Neighbors complain that the Egyptian doctor is seducing her boyfriend to sleep.. And when they broke into her apartment, something happened that no one expected!! (fireworks details)

2022/08/09 It’s 05:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian Public Prosecution decided to imprison 3 people and presented a fourth to a government hospital for a medical examination, and to release a fifth accused, a housewife, after they were accused of causing the suicide of a doctor who threw herself from the balcony … Read more

Edith Stein, martyr 80 years ago. The request: be a doctor of the Church

<!––> Edith Stein – Archive «Christ gives his life to open access to eternal life to men. Then they, in order to gain eternal life, must also despise earthly life. They must die with Christ, in order to rise again with him: the death, which lasts all life, of suffering and daily self-denial; if it … Read more

The doctor singled out warning signs that cannot be ignored: it could be colon cancer

It starts unconsciously, the reasons are various Doctor gastroenterologist E. Trapenskė notes that a large part of diseases of the digestive tract begin unconsciously, without major symptoms, so suspecting the disease can be difficult. “Initially, mild symptoms are felt, which usually do not significantly affect a person’s quality of life. Only in the long run … Read more

When he didn’t hear, he went to the doctor, what came out of his ear during the surgery was shocked

Lütfi Karaka, 70, living in Sultangazi, started to have problems such as hearing loss and discharge in his right ear 3 years ago. As his ear itched, the old man, who learned that he was mixing his ear with an ear stick and matchstick, went to the doctor after a while. Karaka, who used drops … Read more

Secrets for mind and body revealed by a famous Australian doctor

Norman Swan, a famous doctor from Australia, who recently wrote a book titled: Want to Live Younger: The Ultimate Guide to Longevity”, in which he presents the secrets of living to 100 years. He claims that a varied Mediterranean diet, regular exercise, no smokingwith developed social connections and positive relationships are the most important characteristics … Read more

The doctor evaluated the folk methods of treating erection: certain products can really help

“We can convince ourselves that we are spiritual beings, but the main purpose of all living beings is to reproduce. It is for this reason that men go through so much pain erectile dysfunction (ED). Subconsciously, they seem to realize that having lost their erection and not being able to reproduce, they can no longer … Read more

His wife died during childbirth and decided to marry her doctor friend who gave birth to her, and on the night of the wedding he discovered a catastrophic surprise that did not come to mind!!

2022/08/05 It’s 04:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The story began when I was returning from work one day, and it was a very cold and late night, and on the way home, I saw an old man standing on the side of the road, and he was shivering from the cold. So I … Read more

Drop your hands now! If your hair has started to turn gray unexpectedly, run to the doctor.

Everyone has cholesterol, a yellowish-white wax-like lipid (fat) found in every cell of their body. Cholesterol keeps your cells and organs functioning properly. It also plays an important role in the production of hormones, vitamins and digestive juices. However, too much of it can cause worrying health problems. WHAT CAUSES HIGH CHOLESTEROL? Often associated with … Read more