It is possible that even after 2035, it will still be possible to sell new cars with internal combustion engines in Europe

Although for a longer time in fact it is assumed that after 2035 new cars with internal combustion engines will no longer be able to be sold in the European Union, the last-minute opposition of Germany and several other countries may have forced the officials of the European Union to change their position. News agencies … Read more

IKEA has shown how drones take care of its warehouses in Europe. In time, it will also come to us – Živě.cz

The furniture company IKEA has started automating its premises on a large scale in Europe. Drones have started taking inventory in its warehouses, 100 of them have already been deployed in a total of 16 branches in seven countries. It is not a project of IKEA directly, but of the company Ingka, under which 90 … Read more

European countries may have overinvested in LNG import infrastructure

In a rush to find alternative sources of supply for the gas imported by pipeline from Russia, European countries, especially Germany, accelerated plans to build new LNG import infrastructure to receive gas delivered by ships from the United States, Qatar and other countries. But a new IEEFA study shows that European countries may have overdone … Read more

Giorgia Meloni, in Europe to defend Italy: “We won’t do like Conte”

Migrants, Ukraine, energy and the single market. These are the issues that will be on the table at the European Council on 23 and 24 March and on which Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni presented the government’s position yesterday in the Senate. We start with the migrants. Here the solution proposed by Italy is divided into … Read more

Cocaine consumed in Europe passes through the port of Antwerp

The port of Antwerp, Belgium, is the second largest in Europe and is also one of the major cocaine trafficking centers on the continent. In 2022, the authorities seized 100 tons of this drug, much of which came from Central America. In the last five years the volume of cocaine introduced has doubled, the Belgian … Read more

The positive effect of the sauna in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases – Today, fresh news from Armenia

Many people like to visit a sauna to relax tense muscles and regulate blood circulation. This pleasant and relaxing remedy promotes detoxification of the body and accelerates metabolism, reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and even overall mortality. Studies have shown the positive effect of the sauna on the health of the cardiovascular … Read more

World Water Day, the water footprint of Italians among the highest in Europe: prejudices to dispel on drinking water and good practices

It’s a strange relationship that Italians have with water. First in Europe for withdrawals of drinking water (to irrigate fields, civil and industrial uses), they consume directly, for example for cooking and washing, between 215 and 220 liters of drinking water per person, against a European average of 165 litres. Little is known about the … Read more

Win a short break in Salzburger Land

The largest waterfalls in Europe in the Hohe Tauern National Park are impressive, mystical and unique. With a total drop of 380 meters, they offer an overwhelming experience. From spring to late autumn, the Krimml Water Worlds enchant visitors from all over the world. Win a short holiday with the “Krone” and and enjoy … Read more