The Financial Times names Zelensky ‘Person of the Year’, a Churchill for the age of social media – Europe

The British newspaper Financial Times has named the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy ‘Person of the Year’: the FT reports it in its online edition. The newspaper attributed the decision to Zelensky’s “extraordinary display of leadership and fortitude”, calling him “a Churchill for the age of social media”. In an interview with the FT, the Ukrainian … Read more

Respiratory disease that attacks babies across Europe prevented Ronaldo’s 7-month-old daughter from going to Qatar

The youngest daughter of Cristiano Ronaldo, Bella Esmeralda, just 7 months old, the twin who survived in childbirth, is being attacked with a bronchiolitis, a persistent respiratory problem that has affected her practically since she was born. Therefore, the child did not accompany her mother, Georgina, and the brothers on the trip they made to … Read more

Nisreen Tafesh… dazzles the followers with her beauty and amazes the audience with Gulf songs… Watch now

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – The Lebanese actress shared a video clip on her personal account on the social networking site Instagram, and she appeared in it singing a Gulf song. Nisreen Tafesh sings in KhalijiHer followers on social networking sites participated in a musical morning session with Gulf melodies, which is the first … Read more

UK becoming the ‘sick of Europe’: how Brexit, coronavirus and war pushed the country into the past | Business

Britain is lagging behind other rich countries and its population is falling into poverty at a record rate, the article says. The country has still not recovered from the three blows it suffered in the 21st century. at the beginning: 2008 financial crisis, 2020 Brexit and the COVID pandemic. Inflation exceeds 11 percent. per year, … Read more

Angle: Russians evacuated to Georgia do not rush to return home after mobilization | Reuters

TBILISI (Reuters) – A month has passed since Russia announced the completion of the partial mobilization of its troops to invade Ukraine. But many Russian men who fled to neighboring Georgia to escape the call-up say they are in no hurry to return home. On November 28, one month after Russia announced the completion of … Read more

PPF chief Šmejc burned himself for the first time. He sunk tens of millions of euros in the failed German kitchen supplier

The Emma Capital group of businessman Jiří Šmejc is experiencing an unpleasant premiere. The German supplier of custom-made kitchens Küchenquelle, in which the Czech group holds 46 percent, fell into insolvency proceedings due to financial difficulties. Emma Capital, which is one of the largest investment groups in the Czech Republic, has sunk at least tens … Read more

Ukraine, spy stopped at the border with Hungary. “Base” of Russian 007s in Europe – Il Tempo

In Hungary, the European outpost of Russian spies who have a secure base in Budapest and a hub for the continent. The Russian embassy “has 56 accredited elements, 10 more than last year: it can guarantee support, logistics and support” explains Corriere della Sera according to which the Moscow 007s in Budapest who enjoy diplomatic … Read more

Migrants, Meloni wants “more Europe” on the southern front. A flow decree is being studied. Tajani: “We would like workers who have already been trained”

The management of the repatriations it must be “Europeanised“. This approach “is indispensable” and “it takes more Europe on the southern front“, because “alone we cannot manage a flow with dimensions that are now unmanageable”. The President of the Council Giorgia Meloni raises the demands of his government against Bruxellesand it does it from a … Read more

European stocks rose with the longest streak of weekly gains since April 2021

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Stocks recorded strong gains over the Wednesday and Thursday sessions, which helped the index "Stokes 600" The European Union is on the rise for its seventh consecutive week, amid indications of reopening China to its economy and eased concerns about raising interest rates. stock movements The index rose "Stokes 600" … Read more