Theranos director and ex-partner of Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 13 years in prison

In the ruling, released on Wednesday, Judge Edward J. Davila of the US District Court in Northern California said that the financial statements prepared by Ramesh Balwani “were not just projections, they were lies” and “a true evasion of honest business practices”. Balwani, 57, had been found guilty of fraud and conspiracy in July over … Read more

Days Gone’s director blames the critics and programmers for the critical reception

Days passed It has become a cherished title among PlayStation fans, perhaps in part due to its somewhat harsh reception from critics. It is important to remember that the undead was open world Begin Swipe: It attracted a respectable 71 metacriticaland we Give it a 7/10 on this site. It’s a good game by our … Read more

Days Gone creative director blames poor ratings on ‘biased reviewers’

© More than three years have passed since the release of Days Gone (almost two years have passed since directors Jeff Ross and John Garvin left), and Garvin is still bitter about the game’s poor reception, blaming “biased reviewers who couldn’t get over the fact that a white biker was looking at his companion’s butt.” … Read more

Jaunzeme will talk to the new Minister of Finance about returning to the position of Director General of the SRS

The order provided for Jaunzemi to be transferred to the position of FM Shadow Economic Restraint Coordination Department Director for an indefinite period of time from Thursday, December 8. At the same time, another order of the Cabinet of Ministers provided, following Reira’s recommendation, to approve the candidacy of Indras Kārkliņa, Deputy Director General of … Read more

Mr. Hiroshi Matsuda Appointed as New Director – Tegebajaro Miyazaki-Official Site

We are pleased to announce that Hiroshi Matsuda has been appointed as the manager of the top team for the 2023 season. Hiroshi Matsuda (Hiroshi MATSUDA) [Date of birth]September 2, 1960[Birthplace]Nagasaki Prefecture [Teaching career]1992 Sanfrecce Hiroshima coach1997 Vissel Kobe satellite coach1998-2002 Vissel Kobe coach2002.7~2002.12 Vissel Kobe Manager2003~2006.5 Avispa Fukuoka Director2006.9~2008 Vissel Kobe Manager2009~2013.9 Tochigi SC … Read more

arrest of the deputy director of a press agency close to the authorities

The Deputy Director of the News Agency iranian Fars, close to the authorities, was arrested, public radio and television IRIB announced on Monday evening. “Fars News agency deputy chief Abbas Darvish Tavanger arrested for falsifying news“, she said. According to IRIB, “he is still in custody so we can know the reasons why he was … Read more

The Restless Minds of Cinema. Twelve possibilities of the film Janvāris / Diena by the director Viesturs Kairis

Movies January premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival (USA), where it won the jury prize as the best foreign film, starting its path of success through various film forums. On Latvian screens January arrived on November 11. In the first three weeks, more than 23,000 viewers watched this film, which made it possible to achieve … Read more

The fault of the initial poor performance of The Callisto Protocol lies with “someone who rushed”, according to its director – The Callisto Protocol

​​The Callisto Protocol It hit the market last Friday, December 2, and it did so by offering an experience that left a lot to be desired in terms of performance. His development team, Striking Distance Studiosit’s found working on different patches to optimize the title on PC and consoles, although its biggest mistake, that affected … Read more

Halo multiplayer creative director leaves 343 Industries

A short month after the big winter update of Halo Infinite laat multiplayer creative director Tom French via social media know that he will be leaving 343 Industries after 11 years of employment. In the announcement, French announces that he is stepping out of his Spartan gear and heading for new adventures. He says it’s … Read more