Rabobank expects hardly any economic growth in the coming years | Economy

05 dec 2022 om 08:21Update: 2 dagen geleden The Dutch economy will barely grow in the next two years, Rabobank expects. This is due to, among other things, the large staff shortages and the high inflation, which means that many consumers are keeping their purse strings tight. Unemployment is likely to rise slightly over the … Read more

Over the past few days, 12 people have been injured in road traffic accidents in the Riga region, one person has died

Since Friday, 154 road traffic accidents have been registered in the Riga region, in which 12 people were injured and one person died. Seven pedestrians are among the victims, according to information from the State Police. On Saturday at 8:16 p.m. in Suntaži, Ogre region, on the Inciems-Sigulda-Ķegums highway (P8) near the boarding elementary school, … Read more

UK becoming the ‘sick of Europe’: how Brexit, coronavirus and war pushed the country into the past | Business

Britain is lagging behind other rich countries and its population is falling into poverty at a record rate, the article says. The country has still not recovered from the three blows it suffered in the 21st century. at the beginning: 2008 financial crisis, 2020 Brexit and the COVID pandemic. Inflation exceeds 11 percent. per year, … Read more

The SET closes down 7 points, investors take profits. Fear of economic recession

Mr. Watan Jitsomnuek Director of Strategic Analysis Pi Securities said that the Thai stock market index fell in line with Asian stock markets and the Dow Jones From before, it has already adjusted up to receive quite a lot of good news. In particular, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) signaled a slower rate of interest … Read more

Banks in Colombia and Financial Superintendence analyze economic play

own Financial Supervision would be urging banks to make those decisions to lay hands on more money in the coming year. The idea is to secure money in a year in which there will possibly be a recession in Colombia. This decision is made within the framework of an economic crisis that has led to … Read more

Secretly, this Asian country is ready to enter the 3 world’s economic giants

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apart from the United States (US) and China, India is predicted to become the third largest economic power in the world by 2030. This projection was disclosed by S&P Global and Morgan Stanley, where S&P refers to gross domestic product (GDP) growth which will reach an average of 6.3% until 2030. … Read more

Lebanon.. Following the World Cup with a bitter taste of the “economic crisis”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Many cafe owners who could not afford to host fans this year said rights fees intellectual property broadcast matches world Cup It became too high and could not bear it. Seller says on The Road: "As a start, after that, it was very light, not like before 2020. It was … Read more

Time deposits are good ─ 100,000 yuan is a regular deposit, 2 banks have 5% and 11 have at least 4.6% with a low threshold to earn $5,000 (updated on December 2) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest Earning Strategy

The bank’s high-interest time deposits are sometimes just a headline attraction, often with a lot of conditions attached, for example, the entrance fee may cost millions of dollars. Therefore, when you inquire or want to open an account formally, the funds on hand may not reach the threshold of high interest rates. if with100,000 yuanFor … Read more

Meeting under the theme of economic development between France Bélisle and Mark Sutcliffe

During her speech, Ms. Bélisle indicated that she would like relations between the two cities to be inspired by the family, joking that she wanted to become Mr. Sutcliffe’s sister. She said wish a real good relationship with his neighbor. « We need complementarity, complicity. » — A quote from France Bélisle, Mayor of Gatineau … Read more

Czech industry crushes expensive energy and releases. And it will get worse

Production conditions in the Czech manufacturing industry worsened markedly in November. They worsened more than expected by experts contacted by the Bloomberg agency. And these assumptions were by no means optimistic. Experts contacted by the agency expected the index of purchasing managers in the Czech manufacturing industry – as compiled by S&P Global – to … Read more