Mike Büskens: Donation for Gelsenkirchen Association

Gelsenkirchen Schalke legend Mike Büskens has made a donation to the “Arzt Mobil Gelsenkirchen” association. This is how the money came together. “Mike makes meters”: This is the motto under which Schalke legend Michael “Mike” Büskens has been walking through Gelsenkirchen since the summer of 2020, collecting donations for the Schalker Markt Foundation and motivating … Read more

Raiffeisen is demanding the same length of spit as Postfinance – Switzerland

ST. GALLEN – Raiffeisen welcomes the decision of the Federal Council to privatize Postfinance before it can grant loans and mortgages. The separation from the postal group and the associated reorganization of the basic service was logical, said Raiffeisen on Wednesday upon request. .

Life insurance in the face of the crisis

It was a predictable drop. On Wednesday January 20, the French Savings and Retirement Association (Afer) announced a net management rate of 1.70% for its euro fund. The largest savings association in France had never, since its creation in 1976, presented such a low rate. In 2019, its percentage was 1.85% while it reached 4.42 … Read more

The climate, fundamental in the National Sailing Flight

20|01|21 08:52 hs. Lucas Berengua of the National Meteorological Service explained the climatic incidence in the competition that is being developed in Chaves The weather has not accompanied the 67th Eugenio Ballester Cup National Sailing Championship, and it is undoubtedly essential for this type of sporting activity in order to determine the tests. In charge … Read more

Wall Street closes with a triple record after Biden’s inauguration | What’s Up News

New York, Jan 20 (EFE) .- Wall Street closed with all-time highs in its three main indicators this Wednesday after the inauguration of the new president of the United States, Joe Biden, and encouraged by the results of companies like Netflix, which shot up almost 17%. At the close of the session on the New … Read more

Immigration, climate and economy among the first measures that Biden will sign as president of the United States | The World | DW

According to the publication The Hill, the new tenant of the White House has 53 executive matters on the table that he will reveal until the end of January, focusing each day on a specific issue. Biden’s first week at the helm of the White House will focus on addressing the “four crises”: the coronavirus … Read more

Chickadees of Las Tunas go to unemployment; They file a lawsuit for wage theft and corruption (VIDEO)

The official Cuban press boasts of the fight that the authorities have waged against the private sector to control prices. For this concept, 600 license withdrawals and about 750 seizures have been adopted so far this year. “The Government tries to punish entrepreneurs who raise prices but does not take into account what is really … Read more

The cost of credit will fall in 2021, this is what the bankers themselves say about it – Financial Sector – Economy

Although 2020 was not an easy year for any sector of the economy, including the financial sector, 2021 will not be either, as there are still great challenges that must continue to be overcome in the midst of the pandemic, in particular, the one that has to do with with a greater deterioration of the … Read more

Dutch aid affair: systematic hunt down of the weak

The resignation of the Dutch government can only be a start for the victims of the “aid affair”. They sense a step that is particularly effective in the media and urge further clarification. By Ludger Kazmierczak, WDR-Studio Den Haag A “blue letter” from the rounded service, the Dutch tax office, turned Janet Ramesar’s life upside … Read more

Political course in the United States and a depressed Central American economy challenge the export sector

Political course in the United States and a depressed Central American economy challenge the export sector Despite the 2020 crisis, sales in Costa Rica managed to rebound, according to figures as of November; However, in 2021, the rise of Biden, Brexit and regional trade are big questions