Fernando Solsona, Aragonese doctor and humanist

The Zaragoza Fernando Solsona Motrel, specialist in radiology and breast cancer, died this Friday in Zaragoza at the age of 85 after suffering a stroke. Solsona, well known throughout Aragon not only for his professional activity but for the incessant cultural activity that he displayed, distinguished himself throughout his life for follow in the footsteps … Read more

SSOs strengthen the culture of seeing a doctor on time

OAXACA, Oax. November 19, 2020.- On the occasion of International Men’s Day that is celebrated every November 19, the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO) exhort men, especially those who are over 40 years of age, to promote prevention, going to medical check-ups on a regular basis. The head of the Preventive Medicine Unit of the institution, … Read more

A doctor denounces the College of Barcelona and recounts his ‘Calvary’ for not being independent

The doctor specialized in Preventive Medicine and Public Health Alex Ramos (Burgos, 1959) has denounced the Barcelona Medical College for unfair dismissal. He attributes the termination of his contract to a “political retaliation” linked to his fight against independence in his role as vice president of the Catalan Civil Society association (SCC). Ramos had been … Read more

40% of cases go to the doctor with advanced disease. Why?

1 0 Reading time:6 Minutes, 32 Seconds Prostate cancer is one of the cancers most detected in the late phase, which complicates or even makes it impossible to receive timely treatment, thus condemning the patient to greater suffering or early death. In Ecuador, this pathology is one of the most common according to its incidence … Read more

Dr. Martens: how a German army doctor invented the boots that lead from Axl Rose to Justin Bieber

Monday, November 16, 2020 – 02:10 The famous boots were created by a German army doctor in 1945 after suffering a ski accident. At first they caused a furor among the workers. However, in the 80’s punks fell in love with them. Klaus Mrtens, ‘inventor’ of las botas Dr. Martens. https://www.drmartens.com Fashion. Ralph Lauren, the … Read more

An investigation on breast cancer by the doctor of the Provincial of Castellón Carmen Herrero Castelló Castellón and province news

»An investigation on breast cancer by the doctor of the Provincial of Castellón Carmen Herrero is awarded The College of Physicians of Valencia has recognized the innovative nature of the doctoral thesis of Carmen Herrero The work will allow the therapeutic options to be expanded to the triple negative cancer subtype in the future The … Read more

Awarded for research on breast cancer by a doctor from the Castellón Provincial Hospital

CASTELLÓ (EP). The Valencia College of Physicians has awarded the prize for the best doctoral thesis to research on breast cancer carried out by the oncologist at the Hospital Provincial de Castellón Carmen Herrero. The award-winning doctoral thesis, entitled Evaluation of changes in lymphocyte response in the tumor microenvironment as a prognostic and predictive factor … Read more

two nights out for a doctor visit

The main air connection from Menorca Airport is low and the Menorcans who need to travel are paying the consequences. The decision of the Catalan Generalitat to order the perimeter closure of the community except for trips of force majeure led the only company that operates the route, Vueling, to reduce the three frequencies initially … Read more

40 years dedicated to the health of others

William Osler, considered the father of modern medicine, said that “the good doctor treats disease; the great doctor treats the patient who has the disease. Therefore, the veratense Diego Ramírez Soler is not only a doctor, but a great doctor. Proof of this is the love and recognition shown by his patients, many of them … Read more