They offer two combat drones to Ukraine for $1

The American arms manufacturer “General Atomics” (General Atomics Aeronautical Systems) offers the Ukrainian government to purchased two MQ-9 Reaper combat drones for the symbolic sum of one dollar. This was reported in the “Wall Street Journal” (WSJ). In this way, the concern intends to help the Ukrainian military repel a new major Russian offensive. The … Read more

The drone with rotating blades used by the United States in Yemen to kill three al Qaeda terrorists –

The militants were aboard a car that was hit by an R9X bomb, renamed Ninja, a special version of the Hellfire missile. The weapon does not explode but is equipped with blades that allow greater precision and can be used in inhabited areas Wadi Obeida, regione di Marib, Yemen. Three al Qaeda terrorists were killed … Read more

DJI UAV components are almost all from overseas netizens: Is it only the outer shell that is designed and the trademark? | China | Newtalk News

DJI M300 RTK (DJI Matrice 300) drone. Figure: Flipping (file photo) DJI, a technology company in China that mainly produces and develops civilian drones and aerial photography systems, was found to have system components in its drones, such as storage devices, photography, communications, power supplies, and GPS, all from foreign manufacturers. Not made in … Read more

Create a sticky drone to collect environmental DNA from forest canopies

Swiss scientists have developed a proof-of-concept method to collect environmental DNA (eDNA) from High Arch forest trees, an uncontrolled habitat, and genetic material — giving them a clearer picture of the area’s organic breakdown, according to reports. The researchers used a quadcopter with a viscous collection cage, but because tree branches can bend at the … Read more

Resist the strong wind of “wave No. 8”! Aerial photography of reverse flow waterfall on the cliff with drone-

Text: Alex Photographer RJ Hooper used drones to capture the rare sight of “Reverse Falls” in Utah, USA. On January 16, Utah was blown with high winds. When the strong wind reaches the cliff of Kayenta, a strong updraft is formed, causing the waterfall that was originally flowing downward to appear anti-gravity phenomenon, and the … Read more

Drone captures the exact moment a moose loses its antlers in Canada

A moose lost its antlers in the wild while a drone was filming it from above. The video went around the world, surprising the web. Over the winter, moose and other deer naturally lose their antlers, which will grow back in the spring An incredible spectacle of nature was filmed by an enthusiast in the … Read more

Bayraktar drones are threatened by Russian air defense: why UAVs are used less often

The speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained that the air defense of the Russians, installed on the line of contact, will be able to shoot down Turkish drones. During an interview with Ukrainian journalists, Yuriy Ignat, speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, … Read more

Landfill for 350 cars in the Bytów poviat. WIOŚ inspectors tracked them with a drone. The entrepreneur may be fined up to PLN 1 million

A fine of up to one million zlotys may be imposed on an entrepreneur from the Bytów poviat, where environmental protection inspectors found about 350 cars and several hundred tires. On the trail of illegally stored cars and their parts, VIEP came up with a drone flight. They discovered a junkyard in the Bytów district … Read more

Confronting Iranian Drones in Ukraine, US Orders Advanced Point Blanks to Israel

loading… Point Blank, which was specially made by Israel on the orders of the United States Department of Defense. PHOTO/ FORCE KIEV – Attack Drone Iran which made Ukraine confused, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presented a type of kamikaze drone which, if the attack was canceled, could return to its launcher. ALSO READ – Ukraine … Read more