“The Crown”: the photo that angered the British Crown and some details of the fifth and sixth installments

Imelda Staunton, the actress who will play Queen Elizabeth II in seasons 5 and 6 of “The Crown”, announced the premiere date of the next installment of the series. (Netflix) The actress Imelda Staunton announced the premiere date of the fifth season personified as Queen Elizabeth II. It will be on November 22 when the … Read more

Scream dethrones Spider-Man at the top of the box office.. know the details

After several weeks, the thriller and fantasy continued Spider-Man: No Way Home, topped the throne of revenue and box office, the horror movie succeeded ScreamIt knocked the latest Marvel movie from the box office, taking in $34 million in the last holiday season. According to a report published by Variety newspaper, the new horror movie, … Read more

from the latest DATA comes (finally) some good news. The details »ILMETEO.it

COVID: from the latest DATA comes (finally) some good news. The details COVID, good news finally COMESFrom the latest data issued by the Ministry of Health comes finally comes some good news. The pandemic by COVID, dictated by the spread of variante Omicron, seems to be slowing down. All this, after a dizzying growth, which … Read more

Gisela Bernal is already shown with another man: “I’m separated, I’m not going to give details”

Gisela Bernal It was shown in the last hours with a man, after whitewashing that it is separated. After the breakup of the dancer and her husband Eros Medaglia was known, various images have been leaked in which she can be seen very close to a young man whose identity was not given details. READ … Read more

Kia has released technical details for the new hybrid nir

The new Kia Niro replaced the original model after five years of existence, it appeared to the world at its online premiere in November last year. Initially, however, the South Korean carmaker was relatively austere in terms of details. The only thing known was the fact that the car, like its original version, would only … Read more

Immersion and challenges: Simón Savi gives exclusive details behind Samuel, his character in Arelys Henao | Web Exclusives

simon savi does not stop conquering the hearts of Colombians with his character from Samuel in Arelys Henao, I sing not to cry ; because it is about a young man who unconditionally accompanies and pampers the artist in the most difficult moments of her adolescence, In addition to always supporting her in her great … Read more

A catastrophic mistake and then the departure of the bond… Details of the worst day in the life of the elephant keeper

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" And during the last hours, the 35-year-old’s reaction turned to the talk of the communication sites, during the clip of the goal he caused, to equalize Sierra Leone During the last seconds of the match, which ended with a score of 2-2. Signs of sadness on Sangari’s face aroused the … Read more

The Largest 3D Cosmic Map Has Successfully Revealed Details Of The Universe

The largest 3D cosmic map created by scientists in the process of research. The 3D cosmic displays more than 7.5 million galaxies in the Solar System. Scientists took a long time to make this map. Long research with maximum effort allowed them to successfully release this spectacular map. According to the latest update, this map … Read more

The black market dollar recorded an additional decline.. Here are the details

Today, Monday, the black market dollar recorded a significant decline, as it ranged between 24,500 Lebanese pounds for purchase and 24,400 pounds for sale. The Lebanese pound witnessed an improvement in its value against the US dollar, which led to a decrease in the price of bread and fuel on Friday. The Central Bank had … Read more