The plenary session of Calahorra will approve a credit modification to double the amount of aid for economic reconstruction

As already announced by the Government Team from the outset, the Department of Economic Promotion will promote the initial approval of a modification of credits whose objective is to provide the amount of aid for economic reconstruction with the amount necessary to meet all applications for financial aid against the effects of COVID 19 that … Read more

The economic projector that triumphed thanks to Xiaomi is renewed by improving its native resolution – Xiaomi News

A few months ago we told you about the Wanbo T2 Free, an economical project that was not only sweeping the Xiaomi Youpin platform, but also AliExpress, which now a new version has been released improving its native resolution. In detail we talk about Wanbo T2 Max, same design and same internal characteristics except for … Read more

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – Rohingya donors conference

Press release from 10/22/2020 | Berlin – In view of the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis, the EU, the USA, Great Britain and the refugee commissioner are judging UNHCR a virtual international donor conference on Thursday, October 22nd. The aim is to finance the international community’s “Humanitarian Response Plan” for the Rohingya, for which over 700 … Read more

New York lawmakers to discuss the economic impact of Covid-19 on cultural institutions | IFACCA

New York lawmakers to discuss the economic impact of Covid-19 on cultural institutions Art Newspaper, 19 October 2020, International New York lawmakers will meet in a virtual roundtable on Wednesday to discuss the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the arts. Legislators will hear from representatives from many of New York City’s best known museums … Read more

Elections in Bolivia: Luis Arce, the dolphin of Evo Morales and architect of the economic boom in Bolivia that is emerging as the new president, according to polls

Drafting BBC World News 23 minutes Image source, Anadolu Agency Caption, Arce is seen as the dolphin of Evo Morales. He was seen as “the dolphin” of Evo Morales after the announcement of his candidacy, he had the former president as his campaign manager and now, Luis Arce, according to unofficial counts, would also become … Read more

Giuseppe Conte rules out drastic measures in order to protect the economic fabric

The virus in Italy is advancing at breakneck speed, but for the moment its Government crosses its fingers and is not willing to take drastic measures that suggest the arrival of a new confinement. The Prime Minister of this country, Giuseppe Conte, appeared this Sunday to announce new restrictions to stop the increase in infections … Read more

The cheapest iPhone is already on sale in Argentina: how much does it cost?

He 64GB storage model will cost $ 83,000 in official Apple stores. Instead, the 128GB will be sold for $ 94,000. Both devices are offered with financing in 12 installments, at an extra cost of 12%. Plus, they have a one-year factory warranty. The arrival of the iPhone SE generated a boom in the US … Read more

Faced with a Paraguayan request to open borders, Herrera Ahuad replied: “It is not a lack of empathy, we are very serious and we do not put economic issues ahead, but rather the two raised fists, the economy and health.”

The governor listed the different actions that, in the midst of the pandemic, the missionary state did to contain the health system “of our Paraguayan brothers. We are inclusive, empathetic and we solve their needs ”. Thus, he answered statements by authorities from the neighboring country that defined the attitude of the missionary leader as … Read more

Claudia López Ads | Social and economic rescue of Bogotá – Bogotá

Negotiations began between the Bogotá Mayor’s Office and the National Government to finance and establish a plan of social and economic support for the capital in 2021, when the hit of the covid-19 pandemic is felt most strongly. Mayor Claudia López filed with the Ministry of Finance the so-called Social Agreement for Bogotá, which asks … Read more

Claudia López announcements, today | Social and economic rescue of Bogotá – Bogotá

Bogotá Mayor Claudia López made a series of announcements this Thursday. It has been confirmed that there will also be explanations about the social and economic rescue measures in the midst of the reactivation. (You may be interested in: This will be the journey of some 5,000 indigenous people to Bogotá) Initially, López referred to … Read more