New MultiVersus characters revealed, including LeBron James and Rick Sanchez

It was revealed during the Rick and Morty session at San Diego Comic-Con that the famous NBA star LeBron James will join the list of characters in the upcoming MultiVersus game, in addition to, of course, the characters of Rick and Morty and others. These characters are revealed along with a deeper look into LeBron’s … Read more

For video game fans.. List of the best co-op games for 2022

There are many types of video games, with different tastes of players, and one of the distinctive types of games that are currently popular is cooperative games. These are the games that you can play with a friend, to overcome their stages, or to solve their dilemmas. In this report, The Washington Post reveals the … Read more

Apple supports its smart watches with new technologies

li”,”slideshow”:false,”controlNav”:false,”pausePlay”:true,”prevText”:” Previous“,”nextText”:” Next“,”playText”:” Play“,”pauseText”:” Pause“,”smoothHeight”:true}”> 1/2 2/2 Camel Some websites interested in technical affairs reported that Apple is seeking to provide its smart watches with new technologies that help users monitor their health. According to the famous journalist Mark Gorman, “Apple is working on new technologies for the Apple Watch, which will help to measure … Read more

The Hubble telescope discovers a star that swallowed the planets.. I know the details

The Hubble telescope has found evidence of a white dwarf devouring rocks and icy bodies from its own system, which indicates the possibility of the presence of water and other volatiles in the farthest parts of our galaxy, and the discovery of icy objects could warn that a “water reservoir” may be common at the … Read more

Ubisoft officially announces its presence at Gamescom 2022

li”,”slideshow”:false,”controlNav”:false,”pausePlay”:true,”prevText”:” Previous“,”nextText”:” Next“,”playText”:” Play“,”pauseText”:” Pause“,”smoothHeight”:true}”> 1/2 2/2 With the announcement that both Sony and Nintendo will not be present at this year’s Gamescom exhibition, the French publishing company Ubisoft is officially announcing their presence during the exhibition. The company published a tweet in which it was excited about more news and offers for its games, … Read more

Logitech G915 TKL Keyboard Review

If you don’t have enough space for a full-size gaming keyboard, you’ll want to get the version TKL, which forgoes the number pad in order to save space. Some keyboards even resize the arrow buttons or remove buttons like Home And End and others. But a keyboard Logitech G915 TKL It doesn’t make a lot … Read more

He refused an Englishman and put pressure on an Egyptian .. A penalty kick from Zamalek embarrassed Essam Abdel Fattah

Essam Abdel-Fattah, head of the referees committee of the Egyptian Football Association, sparked a state of controversy recently, due to an alleged penalty kick for Zamalek against Al-Ahly. Al-Ahly tied with Zamalek 2-2, during the match that brought them together, on Sunday, at Al-Salam Stadium, in a match postponed from the 20th round of the … Read more

Forza 8 will fully support ray tracing

Despite the success of the Forza Motosport series, it is not comparable to the popularity of the Forza Horizon series, but it seems that the situation will change with the upcoming Forza Motosport 8 game, which will witness many features, including real-time ray tracing, a completely new career mode, and other exciting things. through Held … Read more

Resident Evil Re: Verse finally has an official release date!

After a period of complete silence, Resident Evil Re: Verse, the multiplayer game that was originally supposed to be released alongside Resident Evil Village, has re-emerged, and now it has an official and final release date. The Re: Verse release date was revealed at the Capcom Showcase and will be released on the same day … Read more

Expeditions – The Pitt is coming next September

Despite the disastrous launch of Fallout 76 at its launch in November 2018, Bethesda never gave up on the title, and the company has continued to provide so many new content over the years that the previous season of the game even added creatures The company promised to continue support during the coming period, as … Read more