Drivers are warned: gusty winds will complicate traffic conditions

According to the hydrometeorological service, precipitation is predicted in many districts at night, snow and sleet will prevail in the eastern districts, and drizzle and rain in the western districts. Baldness will form in some places, and there is a possibility of a weak downpour. The southwest wind will blow, gusts will reach 15-20 meters … Read more

TV3 News. Explosions in Iran; drivers scramble due to narrowed streets; more and more Lithuanians refuse beauty services

Due to the falling financial burden, more and more Lithuanians refuse beauty services. Some hairdressers, manicure or other treatment salons are even forced to close. Drivers are worried about the narrow streets in Vilnius – it’s hard to pass, are there accidents? More current news from Lithuania and the world – on TV3 News or … Read more

PHOTO AND VIDEO ⟩ Driver with 10 years of experience. Actress Lelde Dreimane tests the electrified “Nissan Qashqai e-POWER”

In addition to a wide range of intelligent technologies from Nissan, the standard equipment also includes, for example, rear parking sensors, automatic LED lights, heated side mirrors, a selection of driving modes and much more. Even higher equipment levels (or as optional equipment, depending on the equipment level) available “Apple CarPlay”/”Android Auto”, wireless smartphone charger, … Read more

Public transport drivers no longer want to stop at every stop: this would become possible only under one condition

The drivers who submitted the proposal argue that changing the procedure would save fuel and electricity, and reduce the wear and tear on vehicles. According to V. Kondratovičius, the ministry hears what the drivers are saying, but it is still necessary to ensure the service for passengers. “They must be assured that the bus will … Read more

Delete ‘Weissensee’ cold shower for touring drivers: ‘Then have a beer later’ | To skate

Premium The best of De Telegraaf ‘Trained hard for months, this is a deception’ Groningen – The cancellation of the Alternative Elfstedentocht on the Weissensee is a setback for tour riders, who have lived for months. And that calculated after two corona years, in which the tour in Austria could not continue either. “Very sour!”

Companies in Europe are hiring drivers who speak Spanish, how to apply?

Europe is currently facing great concern, since figures from different countries indicate that in a few years current drivers will end up retiring and many vacancies will remain open. In other words, the majority of drivers are people over 45 years of age. This is a problem in terms of public transport and mobility of … Read more

A Bahraini human rights organization accuses the FIA ​​of “suppressing drivers’ freedom of expression,” and the latter responds to CNN

New York, USA (CNN) – A human rights organization in Bahrain has accused the International Automobile Federation, the governing body for motorsport, of “suppressing drivers’ freedom of expression,” after banning political statements ahead of the new Formula 1 racing season. On Tuesday, the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) questioned the federation’s commitment to … Read more

It became known about the main mistake of drivers when parking cars with automatic transmission

The expert spoke about the main mistake when parking a car with automatic transmission After parking the car, drivers often put the automatic transmission selector in (P) mode and turn off the engine, and then run into problems. About this writes the publication “Behind the wheel”. Often, drivers who have a car with automatic transmission … Read more

Skoda drivers would be the “smartest”, ahead of Suzuki and Peugeot

Life is full of prejudices. And the automotive world is a flowery example. “Citroën drivers are all old people”, those of Porsche “old beauties in need of conquests”, those of BMW or Audi are “city kékés”, or those of Dacia are “toothless” without love -own. When it’s not, we echoed this a few days ago: … Read more

It depends on the make and color of the car. The survey revealed which drivers are the smartest. OVERVIEW

A survey from Great Britain came up with interesting results. The experts focused on the connection between the driver’s intelligence and his car. They discovered that Škoda owners are the smartest. Experts from Great Britain questioned whether the driver’s car is somehow related to his intelligence. That’s why the portal Scrap Car Comparison conducted a … Read more