Sanctions don’t sink Russia’s economy: because Moscow’s GDP is rising

Russia is not sinking on the economic front and Western sanctions seem to have reached their maximum resistance limit: reports the International Monetary Fund talking about the fact that the dreaded shock-recession in Moscow will not happen. Russia’s GDP will grow by 0.3% this year and 2.1% next year reversing previous forecasts of a sharp … Read more

Ukrainian refugees mainly working in trade, transport and catering | Economy

Door onze economieredactie 01 feb 2023 om 00:00 Almost half of the 65,000 Ukrainian refugees between the ages of 15 and 65 who stayed in the Netherlands on November 1 last year had paid work. On July 1, that was still 35 percent, Statistics Netherlands reports Wednesday. Ukrainian refugees who came to the Netherlands after … Read more

The farmers’ association: – It is difficult for consumers to understand why prices are increasing so much

– We need more transparency about what is behind the price increase, says Bjørn Gimming, head of the Norwegian Farmers’ Association. On Wednesday, it is expected that prices in Norwegian grocery stores will increase. In Norway, we have two annual price windows on 1 February and 1 July where prices normally increase after the grocery … Read more

Moisturize your hair with an ingredient you usually have in the kitchen

Psplit ends, dry scalp, breakage, dandruff. These are clear signs that your hair is in desperate need of attention and care. Read too: Help, the hair keeps falling out. Will cutting it help? Hair, especially colored hair, requires care and a few tricks up your sleeve to keep it enviably hydrated and beautiful. In addition … Read more

“Yoon Sang-hyun “I didn’t even know the names of Nam Jin and Kim Ki-hyun… reckless publicity”” – The Herald Economy

On the 27th, Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, a runner of the people’s power, released a photo taken with women’s volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung and singer Nam Jin on his Facebook page. Rep. Kim said on Facebook, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to player Kim Yeon-kyung and teacher Nam Jin, who even prepared a … Read more

They create a model to study the movement of the planets

Researchers proposed a model of the Sun in the form of a small crystal ball. This invention can help model space events in laboratories. This crystal ball is barely three centimeters in diameter. Despite its size, simulates the key forces surrounding giant planets and stars. Specialists can obtain crucial data on the formation and behavior … Read more

Index – Economy – Important information about the tax return was announced

The tax authority announced that anyone who uses Customer Gateway or other KAÜ identifiers (electronic identity card, telephone identification, facial identification) can access the draft tax return prepared by NAV from March 15 at the latest, the easiest way is on the tax office’s website. If someone does not yet have access to the Customer … Read more

Cold turkey from Russian gas: Putin’s energy hammer hits Germany hardest

Cold turkey from Russian gas Putin’s energy hammer hits Germany hardest By Hannes Vogel 01/31/2023, 6:40 p.m Russia’s master plan for the energy war with Europe is not working: instead of economic Armageddon, there is only a small winter recession. But there is only limited reason to breathe a sigh of relief: Germany will remain … Read more

Real blue today: how much are the solidarity real and the tourist price this Tuesday, January 31?

In a week marked by the purchase of foreign currency by summer season 2023the Brazilian real official turn this up slightly Tuesday January 31 after being stable for the last few days and is available at $39.50 for sale, while in the parallel market it is sold for more than double. Currently, the gap between … Read more

THE BALL – Benfica’s likely eleven in Arouca (Liga)

Cold night in Arouca. This is certainly what awaits Benfica in today’s trip, at 21.15 hours, to the village in the district of Aveiro, located in Serra da Freita. The estimated temperature for the game time points to three degrees, but it is quite possible that the thermal sensation is much lower. A freezing night… … Read more