How will the era of electric cars change driving education and testing?

And yes, maybe that time is just around the corner and it won’t be here anytime soon. Bernstein Research predicts that half of the new cars sold in 2030 will be electric. But that means the other side won’t be. In any case, entering the fourth decade of this century, we will definitely consider electric … Read more

Revoke the Gubernatorial Eviction of Ahok Era, DKI Provincial Government Sends 2 Letters to the Ministry of Home Affairs today

JAKARTA, – The DKI Provincial Government will send two letters to the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) regarding the revocation of DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation (Pergub) Number 207 of 2016 concerning Control of Unlicensed Land Use/Control. Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria said the first letter was a request letter to the Ministry of … Read more

The Queen’s Umbrella, Kim Hye Soo’s mother as the Queen, tutors the son in the Joseon era Sky Castle style.

The Queen’s Umbrella This is another interesting sageuk series of the year. Because choosing a plot about education top priority issues of Korean society to be featured Combined with the time back in the Joseon era. That should be connected to the people of today’s era well In addition, the interest of the series The … Read more

The real estate market will “cool down” (but the price of houses not so)

The lack of supply in Portugal is one of the factors to take into account so that house prices do not fall in the near future, even in a scenario of uncertainty and an expected reduction in sales. For those who want to take this step, the advice is simple: if the bank doesn’t give … Read more

This is NFL PRO ERA, the football game in virtual reality with official licenses

NFL PRO ERAthe virtual reality video game that allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of an American football player, is now available for PlayStation 4 -a PlayStation VR is essential- and Meta Quest 2. It is the first fully licensed NFL virtual reality simulation titleso fans will be able to play current teams … Read more

Queen Consort Camilla Abolishes Tradition Close to Elizabeth’s Heart: “The End of an Era” | Royalty

Until now, it has been a deeply rooted tradition that the Queen of the United Kingdom selects a few ladies-in-waiting. Elizabeth herself was very attached to the handful of women she chose, and stated several times that she couldn’t manage without them. Most of the women had been in her service for more than sixty … Read more

NASA space probe successfully collides with asteroid: ‘New era for humanity’ | Tech

An American spacecraft successfully collided with the asteroid Dimorphos at 1.14 am on Monday night. The collision was part of an experiment broadcast live by the space agency NASA. Dimorphos, the space rock that was hit 11 million kilometers from Earth, posed no danger to our planet. NASA wants to use the experiment to see … Read more

“Fifa 23” is the end of an era – EA Sports goes its own way

EA Sports’ “Fifa” is the most successful sports video game series in history and tied generations to football. With the release of “Fifa 23” on Friday, an era ends. Gambling with Neymar – meanwhile the EA Sports video game series reflects the development of modern football quite exactly, it is commercialized and professionalized down to … Read more

Audi A4 in “white crow” design. The six-cylinder diesel under the hood is from another era

In the middle car class, 286 diesel horses is almost a wanton extravagance, which has to make up for its disdain for modern trends at least with a mild-hybrid electric system. We tested how this symbiosis of diesel and electricity works. According to the news on Audi’s website, it seems that the brand has already … Read more

New iPhones use old chips: maybe the beginning of a new era | TechNews Technology News

Apple will have a detail at the announcement. The A16 Bionic chip of the iPhone 14 Pro series integrates 16 billion transistors, which is just close to the number of M1 transistors two years ago. Two years later, Apple’s A-series chips for the mobile terminal have quietly touched the edge of the M chips, which … Read more