pays a deposit of half a million but is under sequestration –

from Marco Gasperetti The 2.6 million euro deal went up in smoke: the owner, close to Putin, targeted by the judiciary for an unpaid deposit He had been thinking about it for years, Andrea Pirloto buy a villa in Forte dei Marmi. Not just any residence, for, but the summer house of dreams, in the … Read more

Aiki, canceled on the day of the performance after receiving the deposit? “Strong response to false facts”

Aiki’s Instagram Capture Dance crew ‘Hook’, led by dancer Aiki, has officially clarified about the cancellation of the club’s ‘New Flow’ concert. On the evening of the 24th, on the evening of Friday, the 24th, Aiki’s agency ESteem Entertainment said through the official SNS, “I received an offer to appear in the performance through a … Read more

Beijing Wandong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Announcement on the Progress of Using Idle Raised Funds for Cash Management_Investment_Product Category_Subject

Original title: Beijing Wandong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Announcement on the Progress of Using Idle Raised Funds for Cash Management The board of directors and all directors of the company guarantee that there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions in the content of this announcement, and assume individual and joint responsibility for … Read more

Income-linked bond or currency-protected deposit?

Ufuk KORCAN Mobility continues in both domestic and international markets. We are in a period in which countries draw their interest weapons more rapidly in order to fight inflation, which is rising globally, under the leadership of the US Federal Reserve (Fed). On Wednesday (June 15), the Fed hiked rates by 75 basis points, the … Read more

Industry view|Interbank deposit certificate funds with frequent explosions are subject to emergency purchase restrictions on multiple products_ Finance Network- CAIJING.COM.CN

The fifth batch of interbank depository index funds is the first 10,000-funded fund, which is also the ninth popular fund of its kind this year. Chuangjin Hexin, Bank of China and Guolian Fund are still selling. On June 16, Wanjia Fund announced that its Wanjia CSI Interbank Depository AAA Index 7-day holding period securities investment … Read more

VUB and other banks cancel deposit books. Be careful what will happen to your money then – Businesses and markets – Economy

The adage that practical people read passbooks no longer seems to apply. Today, their holders are increasingly reading letters from banks informing them that the long-popular savings tool is coming to an end. But with that comes complications. This is the case of the reader of Pravda, who approached us with the information that her … Read more

Moneta increases cash deposit and paper statements

Fee for over-limit cash deposit Moneta Money Bank from the beginning of September, it introduces a fee for over-limit cash deposits at the box office at the branch. Clients who save more than two million crowns per calendar month will pay extra. The amount of the monthly fee is 0.2% of the amount deposited above … Read more

The deposit system will also cover cans and “monkeys”. The trade is wringing its hands and talking about “destroying” the industry

At the beginning of June, Jacek Ozdoba, Deputy Minister of Climate, revealed the details of the prepared bail system in Poland. In fact, he suggested some changes from the previous ideabecause we still haven’t got to know the final bill. Instead, the deputy head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage emphasized that the … Read more