlight‘and again emphasized that the pcoronavirus andemic is “a sham” and that the masks … Read more

Sensor in vehicles could detect drivers with senile dementia

This technological advance will be launched thanks to a grant of 5.3 million dollars from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States, a country where it is estimated that one third of older adults with dementia are active drivers and half of them continue to drive up to three years after diagnosis. … Read more

Her father developed dementia and she decided to make a surprisingly funny documentary in which she kills him over and over again.

Can you imagine seeing a loved one die over and over again? That was what filmmaker Kirsten Johnson did for the documentary Dick Johnson Is Dead, which worked from the moment he learned of his father’s dementia and with which he portrayed funny but also very moving moments of the physical and mental deterioration of … Read more

Coronavirus isolation has caused thousands of additional deaths among Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in the US | Univision Health News

The German company BioNTech, one of the main competitors in the race to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, reported this Thursday on the purchase of a large establishment to rapidly increase the production of its vaccine, once it receives the green light from the FDA. of the US and the EMA of the European … Read more

Are These Commonly Used Drugs a Risk Factor? – Naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Link Between Anticholinergics and Alzheimer’s? So-called anticholinergics, a class of drugs that are used for a variety of diseases, appear to be associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline, which also brings an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in older people. Do certain commonly used drugs increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s? (Image: … Read more

75 Percent of Covid-19 Patient Death Cases Dominated by Elderly Accompanied by Dementia

KALTENGPOS.CO – The elderly are a vulnerable group to contract the corona virus. This makes them have tough challenges in living in the current Covid-19 pandemic. Especially if you have comorbidities and even dementia. Talking about dementia, in a recent study it was revealed that the death of Covid-19 patients, especially the elderly, was accompanied … Read more

75 Percent of Deaths of Covid-19 Patients are People With Dementia– Globally, Dead the result Covid-19 about 75 percent experienced by people with dementia ( ODD) as a comorbid (underlying condition). This presentation was based on collaborative research conducted between the London School of Economics and the University College of London. To note, dementia is a symptom of a disease that causes decreased brain function. … Read more

The Causes of Most of the Death of Elderly COVID-19 Patients with Dementia

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Elderly people have a high risk of exposure to the corona virus. In fact, as many as 75 percent of the deaths of elderly patients COVID-19 are people with dementia as a comorbid disease. Based on collaborative research between the London School of Economics and the University College of London in the … Read more

10 symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia to watch out for, one of which is difficult to focus

JAKARTA, – Some people still think that dementia or senility is part of the normal aging process. Yet if allowed to go further, this disease can cause death. In commemoration of the month Alzheimer in the ninth world, the Alzheimer Indonesia Foundation (ALZI) is back to educating the public about the problem of dementia. … Read more