Profile of Akbar Himawan Buchari, Head of HIPMI 2022-2025 National Conference Results in Solo, Bus Entrepreneur

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – This is Akbar Himawan Buchari’s profile elected to be Chairman of the Central Executive Board (BPP) of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) for the 2022-2025 period. Akbar Himawan Buchari was elected as General Chair of HIPMI after winning in voting which was held at the XVII HIPMI National Conference (Munas) in Solo … Read more

Get to know RI’s New Rich Man, Eddy Sugianto, a Coal Entrepreneur with a Worth of IDR 18.8 Trillion: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Eddy Sugianto succeeded in holding the title the richest man only in Indonesia at this time. Quoted by Forbes in Jakarta, Tuesday (22/11/2022) Eddy won the title thanks to the share price in coal company PT Prima Andalan Mandiri Tbk (MCOL) which more than doubled in the last year to IDR 7,125 on … Read more

She made gains at the age of 26.. An entrepreneur sets a prerequisite for building a successful company

Kathy Tay, 26, founded her first company, Ranomics, at age 18, which provides predictions of health risks based on people’s genetic data and has now raised more than $1 million, according to Crunchbase. While she founded her second company, Locke Bio, which is more like BE-commerce platform “Shopify” to drug companies and other companies that … Read more

entrepreneur comes to the aid of Eddy who lost everything in the fire of his house, “I told myself that I had to do something”

Tuesday, October 18, Eddy’s house, rue des Bosquets in Ghlin, was completely destroyed following an intentional fire. It was thieves who, after stealing several chests, set fire to the house. Unfortunately, the house was not insured. Since the disaster, Eddy’s family has rolled up their sleeves to help him and clear the house. The interior … Read more

“My husband rented to single women”. The idea of ​​the “entrepreneur”

A 38-year-old British resident of Milton Keynes, Bucks (UK), came up with the idea of ​​renting her own husband to single women and business is going great. Rate per hour or day, but does not do plumbing or electrical work. Laura Young, this is the name of the English entrepreneur, has decided to put her … Read more

Japanese female idol only exploded underage sleeping male god is now accused of hooking up 40-year-old entrepreneur husband to open a house | Entertainment | CTWANT

Former NMB48 member Chiho Matsuoka was exposed to have an extramarital affair with a married entrepreneur. (Photo / Retrieved from Weekly Women) Chiho Matsuoka, a 24-year-old former member of the Japanese girl idol group NMB48, only broke out in May when she was underage. Recently, Chiho Matsuoka was photographed by the media again, interacting intimately … Read more

News, Business | Pål (44) started something new when he became an entrepreneur: – I started small, but the ball quickly started rolling

24.10.22 21:14 24.10.22 21:14 He had a steady and secure job, Pål Svenssen (44) from Sandefjord. But his burning commitment to a particular theme made him think in other ways. So he quit his job to become an entrepreneur and podcast host.

seizure of 2 million euros from the property of an entrepreneur

LECCE – After the entrepreneur, the ex-wife also entered in the register of suspects. Maxi seizure of 2.3 million euros against a company based in Lecce specializing in the sector of trading of electromedical devices. The emergency preventive measure was taken yesterday when the military of the economic-financial police unit of Bari carried out the … Read more

what did he say about the app

Hackers can gain full control of WhatsApp users’ phones, says Telegram founder Pavel Durov Pável Dúrov, on your channel Telegramwarned of the security problems of WhatsApp that “could give hackers full access to everything on users’ phones.” He explained that it is a security problem reported by WhatsApp itself. According to Durov, the only thing … Read more