Tula Rodríguez closes all its beauty salons: “Now I pay for my services” | Tula Spa | Entrepreneurship | Instagram | entertainment

tula rodriguez He answered some doubts from his followers through the question box of Instagram. One of the questions from his fans through the social network was about his well-known Tula Spa business. In this regard, the presenter of “On everyone’s lips” surprised by revealing the current situation of its beauty shops in the country. … Read more

Officially.. this is how internet prices have become from “Ogero” in Lebanon

Choose from sections Officially.. this is how internet prices have become from “Ogero” in Lebanon <!– عدد المشاهدات : 3543 –> date of publication : 24 May 2022 Officially.. this is how internet prices have become from “Ogero” in Lebanon <!– عدد المشاهدات : 3543 –> date of publication : Thursday 26 May 2022 On … Read more

“Wut Asadawut” and her daughter “Nong Sing” released the media for the first time – revealed that they invested more than 7 million in bon color

very talented director Wut Asadawut Sing’s daughter first show Reveals the reason why some people still don’t know they have children Not pushing the child to enter the industry, wanting the child to be the chosen one, taking overCOVIDTurning to gardening, Bonsi invested 7 million. Prayjaijai, drama ratings that directed soaring high on every issue … Read more

Melissa Paredes asks not to invalidate her as a mother: “Rodrigo Cuba knew that I liked Anthony Aranda” interview América Hoy celebrity | SHOWS

Melissa Paredes replied to Rodrigo Cuba y admitted that he made a mistake due to the ampay that was broadcast with the dancer Anthony Aranda. However, she questioned that people invalidate her as a mother because of what happened. READ ALSO: Rodrigo Cuba confesses that Melissa swore to him that she would never be with … Read more

Believes the painting makes fun of the royal family – NRK Culture and entertainment

Lena Trydal from Kristiansand is known for her humorous, colorful paintings that often portray powerful people in an untraditional way. Among other things, she has previously painted a whiskey drinker Jeff Bezos som gud. – I want to look at how the powerful have been portrayed throughout history, with satire as a tool. With this … Read more

This is War: Johanna San Miguel “shut up” Renzo Schuller LIVE by not bearing his screams in “EEG” | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

Two weeks have passed since Renzo Schuller was presented as host of “Esto es Guerra” and Johanna San Miguel He has already brought out his differences with the actor in front of cameras. In the recent edition of the program America Televisionthe popular ‘Mama Leona’ ordered the leader of the “Combatientes” to shut up by … Read more

YG Entertainment Addresses Dating Rumors Between BLACKPINK’s Jennie And BTS’s V

On May 23, rumors began to circulate online that V of BTS and Jennie of BLACKPINK were recently on vacation in South Korea’s Jeju Island. This led many to believe that the two singers are in a relationship and enjoying time together. The rumors started when a photo of V driving with Jennie was shared. … Read more

Salernonotizie.it | Information portal of Salerno and its Province

The new Serie A season has in fact already begun abundantly for Salernitana. The grenade management has expanded its boundaries, in the literal sense of the word: as anticipated yesterday by the CEO himself Maurizio Milan, during a television interview, the essential part of the summer hermitage should take place in Austria, and more precisely … Read more

“I would love to meet a single man, widowed or divorced, between 60 and 65 years old”: “La Chilindrina” is looking for a boyfriend at 72 and says she neither looks nor feels that age | People | Entertainment

The life of Marie Antoinette of the Snows, “La Chilindrina” went out for a year. She will never forget the man with whom she shared for 48 years. Her beloved husband, the announcer Gabriel Fernández, left almost three years ago and since then she longs for those days with his great companion. But, when the … Read more

Patricio Parodi seeing Luciana Fuster on stage: “I was ashamed to death” | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

Luciana Fuster She spent an embarrassing moment during the concert “Los Reyes del Flow Fest”, an event she arrived accompanied by her partner, Patricio Parodi, and other figures from the show. The model had a tremendous time after the organizers of the event invited her to take the stage. Fuster did not imagine that a … Read more