SpaceX in talks about rocket launches in Europe after Russian blockade | Tech

The European Space Agency (ESA) is conducting technical consultations with SpaceX. Elon Musk’s rocket company may provide launches in Europe, writes news agency Reuters. ESA used to use Russian Soyuz missiles, but because of the war in Ukraine, the Russians have blocked that. ESA has been working on its own rocket for launches for some … Read more

Giant meteorite impacts changed the shape of the Earth

A number of scholars have claimed that you need Huge size collided with the planet Earth contributed to the formation of its continents. Recent research found that our planet was bombarded by a barrage of space objects in its first billion years of existence, which helped determine the shape of its surface. In fact, for … Read more

Schengen visa boom. Russians are afraid of restrictions and want a vacation to Europe – o2

According to the “Wizachod” portal, which monitors the demand for visas in the country, the number of applicants for a Schengen visa has increased by 40 percent in the last two weeks. “This was especially noticeable towards the end of the week, against the background of the statements by the Estonian authorities [o ograniczeniu wjazdu … Read more

“If it ever goes away, Belgium will come to a halt”: how the Vilvoorde viaduct grew into the second busiest traffic point in Europe in 44 years | Motorway Stories

VilvoordeFor some a daily source of annoyance, or an eyesore. For others, a fine piece of craftsmanship that evokes admiration. One thing is certain: if you want to cross Belgium, you have to pass the viaduct of Vilvoorde. “Did you know that after half a day of painting, half of the team was already in … Read more

Calenda a Meloni: “That flame in the symbol will isolate you in Europe”. And Rachele Mussolini, surprisingly: “I would have taken it off”

The controversy over the flame does not subside. It rekindles them Carlo Calendathe only extra-center-right leader to have spent words of appreciation for the sentence of Giorgia Meloni on fascism as a dictatorship and on the “infamous laws against the Jews”. The Secretary of Action, now front runner of the centrist cartel born in conjunction … Read more

An influential man in the background. The economist who won over Putin and is behind Russia’s “gas for rubles” tactic

Russia’s war against Ukraine presents interesting material for research into the effectiveness of economic sanctions, as well as the possibility of responding to them. It is no secret that practically the only area where Russia can do any harm to Western countries is in energy resources, namely natural gas. While the sanctions banning Western politicians … Read more

The “Starvation Stone” Appears in Europe’s Rivers Warning: When You See Me Cry All

BERLIN, – Drought in Europe marked by heat wave revealed a memorial that marked the period of tribulation that his ancestors had experienced. This reminder is engraved on a stone called “starving stones“, which rises when the rivers of Europe dry up. “Stone hunger” reveals the difficulties that people have faced in the past … Read more

Estonia’s decision, which caused hysteria in Russia, also shakes Europe: will it be possible to reach an agreement?

We can’t do anything alone The Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Seimas, Laima Liucija Andrikienė, said on the Radio News program that she hardly understands how citizens of Russia, which commits war crimes in Ukraine, can vacation in Lithuanian resorts. “If I had to answer as a citizen, as a person – … Read more

The fight for liquefied gas in the world is intensifying, who are the first “victims”

Europe is urgently looking around the world for new suppliers of natural gas to replace Russian gas, writes the German business publication Handelsblatt. At the same time, the Europeans are creating unprecedented competition in the world’s liquefied gas markets. As a result, they deprive many developing countries of the possibility of gas purchases and thus … Read more

Former Russian Deputy Minister: “Putin is trying to inflict maximum damage on Europe before winter” | Interview

He was Russia’s deputy energy minister at the beginning of this century, and today he is part of Alexei Navalny’s team, being one of the faces of the opposition to the Putin regime. Vladimir Milov says Moscow will use both gas and oil to try to break the EU’s united way of looking at the … Read more