After being injected with the Covid-19 vaccine, avoid doing this …

PEKANBARU – Have you had the Covid-19 vaccine injection? There are many things you need to pay attention to. One of them is try not to exercise immediately within two days of getting the vaccine. Launching Best Life, wait until the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine subside before you resume your exercise routine. Some … Read more

His queen and her prince | Middle east

Sorry for some replays, minor event. I saw Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, once, and I met him again. In the first, in 1964. I was covering Independence Day in Nairobi. The Kenyan capital was filled with the colors of tribes from across the country. Thousands of people dance, sing and jingle in the squares. … Read more

BOLA – Chelsea shows power before returning to FC Porto (video) (England)

Chelsea, three days before returning to FC Porto to decide to move to the Champions League semi-finals, went to Crystal Palace to win 4-1, in a match of the 31st round of the English Premier League. . It was a breakthrough entry by the team led by Thomas Thucel, who in 10 minutes already won … Read more

BOLA – Bielsa won at Etihad but acknowledged: «It was fair for City to win» (England)

Leeds United went to the Etihad stadium to beat Manchester City 2-1, but Marcelo ‘El Loco’ Bielsa acknowledged that it would be more fair if the victory smiled on the … opponent. «There are two words that are difficult to use in common. We deserved to win, but it was fair for City to win. … Read more

lots of rain and snow on the mountains-

Lintense disturbance today has caused a return to an atmosphere that is much more autumnal than spring in all the northern regions: in Liguria, above all, experienced by the intense rains that have already fallen yesterday, but also in Lombardy and in much of the Northeast worst in Tuscany. The weather is better on the … Read more

Erdogan, meeting with Zelensky, expresses support for the territorial indivisibility of Ukraine

“We believe that the current crisis can be resolved by peaceful and diplomatic means, based on Ukraine’s territorial indivisibility and international law,” Erdogan told a news conference after the two presidents’ talks. “Turkey has strongly advocated the indivisibility and sovereignty of Ukraine. We have reaffirmed our decision not to recognize the occupation of Crimea,” Erdogan … Read more

Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease with a smart watch

One of the main roles in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases is various prevention measures. The risks of the disease can be reduced by regular physical activity, following a healthy diet, as well as monitoring your health – by monitoring blood pressure and heart rate. No more complicated equipment is needed to measure blood pressure … Read more

UMKM BLT is in the Distribution Process, Last Year’s Recipient Can Get More: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – BLT UMKM or Productive Assistance for Micro Enterprises (BPUM) is distributed again. The plan is that this year’s BPUM program budget will target 12.8 million Micro Business actors spread throughout Indonesia. Deputy for Micro Business of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Eddy Satriya, said that the distribution of BPUM for Micro Businesses … Read more

Why you should not choose your partner yourself –

American sociologist Elizabeth Bruch examined data from a dating site to map out how people choose a partner. Her conclusion: algorithms are ultimately better able to find a suitable partner than we ourselves. The condition is that sufficient variables have been included. But if that is the case, the chances of finding a suitable partner … Read more