London sees no point in talking until the EU takes it seriously

LONDON, Oct 20 (Reuters) – The government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sees no point in talking to the European Union about a Brexit trade deal until the bloc begins treating Britain as a sovereign state, he said. Tuesday a business secretary. “We are trying to reach an agreement,” Nadhim Zahawi told Sky television, … Read more

Epic Games, creator of Fortnite, enters the big leagues of entrepreneurship

Bloomberg – 13:41 – 6/08/2020 Your business is valued at $ 17.3 billion after completing a new round of financing Photo: Reuters Epic Games Inc., the video game company behind Fortnite, said that your business is valued at $ 17.3 billion after completing a new round of funding. The deal makes Epic the fifth most … Read more

Spain: Íñigo Errejón dismantles the myth of entrepreneurship and reveals how much state presence there is in an iPhone

“Many times this is put as the best example of entrepreneurship: Steve Jobs started it in a garage and was able to run a private business under very difficult conditions, by his individual merit “, Íñigo Errejón began with his iPhone in hand. Iñigo Errejon The iPhone and the State The Spanish deputy cited a … Read more

Fonda Fosis sold more than $ 43 million throughout Chile

Photography: Reference | Fosis Bío Bío. A complete success was the Fonda Fosis, a digital showcase in which more than 200 entrepreneurs from all over Chile offered traditional products such as traditional costumes, Chilean sweets, Oven empanadas, chicha, clay crafts and Patagonian wool, among others, and that added total sales by $43.181.000 in its 10 … Read more

Unknown facets of Ricardo Ciciliano’s first steps in football

I met Ricardo Ciciliano in 1990, in the children’s Atlantic team directed by Carlos Bolívar. He played for the School on 24 de Soledad. From the Atlantic Team (national champion, in 1992, with Javier Castell) she went on to the Colombian pre-youth team (South American champion in the coffee region), directed by Basilí González. So … Read more

Are you an SME or an entrepreneur ?: Walmart Chile launches online application to become its suppliers | Economy

Walmart Chile -together with the Fundación Independízate- launched a call for the remote program “Fuerza Pyme”, an initiative that seeks to promote enterprises with the idea that can become suppliers of the company, reaching a wide visibility from Arica to Punta Arenas. Among the benefits that the program will offer are, in addition to reaching … Read more

Olga Tañón after attacks against her daughter: I am a lot of mother

After that, Gabriela herself reported on her Instagram account her beginnings in the business world thanks to the sale of soaps from the Immune Bio Green Cell brand. “I told my mom that, since we already have a store on Instagram with our little things, now I wanted to make soaps, and my mom pleased … Read more

Yohana Agurto’s expert and advisor on a new fight for “Miel Gibson”: “We have reasons that the other party wants to take advantage of a news that went around the world”

A new battle for the brand “Honey Gibson” face the teacher Yohana Agurto, who raised his business in the middle of the pandemic. After being forced to change your product label for image rights issues of actor Mel Gibson, now faces a struggle to properly register the brand in our country, after the businesswoman Paula … Read more

Owner of “Miel Gibson”: “It was difficult for me to get money to pay for electricity and basic supplies” | Society

The Chilean teacher Yohana Agurto it is the living expression that every crisis can become an opportunity. With no income from the pandemic, he decided to pack honey to sell it under the pun “Gibson Honey” without thinking that the very Hollywood actor whose name he wanted to emulate would complicate his SME. Warned by … Read more

Copec opened its first venture capital fund and arrives in Silicon Valley

In total secrecy at the end of last year, the fuel subsidiary of the Angelini group opened its first venture capital fund. And he did it no less than in California to be close to those who lead technological changes. In the bay of San Francisco, California, where the mythical Silicon Valley is located, it … Read more