While her children fought on the front line with COVID, an 86-year-old teacher embroidered Bulgaria

The 86-year-old teacher Velichka Kamenova from the Montana village of Gorna Kovachitsa embroidered Bulgaria in 2 sq. M. For the master tapestry, which took her about 9 months, she made 11 types of stitches – 858 in width and 562 in height. The map has 144 embroideries from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria, painted in … Read more

how much exercise per week you should do (at least)

In Argentina, one in 10 adults suffers from migraine, according to the first prevalence study carried out in the country. It is a moderate to severe headache (throbbing, usually on one side), often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light or noise. In severe cases, the discomfort is so great that it makes … Read more

28 humorous tweets about exercising that you can read without breaking a sweat

Exercising is very healthy, or so they say, but it is not easy. Among other things, because there is always something you want more, like reading, eating chocolate or even, depending on the day, ironing. It also doesn’t help to get tired, unlike sleeping or scratching. These 30 tweets will not motivate anyone to burn … Read more

Biden declares Texas a natural disaster zone

Abnormal weather set in Texas The money from the federal budget will be directed to the provision of temporary housing or housing repairs, as well as cheap loans. US President Joe Biden has declared the state of Texas a natural disaster zone due to abnormal weather – frost and snowstorm. This is reported on the … Read more

Angelov pretended to be asked by Mirolyuba Benatova about draining the Health Insurance Fund

Journalist Mirolyuba Benatova asked the Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov at the regular briefing of the National Operational Headquarters about the draining of BGN 400,000 from the Health Insurance Fund in the direction of the Government Hospital. The explanation was that they did not know what it was about and did not know about the … Read more

British Prince Philip has been admitted to hospital

Prince Philip PHOTO: Reuters The husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, has been hospitalized due to illness, world agencies reported. The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh has been admitted to King Edward Seventh Hospital in London on the advice of his doctor as a “precautionary measure”. He will stay there for several days for … Read more

Snow in Europe and in March, -20 ° in Greece, half a meter of sleet in Istanbul

Snow covered the beach near Athens. PHOTOS: Reuters The bad weather in Western and Southern Europe may remain active in early spring. Storms are expected to blow from France through Italy to the Balkans, especially in March. This is stated by the AccuWeather weather service in its forecast for the upcoming season. After one of … Read more

Microsoft makes your work easier and will remove Edge from your PC automatically | Lifestyle

Microsoft Edge is the official browser for Windows 10 since 2015 came to all our computers and try to bury the old Explorer to send him to the history books, which has not happened because still many websites of companies and public administrations, for example, need to use it if we want to carry out … Read more

Josel Borel: Moscow refuses dialogue, the EU must draw conclusions from this

Josep Borrell PHOTO: Reuters Top European diplomat Josep Borel said today that he was very concerned about the refusal of the Russian authorities to conduct a more constructive dialogue and called on the European leaders “to draw conclusions from this”, AFP reported. “Member States have to decide the next steps. And yes, that could include … Read more

Andy Jassy, ​​the man who does it all on the internet and Amazon | Opinion

Paraphrasing the group Astrud and their song There is a man in Spain, there is a man on the internet who does everything: he hosts the data with which they work startups, state agencies or even the internet of things. If Amazon Web Services (AWS) goes down, a third of the internet shuts down. His … Read more