STOCKHOLM (Nyhetsbyrån Direkt) SEB raises the savings rate on the Simple savings account and the Green savings account from 0.30 to 1.00 percent. This is evident from information on the bank’s website in the wake of the Riksbank’s key interest rate increase the week before last. On an investment account with a three-month commitment period, … Read more

All Mosques in Jakarta Asked to Deposit 50 Percent of Their Friday Infaq to Ormas Accounts, Has Been Approved By Heru Budi

JAKARTA – A number of elements from Jakarta’s Islamic Community Organizations (Ormas) plan to carry out activities to collect aid for earthquake victims in Cianjur, West Java. The trick is to distribute half of the Friday infaq to each mosque in Jakarta for the victims. This was conveyed by the Chairman of the DKI Jakarta … Read more

Time deposits are good ─ 100,000 yuan is a regular deposit, 2 banks have 5% and 11 have at least 4.6% with a low threshold to earn $5,000 (updated on December 2) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest Earning Strategy

The bank’s high-interest time deposits are sometimes just a headline attraction, often with a lot of conditions attached, for example, the entrance fee may cost millions of dollars. Therefore, when you inquire or want to open an account formally, the funds on hand may not reach the threshold of high interest rates. if with100,000 yuanFor … Read more

Profitability of the fixed-term deposit | YOUR MONEY

On the verge of receiving the gratificationadded to the recent deposit of the Compensation for Time of Services (CTS), many are looking to make their savings profitable. However, given a scenario of uncertainty and for those who need low-risk bets, the fixed-term deposit appears as an alternative. To know the details about this instrument, Caja … Read more

Fixed deposit ─ 5% article: Dah Sing Bank up to 5.3% minimum 6 Bank 5% or above – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest rate strategy

“Fixed margins are good” analyzes the best fixed deposits of margin banks from different angles, remember to click at the end of the article to bury other articles! “Good Time Deposit” helps you find the best 5% option. Bank fixed deposit, 5% option will come one after another.So far, 6 banks have joined this“5% club”.The … Read more

500,000 yuan for a time deposit of 3 5% or more and 4 at least 4.8% (updated on November 25) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest Raiders

This article was updated on November 25, 2022. “Fixed margins are good” analyzes the best fixed deposits of margin banks from different angles, remember to click to bury other articles at the end of the article! The bank’s fixed deposit offer often has a headline rate. On the surface, the interest rate is very attractive, … Read more

State Deposit Rp. 2,181 T per October, Sri Mulyani: Extraordinary

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani reported that non-oil and gas PPh tax revenue as of October 2022 had reached IDR 784.4 trillion or 104.7% of the target. Likewise oil and gas income tax revenue of 105.1% of the target or reaching IDR 67.9 trillion. This was conveyed by Sri Mulyani at … Read more

DBS promotes 1-week fixed deposit with 10% interest rate of 500,000 yuan to earn 959 yuan quickly

DBS Bank Near the end of the year, the capital situation in Hong Kong is further tense. The one-month Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR) linked to mortgages is approaching 4%. The competition among banks for fixed deposits is also becoming more intense. Yesterday, a rare 10% high interest rate appeared! DBS Bank announced that … Read more