The abandonment of a cat on the sly at the entrance to the Veeweyde refuge: ‘An animal is not a clandestine deposit’

An abandonment at the door of the refuge! A man abandoned his cat in its cage at the entrance to the premises of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (SRPA) in Anderlecht, before fleeing. A behavior that surprised the Veeweyde teams. The act was filmed by video surveillance cameras, installed recently. In the … Read more

Savings accounts in Colombia: how much money to deposit in banks and not lose it

Your browser is not compatible to play this audio By: Writing Economy Updated: 2023-03-26 06:22:08 The advice comes after several US banks filed for bankruptcy and caused economic losses to clients. the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and Silvergate Bank concerned citizens, despite the fact that the Superfinanciera in Colombia assured that … Read more

Deposit rates in banks are low, higher yield – for government savings bonds / Article

Deposit rates in banks are low, higher yield – for government savings bonds IN SHORT: Commercial banks are gradually increasing interest on customer savings. In Estonia, the competition between commercial banks intensified, stated the Bank of Latvia. Latvian residents are not active enough and are not looking for more favorable offers. At the moment, Treasury … Read more

U.S. Regulators Declare Deposit Protections After Bank Collapses in Next Year, Summers Says – Bloomberg

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Summers has urged Treasury Secretary Yellen and top U.S. financial regulators to declare protections for uninsured deposits in banks that fail over the next year. “We need to clarify the situation with deposits,” Summers said on Bloomberg Television’s “Wall Street Week.” While regulators do not have the legal power to provide … Read more

4 things you should know about deposit protection Increase people’s confidence –

constantly evolving There are many options for money management. Whether investing in debt instruments, equities or cryptocurrencies. But it is undeniable that depositing money at a financial institution is still the easiest and safest way to save. for people who deposit money Have understood their rights to receive deposit protection Today, the Deposit Protection Agency … Read more

Comprehensive deposit insurance is not considered

US Treasury Secretary: Smaller bank deposits will be protected Dubai – Al Published in: Mar 23, 2023: 02:29 PM GST Last updated: Mar 23, 2023: 02:40 PM GST US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that no comprehensive insurance for bank deposits had been considered, but she made it clear that smaller bank deposits would … Read more

China Discovers Giant 50 Ton Gold Deposit, High Quality and Easy to Mine

BEIJING, – China discovers large gold reserves in the Xilaokou gold mine in Rushan, Shandong Province, China. China Media Group reported on Saturday (18/3/2023), the gold deposit in the mine is estimated at 50 tons. Searching for gold reserves in the mine until the estimated deposit is known apparently takes up to five years. … Read more

Rozbresk: YES to Fed on dovish rate hike and NO to Yellen on 100% deposit guarantee

The US Federal Reserve refused to admit to panic and raised interest rates by another 25 basis points. However, it was an attempt to raise interest rates in a dovish guise, as the Fed in the new macro-forecast expects “only” one rate increase (to the level of 5.0-5.25%). And that’s a big change from two … Read more

Mārtiņš Kazāks: Deposit rates in Latvia should not be lower than those we see in other Baltic countries

Weak and expensive lending is a problem that can be observed not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania. For several years now, in negotiations with commercial banks, the Bank of Latvia has been insistently updating lending, as we see both the need and the opportunity for commercial banks, especially large and market-dominant banks, to … Read more