Song Shaoqing’s 5-degree drunk driving was cut and Bu Xueliang angrily said “the driver’s license is torn”: Don’t drive again for the rest of your life! – FTV News Network

Entertainment Center/Reported by Lin Tingbei Artist Song Shaoqing accidentally crashed into a taxi while drunk driving last month. His exaggerated behavior of repeated drunk driving arrests and repeated offenders has attracted public criticism. He was only cut by Feng Yigang, his 10-year partner and head of the comic strip, and his friend Bu Xueliang Jin … Read more

Carriers call for tug drivers to be equated with seafarers and to lift cash bans | Business

This is stated in the address of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association Linava to the Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė, the Speaker of the Seimas Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, the Minister of Transport Marius Skuodas and the Chairman of the Seimas Budget and Finance Committee Mykolas Majauskas. Such changes are initiated by the carriers’ representatives in order … Read more

Raúl Velasco: the driver’s lonely decline after leaving “Always on Sunday”

In 2018, the singer Crystal surprised friends and strangers after revealing how were the last moments of fame of Raúl Velasco, one of Televisa’s most popular hosts. And it is that Velasco achieved fame in the media thanks to “Always on Sunday”, one of the programs where artists such as Luis Miguel, Thalia and Ricky … Read more

17% of Guimabus drivers infected

He started working eight days ago, but he is already struggling with constraints caused by covid-19. Guimabus, which started operating on the first day of the year with the concession of the public transport service for passengers, announced this Saturday that 17% of drivers are infected with covid-19. In a statement, the company assures that … Read more

28-year-old driver without a driver’s license hits 69-year-old moped rider

The car driver Rashaan A. (28) was taken into custody on Monday 3 January by the police of the Latour bureau, after consultation with the Public Prosecution Service. On the same day, around 8.30 pm, he hit a moped rider on the Indira Ghandiweg near Asraf Safoeralaan. He does not appear to be in possession … Read more

First car race without drivers: a competition that welcomes hundreds of students

On the edge of the oval track, the members of the Italian-American team PoliMOVE loudly applauded Minerva, the nickname they gave to their car, after it overtook, on several occasions, that of the team. South Korean Kaist. The organizers wanted to see the cars overtake at least 160 km / h. Objective achieved: Minerva was … Read more

Windows 11 and 10, Intel rolls out new drivers improving Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Intel offers a new set of new network drivers (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) for Windows 10 and Windows 11. These are PROSet / Wireless Software 22.100.1 and Wireless Bluetooth version 22.100.1. Recently available, they focus on the performance of the wireless network. You can get them back in different ways. These new pilots focus on solving … Read more

Monster traffic jam in the US: drivers stuck for hours in snow and freezing cold

Hundreds of motorists have been stuck in a traffic jam in the US state of Virginia for hours, some are still stuck. They were overtaken by heavy snowfall and had nowhere to go. A number of motorists were stuck in their cars all night, with temperatures below 0, and without food or drink. One of … Read more

Windows 11, that’s why Microsoft’s drivers are dated 2006

Those distributed with Windows Update bear the same date (June 21), not to replace those of the manufacturers Thanks to the Windows Update service, it has always been possible to download security patches, new versions of Microsoft operating systems and, last but not least, updated drivers for the various components inside or connected to the … Read more

Police have released a list of raids in January: the first group of drivers has already been inspected

According to the Lithuanian police, these raids are waiting for Lithuanian roads, cities and towns in January. January 1-4 – control of sobriety, intoxication, narcotics or other psychoactive substances by drivers, including bicycles and electric scooters. January 6-7 – control of pedestrians and cyclists – use of safety devices (reflectors, brightly colored vests with reflective … Read more