Voted. In Denmark, they will confiscate cars from drunk drivers and road hogs

The Danish parliament has voted on radical changes to the law that will severely punish drivers who get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and those who significantly exceed the speed limit. Confiscating the car and auctioning it for the benefit of the state will result in: Driving a car by drivers who … Read more

Emirates Motors and Motorcycles announces details of choosing the Via Rally Star program for drivers

DUBAI, 7th April, WAM – The Emirates Motor and Bicycle Organization announcedFireworks / EMSO / Today details the process of selecting the “Via Rally” programThe new “FIA Rally Star” is open to drivers of agesBetween 17 and 26 years old and designed by the International Automobile Federation, the world bodySupervising motorsport around the world to … Read more

Transport Online – Transporter smears glitter nail polish on false permits: imprisonment and 60,000 euros fine

SKANDERBORG / HORSENS – A 34-year-old transporter from Skanderborg, Denmark, was sentenced today, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, by the court in Horsens to four months in prison and a fine of more than 60.0511 euros. By way of exception, the judgment was made conditional on the condition that the carrier receives psychiatric treatment. The Danish … Read more

Transport Online – RIVM study: keeping your distance does indeed reduce the risk of corona

BILTHOVEN – People who adhere to the advice to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others are indeed less likely to contract the corona virus, conclude researchers from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). “The research shows that social distancing is an important measure to stop the virus from spreading,” … Read more

F1, from Juventus to Club America: which teams do the drivers cheer for?

All lined up, ready for the kick-off. At Sainz, football is a serious matter, especially when it comes to Real Madrid. On April 6, a few hours before the match between Real and Liverpool, the three-time winner of the Dakar and his son, current Ferrari driver, they posted a video on their social networks in … Read more

Transport Online – Again more corona patients admitted to hospitals

ROTTERDAM – The number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has increased again last 24 hours. The counter now stands at 2558, 60 more than Tuesday. According to figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS), 776 corona patients are now in intensive care, an increase of 26 compared to the previous day. … Read more

Traffic Safety Day – Panevėžys police raid: drivers both encourage and discipline

Drivers ’sobriety was tested with non-contact alcohol meters on both city streets and country roads. During the raid, pedestrians were also checked – their compliance with traffic rules was monitored. Disciplined drivers who were sober behind the wheel, as well as official pedestrians, were rewarded by officials with Circle K coffee vouchers or police souvenirs. … Read more

Intel Iris Xe finally has drivers for desktop Rocket Lake-S

Intel has released the official driver for its Iris Xe GPU for its new Rocket Lake-S processors, which came out last week without public driver support. The new processors are the first to have Intel’s Iris Xe graphics, and although OEMs have been updating the system drivers, it had not been made public, so anyone … Read more

our drivers sometimes forced to pee in bottles-

Eventually Amazon’s apology came: True, delivery employees can sometimes be forced to pee into plastic bottles. A scene reminiscent of Ken Loach’s last film, Sorry We Missed You, which tells this detail, so as not to waste time on deliveries. The giant founded by Jeff Bezos, after having repeatedly denied it, this time admits it … Read more

Czech experts are investigating the influence of modern headlights on the vision of drivers and pedestrians

Olomouc researchers are dealing with the impact of modern, smart headlights on the vision of traffic participants. The team is researching which headlights are best for road safety and which are threatening them. The aim is to develop a methodology for manufacturers. Veronika Dostálová, spokesperson of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR), … Read more