Palm Oil News – Palm Cooking Oil Policy, Impact on April 2022 CPO Export Volume

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The government’s focus on increasing the supply of palm cooking oil in the country has an impact on the quantity of exports of palm oil derivative products from Indonesia in the period of April 2022. Executive Director of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI), Mukti Sardjono, in an official statement received InfoSAWITThursday … Read more

Study Reveals Reserved Forecast for Global Economy

According to the study in question Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR), the debt in dollars of companies in Latin America deserves to be cause for alert. The prospects for the strengthening of the US currency, combined with lower international liquidity and the rise in returns demanded by investors, show a complex panorama that should be … Read more

They filter the exact date of the start of Amazon operation in Chile, Amazon Prime and its delivery courier | Economy

In documents to which BioBioChile had access, April 30 is established as the exact date on which will begin operations, with local distribution of products. Similarly, 6 months later the Amazon Prime program will be launched, and the distribution of products will be carried out by Chilexpress. At the beginning of this week, a … Read more

train in the Netherlands almost the most expensive in the world –

Is the train a good alternative to the car? Maybe if train tickets weren’t so incredibly expensive. There is only one country where a ride with the boomel costs more and that is Switzerland. This is evident from figures from statistics website Statista† Swiss public transport users pay almost 44 euros per person per month. … Read more

These are the restaurants that do not report their prices to the customer – Sectors – Economy

A strong scolding and warning was made by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce to 27 renowned restaurants in Bogotá for not reporting the prices of their gastronomic offer to the public, with which they would be violating consumer protection regulations, specifically on that issue. Of the 30 inspection visits carried out by the entity, … Read more

3 Jordanian companies among the 100 most powerful companies in the Middle East

You are now following the news of 3 Jordanian companies among the 100 most powerful companies in the Middle East and now with the details Riyad – Ahmed Salah – Forbes Middle East unveils its annual list of the “100 Most Powerful Companies in the Middle East” for the year 2022, highlighting the largest, most … Read more

NASA extends InSight mission to Mars

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) decided to extend the scientific mission of its InSight probe on Mars and operate the seismometer longer than previously planned, the Xinhua website reported. The probe was supposed to automatically shut down the seismometer, InSight’s last operational science instrument, by the end of June in order to conserve … Read more

The Central Bank of Egypt announces the fate of the interest rate and reveals general inflation rates and economic growth

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Central Bank of Egypt announced the fixing of the interest rate, Thursday, despite the fact that a number of countries in the region took this step, following the example of the US Federal Reserve, which took this step to curb inflation. The Monetary Policy Committee of the Central … Read more

This group of people is more likely to have lung covid –

Almost half of the people who got corona last year still had complaints after three months, according to research by the RIVM. Which people are more likely to belong to that group? In Belgium they are slightly stricter with their definition of long-term covid and they come to about 130,000 people, who still have significant … Read more