5 Causes of Body Odor, Doctor: Most Eat Red Meat and Cabbage!

Sonora.ID – When you are in the midst of many people, such as at the office or on public transportation, there are often body odor the unpleasant smell that comes from the people around us or even from ourselves. Body odor will disturb a person in their activities and disturb those around them if it … Read more

Brain disease doctor worried about young children infected with COVID-19 The most common brain symptoms are seizures.

Brain doctor worried about young children infected The most common brain symptoms are convulsions. Some people have convulsions that require intubation. COVID and brain symptoms in children are new and the causes are still inconclusive. The COVID epidemic is on the rise today (3 Dec. July ’22), Dr. Kulset Sakphichaisakul expert doctor Neurology, Epilepsy, Pediatrics-Neurology … Read more

HIV patient on World AIDS Day: “Today smoking is more dangerous than HIV”

Hope for an mRNA vaccine against HIV Ralf Richter held on to life after his HIV diagnosis. Today he feels fit and healthy and exudes a joie de vivre that would do many grumpy HIV-negative people good. An important glimmer of hope for him was the one published in 2008 Ekaf Study, which proved that … Read more

“Doctor Thira” warns 1 Dec. ’22, start the festival month with caution.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thira Woratanarat, Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message via Facebook Thira Woratanarat stating the message December 1, 2022…beginning the festive month cautiously… Yesterday, around the world, there were 372,982 additional infections, 741 additional deaths, a total of 647,708,741 deaths, a total of 6,639,450 deaths. The top 5 most infected are … Read more

Every day she complains of stomach pains and loses weight⋯She suffers from stage 3 gastric cancer. The doctor saw “1 favorite food” and shook her head: she left in half a year | Health | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Health Center / Reported by Lin Yunxuan ▲A woman who has been a vegetarian for many years, regularly eats pickles and heavy salt on the first and fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year, which leads to gastric cancer. (Schematic diagram/retrieved from Pixabay) People who like heavy flavors should pay attention, too much salt intake … Read more

The right diet that can protect us from colorectal cancer

Although not everyone gives it the importance it deserves, diet plays an important role in the development of colorectal cancer. In recent decades, findings from epidemiological and experimental investigations have linked the consumption of certain foods and nutrients to the risk of colon or rectal tumors. Basically, diet influences colorectal carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer … Read more

Hurry up and try it, check cholesterol levels at home without going to the doctor, the method is really easy

TRIBUNCIREBON.COM – Have you ever tried checking levels? cholesterol from house without to doctor? It’s really easy. Here’s an easy way to check levels cholesterol from house yours sincerely. You should know that checking cholesterol levels should be done routinely, especially for people who have a high risk of cardiovascular disease. Also read: Not Just … Read more

New developments regarding Angham’s health.. and her doctor reveals a surprise • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Akram Al-Adawi, the doctor treating the artist Angham, revealed the latest developments in her health condition. He said, in an intervention with the “MBC Trending” program, that Angham is in a stable condition and has recovered completely, and she can leave the hospital and sing tomorrow if she wishes. He confirmed that she … Read more

Period pain in my thirties… what’s wrong with me, doctor?

Illustration de Victor Wong Nirvanie Dyal had always suffered from painful periods. The now 41-year-old accountant remembers some days at university she could barely make it to class. The doctor she had then consulted had replied that it was “just pain due to the periods” and had prescribed a contraceptive to alleviate the symptoms. However, … Read more