Kick out Britney Spears for lying! Gym owner choked: making up a story “pretending to be a victim” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Britney and her husband Song Jinxian had an explosive marriage, and the two sides tore their faces and bit each other. (Picture / newspaper information photo) Artist Xiao Tiantian (Zhang Keyun) and her husband Song Jinxian’s marriage turmoil is intensifying. The former sweet lovers are now biting each other. The two parties are expected to … Read more

Inventory/The host queen used to be naked and pink and married a wealthy Hong Kong businessman and faded out of the entertainment industry for 17 years. “The current situation is unscientific” | Entertainment | CTWANT

There are quite a few actresses in Taiwan who marry wealthy families, some of whom marry domestic political and business celebrities, but there are also some female artists who, after marrying into wealthy families, settle down in Hong Kong because their husbands and wives follow suit, and live a trapeze life, or simply fade out … Read more

“Yong Songyot” led the team to launch Tada Entertainment. with music labels and productions

opened with warmth when “Yong Songyot Sukmakanan” CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER leads the team to launch TADA Entertainment Co., Ltd. (TADA Entertainment Co., Ltd.) and introduces a new generation of energetic executives, TAD Radeenphis Kosiyajinda, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER, Prung Tatra Longprasert ARTIST STRATEGY DIRECTOR (SONRAY MUSIC Co., Ltd.) and Ping Kriangkrai Wachirathamporn MANAGING DIRECTOR (5×6 House … Read more

$1 million credit card purchases will cost you $250,000 in interest

The usury rate continues unabated, and this time, with the increase it had, February will be the month in which credit card purchases will be the most expensive, at least since 2007. According to the Superfinanciera, for the second month of 2023 the usury rate had a rise of 201 basic points compared to the … Read more

Salama wants to curb the dollar with carbage.. Should we buy time at the most expensive price before the collapse?!

Muhammad Wahba wrote in the news: Once again, the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, decided to resort to a police solution to show his control over the high price of the dollar. In the exceptional meeting of the Central Council that was held yesterday, Salameh only presented that he is unable to … Read more

Dating a broker for 1 month “pregnancy without a condom”! The male star apologizes to his wife: no children will not be together | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Reported by Huang Yunxuan ▲ Chinese actor Song Ningfeng and his wife Zhang Wanting starred in the marriage observation reality show “Goodbye Lover Season 2”. (Picture / Recap from Song Ningfeng Weibo) Song Ningfeng, a Chinese actor who has acted in “Du Lala’s Promotion” and “Qin Shi Mingyue”, recently starred in the … Read more

The bronze statue “The girl with the hula hoop” by the artist Iotas Ioannidou was stolen

Unknown persons took away the bronze statue “The girl with the hula hoop” by the artist Iotas Ioannidou, which had been placed in the Hani tou Ibrahim location, in Paphos. The sculpture weighs 70 kilograms and its value is 10,000 euros. According to the Police, it was reported to the TAE Paphos by the Municipality … Read more

The Police in Nicosia are investigating an attempted murder during a fight in a nightclub

According to the Cyprus Police, a fight that took place in the early hours of the morning in a nightclub in Nicosia turned into an attempted murder. During it, two persons were injured, who are being treated at the Nicosia General Hospital, with stab wounds. According to an announcement by the Police, around 3.15 a.m. … Read more

Political crisis in Peru: First death in Lima – 48 dead in riots

Hundreds of protesters, some covered with hoods and armed with shields, clashed with heavy police forces around Peru’s parliament on Saturday, as mass protests and incidents that have claimed the lives of at least 48 people since December 7 continue. A protester was killed in yesterday’s incidents in Lima, the Ombudsman, an independent authority responsible … Read more

Giuseppe Benignini The little prince made fun of Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano The notary doesn’t have it like I do VIDEO entertainment | SHOWS

Disrespectful. Joseph Benignini he responded with offenses to Magaly Medina after the ‘Urraca’ released a report confirming that he works as a gigolo. MIRA: Magaly Medina ‘patches’ the ‘Little Prince’: “Poor thing, he has to resort to selling his body” | INTERVIEW The “Little Prince” sent a message to “Urraca” where he offered her sexual … Read more