During the sanctions, German ship equipment was delivered to the Russian Navy through a company in Latvia / Article

During the sanctions, German ship equipment was delivered to the Russian navy through a company in Latvia When Russia occupied the Crimean peninsula, since 2014 it has not been allowed to supply technology to the Russian Navy due to EU sanctions. However, diesel engines based on German technology found a place in “Grayworon” warships as … Read more

three boys perched on a ledge without proper equipment and shoes

VAL DI ZOLDO (BELLUNO) – Surprised by the snow, three boys get stuck on the Owl. The alarm went off around 2pm today, 19 September. The Suem di Pieve di Cadore helicopter flew over the Civetta, along the route of the Ferrata degli Alleghesi, for three hikers blocked by the presence of snow and ice … Read more

All clear. They are moving equipment from the Finnish border to Ukraine [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

It is the 207th day of war in Ukraine. Satellite images show that the Russians are moving a large part of the air defense, along with ammunition, from the area around St. Petersburg to Ukraine, reports the Finnish service Yle. Previously, their “disappearance” from the metropolis was not publicly recorded in Russia, nor in any … Read more

War in Ukraine. Ukrainian armed forces say they have sunk a Russian barge with military equipment and soldiers

The President of the United States warns the President of Russia not to escalate the war in Ukraine. Speaking to CBS, Joe Biden says there are serious consequences if the Kremlin uses chemical or nuclear weapons. At the time, Vladimir Putin said yesterday that Russia was in no hurry to end the war. According to … Read more

Kanye West launches into the sale of sports equipment – ​​La Nouvelle Tribune

The famous American rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West wants to expand its brand Donda Sports. A brand of clothing, sneakers and more. His company Mascotte Holdings recently filed a few new trademarks. According to documents seen by TMZ, the American designer wants to lock in the rights to Donda Sports specifically for the purpose of … Read more

“Gargžda” equipment: newcomers are unlikely to be surprised by anything

The “Gargždas” team has completed the composition work and is now continuing preparations for the new season. The portal Krepsinis.net will review the composition work of all 12 teams of the Lithuanian Basketball League (“Betsafe-LKL”) this offseason. Eighth in sight – “Gargžda” club. Runkauskas Defenders There is a good buy in the defenders from Gargždi … Read more

Busubo! and partner stores! “Fufu 3022” of the game equipment specialty store presented new products at TGS2022! ! – funglr Games

I went there because the overseas gaming equipment EC site “Fumoffu no Omise” was exhibited at TGS2022. rnMany funglr Games editors are very particular about the tools they use every day, like keyboards and mice, and I’m one of them. In addition to being able to actually see and touch products from various overseas manufacturers, … Read more

Showcasing audio equipment for game distributors at the YAMAHA booth at TGS2022! Experience themed soundproof rooms!

At the Tokyo Game Show 2022 (hereinafter referred to as TGS2022) held from September 15 (Thursday) to September 18 (Sunday), 2022, world-renowned audio manufacturersYamaha Music JapanWill be exhibiting, here I come. Designed for game voice chat and game dealers” ZG series“The experience and display, which has been loved by dealers since 2015” AG series“Exhibition, not … Read more

THE BALL – Here are the new equipment for the National Team (photos) (Selection)

The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) revealed, this Thursday, the new equipment of the National Team, which will already be used in the double round of the League of Nations against the Czech Republic and Spain. According to the FPF, «the main equipment of the Equipe das Quinas, with a contrast between deep and vivid tones … Read more