Oil refiners in Asia’s economic powerhouses are not looking for more oil even at prices below $100 a barrel

Asian oil refiners are becoming more selective about where they source their oil as inflation rises throughout the supply chain, experts told Insider. State-owned energy giant Saudi Aramco has told at least four North Asian buyers that it will deliver the full contracted volume of oil in September, sources familiar with the situation told Reuters. … Read more

Lithuanians are increasingly attracted to Sweden by economic stability and the opportunity to earn money

Winter is coming! Such words from the popular series can be used to describe the mood caused by war, inflation, rising interest rates and recession, not only in Lithuania, but also in most of Europe. However, Lithuanian businessmen working in Sweden assure that major economic fluctuations are not expected in this Scandinavian country, and Lithuanian-founded … Read more

A source responsible for choosing Ahmed Issa for Tourism and Antiquities: an economic figure capable of attracting foreign investment to the tourism sector

An official source revealed the scenes of Ahmed Issa’s selection of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, as part of the latest amendment made to the government of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly. The source confirmed that choosing an economic or banking personality for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities was not the first precedent, as Dr. … Read more

China cuts interest rates amid dismal economic results – Markets

China’s central bank cut interest rates this Monday benchmark for loans, a sudden move that surprised international markets. Beijing is thus trying to cheer up the economy, which slowed down in July, with industrial and retail production affected by the ‘zero cases’ policy in the fight against covid-19, and also in the face of a … Read more

The Taliban are declaring a holiday in Afghanistan to mark the first anniversary of their seizure of power

The Islamist group “Taliban” has declared a holiday in Afghanistan on Monday to mark the first anniversary since the Taliban seized power in Kabul during the chaotic withdrawal of US-led NATO forces from the country. “August 15 is the first anniversary since the victory of the Afghan jihad led by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan … Read more

Mobile telephony in Africa: an opportunity to stimulate the economic growth of countries

In Africa, much more than a simple communication channel, the mobile is above all a tool for work, financial transactions or commerce, to name but a few examples. In barely two decades, the number of mobile phone subscriptions has grown strongly on the continent, with the number jumping from 180% between 2008 and 2018[1]. Having … Read more

The prices of new cars rose by 8.7 percent in July, half against inflation

The prices of new passenger cars on the Czech market rose by 8.7 percent year-on-year in July. They thus grew by half less than the year-on-year inflation. Used cars, on the other hand, rose in price by a quarter on average in the same period. However, price growth slowed down in the last month. This … Read more

36% of the population plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19 in the fall, but 49% do not plan to do so

This fall, 36% of Latvian residents plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19, 49% do not plan to do so, and another 15% have no concrete plans, according to a survey commissioned by “Benu Aptiekas”. Evaluating the data according to the gender of the respondents, it can be seen that more often men plan to get … Read more

[HKD Time Deposit]Hong Kong Dollar Time Deposit High Interest Rate King 6% Quickly Earn 5,700 Yuan Interest- Hong Kong Economic Times- Instant News Channel- App Zone

In the second week of August, in the face of IPO fund-raising kings, and superimposed bank bonds, 9 banks temporarily adjusted the Hong Kong dollar time deposit interest rate this week, of which 7 were added and 2 were subtracted. Let’s talk about interest rate hikers first, including CCB Asia on August 12 (Friday), which … Read more