Mali: with the economic sanctions of ECOWAS “it will be difficult to hold out beyond two months” | TV5MONDE

The Malian economist Etienne Fakaba Sissoko analyzes the consequences of the economic sanctions decided by ECOWAS. For him, there is a risk of a liquidity shortage. The closure of ECOWAS borders, the embargo on trade (excluding basic necessities) and on financial transactions as well as the freezing of Malian assets in West African banks, dangerously … Read more

[US stocks closed]Worry about raising interest rates to hit the economy, the Dow plunged 450 points and the Nasdaq fell 2.7% – Hong Kong Economic Times – Instant News Channel – Instant Finance – Stock Market

Market worries about Fed tightening monetary policy, superimposed Omicron variant virus drags down economic recovery, US stocks on FridayAlthough it rose for a while at noon, it dived at the end, and the Nasdaq fell more than 2.7%. That is, the US stock market closes: The Dow closed down 450 points at 34,265 points; the … Read more

Government Intends to Use Economic Recovery Fund for IKN, PKS: Bear!

This is in response to the government’s plan in this case the Ministry of Finance intends to use part of the National Economic Recovery budget for the 2022 PEN fund for the initial infrastructure development of the State Capital (IKN) project in the North Penajam Paser area in East Kalimantan. “This is a policy that … Read more

Make in India, Another Side of Economic Discrimination of Muslims

Muslims in India even though they helped build the country’s economy REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, — “Make in India” is basically a campaign that aims to make India as a world factory. However, in addition to its economic goals, branding “Make in India” for domestic audiences it is often suffused with Hindu nationalist ornamentation. India opened the market … Read more

[US stocks close]Bank stocks are weak, the Dow fell 201 points, and the Nasdaq index is stable (continuously updated) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Instant News Channel – Instant Finance – Stock Market

U.S. stocks ushered in a performance period for bank stocks, and the profits of major banks in the last quarter generally beat expectations, but stock prices were under pressure on Friday. At the same time, the market’s concerns about raising interest rates have increased. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and other Fed officials have become … Read more

[Health Value Added]Has a cough and runny nose been recruited? There is a way to handle the new coronavirus and colds separately! – Hong Kong Economic Times- Financial Management- Personal Value Added

The new coronavirus variant Omicron spreads rapidly around the world. Since the symptoms include cough and runny nose, how to distinguish whether it is infected with Omicron or a common cold? Judging from the current situation, although the new coronavirus variant Omicron has strong infectivity, the condition after infection is not as serious as other … Read more

Demonstrators block main roads to protest the economic crisis and high prices

Posted in: 13/01/2022 – 14:28 Truck and bus drivers closed major roads in Beirut and other areas in protest against the continuing deepening economic crisis in Lebanon, which has pushed the lira to a crushing collapse against the dollar. The government formed in September 2021 had pledged to begin economic reform, but it failed to … Read more

The World Bank forecasts a slowdown in global economic growth – BNN

After a rapid recovery from the economic crisis caused by the covid pandemic in 2021, the world economy is expected to grow more slowly this year and in 2023, according to the latest forecasts of the World Bank. The International Finance Organization, based in Washington, said on Tuesday, January 11, its latest study World Economic … Read more

World Economic Forum warns of growing inequality

A high school student receives a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in Bangalore, India, January 10, 2022. MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP How much will the Covid-19 pandemic affect the global economy in 2022? Despite the postponement of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which brings together the planet’s economic and political elites each year in Davos, … Read more

Kazakhstan, the Tokayev dolphin uses protests to erase the ‘father of the fatherland’ Nazarbayev: but the economic revolution is still utopia

After days of fighting, dozens of protesters killed and at least 8 thousand arrests, the calm seems to be back in Kazakhstan. A calm linked to the heavy repression that the regime has put in place, also supported by CSTO troops, a Russian-led security organization. With the succession of events and declarations it is becoming … Read more