The process of making food in India is called the most unhygienic, here are 11 photos

Facebook/Thefoodiebae – Apart from the film that makes you remember, in a row the food that appears in Bollywood films is also successful in making drool. In terms of taste, Indian food is famous for being spicy because it uses a lot of spices. Besides having a distinctive taste, how to make indian food … Read more

One from the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, three from the government. This is how hospital equipment is financed

Nine years in a row, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity broke records of the funds raised to reach the goal to the astronomical amount of PLN 224 million after the 30th final last year. Why immediately “astronomical”? Comparing these numbers with budgetary funds, voivodeship funds and European funds allocated for the material expansion of … Read more

PHOTO: Military equipment produced in Latvia – quadricycles and scooters – was sent to Ukraine

The first shipment of military equipment produced in Latvia was sent to Ukraine – nine quadricycles and nine specially adapted combat platforms, as well as four military scooters with a total value of 323,148.30 euros. Mūrniece expressed her pride in the military goods produced in Latvia – combat support platforms, military quadricycles, unmanned aerial vehicles, … Read more

Very large fire in old Ola ice cream factory Wilp: fire brigade with large equipment turned out | Deventer

met videoThe fire brigade went to Wilp (near Deventer) this morning around eight o’clock with large equipment for a fire on Molenallee. The North and East Gelderland Security Region (VNOG) scaled up to a ‘very large fire’ on site. The signal ‘fire master’ has now been given. Remco Regterschot 25 jan. 2023 Latest update: 25-01-23, … Read more

Great Britain: Russia will struggle with a lack of equipment and personnel

On 17 January, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced a number of changes to the military forces, including an expansion from 1.15 million personnel to 1.5 million. It was already known that the number of personnel would be increased to 1.35 million. – Shoigu’s plans signal that Russian leaders very likely consider that there will … Read more

No equipment, no solid clothes, in a big makeshift. This time the frost won’t help Russia in the war

The researcher cited examples of failures of foreign troops attacking Russia, which were influenced by “general frost” – a commonly accepted term for the scorched earth strategy used by Russian commanders twice in history: during the invasion of Russia by Napoleon’s troops in 1812 and by Hitler’s troops in 1941. on the territory of the … Read more

The Southern Courier | What are the must-have medical equipment in 2023?

Accuracy is one of the most important skills any pharmacy technician must have on the job, especially when it comes to measuring and dispensing medications as well as medical equipment to customers with different needs. Most pharmacies have a variety of equipment that is regularly used as part of the dispensing process. This helps the … Read more

Air Canada blunder could cost young skiers chance to pursue Olympic dreams

The coach of a group of young skiers whose equipment was lost on the way to an elite cross-country skiing event says Air Canada staff on the ground have been helpful, but appear helpless to fix the problem.DARRYL DYCK/The Canadian Press Elite young skiers from a cross-country ski team in Chelsea, Que., are in Prince … Read more