“Did they miss the match?” … a scandalous goal for Mouloudia in the home of Esperance. “Video”

/ 626588 / Fouto-the-match – a goal-scandal-for Mouloudia-in-the-box-Esperance-video Abdel Nour Belkheir, the player of Mouloudia Algeria, scored the first goal against Esperance, Tunisia, to score the equalizer for the Algerian team, in the match that is held over the Rades match, and with this result, Zamalek is eliminated from the African Champions League, where Zamalek … Read more

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Doda and Majdan were formally married for about three years. It takes an artist the same amount of time to get rid of a tattoo. He proclaimed: “to love Radek”. The inscription does not disappear easily. Doda and Radosław Majdan were brought to the wedding in 2005. Two years later, the artist filed for divorce … Read more

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In the first hours after a crowd of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, the then US First Lady remained silent. Some people hoped that the former model, at least in such a dramatic situation, would speak up on such an important matter, but she again chose the veil of silence. According to numerous observers, … Read more

Vodafone Cash Transfer Defects Vodafone Cash and the method of deposit

Vodafone Cash Transfer is a money transfer service for the company’s customers who subscribe to the Vodafone Cash service, whereby the Vodafone Wallet allows them to transfer money to the destination the user wants, such as recharging a balance for yourself or another person, or transferring a certain amount to pay water, electricity and gas … Read more

Piers Morgan, the harshest critic of Megan Mark, reveals that he has received letters of thanks from the royal family – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

In an interview with Extra, Pierce Morgan revealed that he had received news from the British royal family because he had been able to stand up to the accusations of Prince Harry and Megan Mark. However, he declined to reveal whether the messages had been sent from senior members of the royal clan. “I have … Read more

Wages list of the heroes of the Ramadan 2021 series .. Mohamed Ramadan is the most expensive

Cairo – By Iman Abdullah – Egyptian press reports transmitted what it called “the complete list of wages for actors and actresses in the Ramadan 2021 Drama Race”, without indicating the source of the information. The Egyptian newspaper Al-Moujaz website said that the total budget for Ramadan 2021 series has reached nearly one billion Egyptian … Read more

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Juergen Klopp after the defeat with Real Madrid said that he was to blame, among others playing the quarter-final match of the Champions League in the training center. The coach of the Kings, Zinedine Zidane, responded to these words. Real Madrid haven’t played their games at the Santiago Bernabeu since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. … Read more

Claudia López’s promise to Epa Colombia

It is worth noting that recently Epa Colombia It was news because it revealed that it was his turn to hire security personnel. As he said, he hired a staff for his security: “Friend, I had to get bodyguards.” He did not say if the decision was due to a specific problem, but insisted that … Read more

Xie Xin was asked, “See A Xiang to kiss again?” Her high EQ replied with 1 sentence in seconds, and all netizens praised it | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center/Reported by Huang Yunxuan In June 2019, Xie Xin was photographed kissing Axiang on the street with the local variety show group “Haojiao Xiangqi”. The extramarital affairs also severely damaged the image of the two. Axiang and Xie Xin both left the showbiz temporarily. Now Xie Xin is gradually walking out Haze, more courageous … Read more

“Hold” the most pitiful “Disney” was detected by COVID-19 Welcome birthday

Make a clip to cry! “Um Lakkhana” blesses “Nong Disney” with tears of pity on her daughter being detected by COVID-19. Welcome birthday Make the fans Parade of pity and encouragement to one mother. “Um Lakkhana Amit Lost” and “Nong Disney” It is very crowded. After having to test for COVID-19 The whole family After … Read more