Fans have created a petition asking CDPR to create a second expansion for Cyberpunk 2077

© After the release of patch 1.6 and the premiere of the Edgerunners anime series, hundreds of thousands of players are playing Cyberpunk 2077 again. The rise in popularity also led to increased sales. Many players complain about the lack of length of the main storyline, but luckily we’ll get an expansion that should introduce … Read more

World of WarCraft: Dragonflight: Next expansion gets release date

While many players continue to cavort in World of WarCraft Classic, the actual main game will soon get its next add-on. Blizzard Entertainment has now announced the release date for Dragonflight. If you are longing for supplies for the regular World of WarCraft, you don’t have to wait too long. Blizzard Entertainment has now nailed … Read more

Nintendo 64 and its three best games in the Nintendo Switch expansion pack

For gamers who love classic video games, including the Nintendo 64, having a Nintendo Switch console can be an excellent investment. Among so many functions and possibilities that it has, Nintendo’s hybrid console has a special section for lovers of titles from the eighties and nineties. Through the “Nintendo Switch Online” function, the company offers … Read more

Letta focuses on the expansion of compulsory education and green – Politics

To participate in the Chamber’s work on the Aid bis decree, Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni put the electoral campaign on standby for a few hours. But they did not stop the clash in view of the vote, at least on social media. “I tell Giorgia Meloni: being a woman is not enough to make … Read more

Guterres, talked to Putin about Zaporizhzhia and wheat – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 14 – The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, spoke this morning with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The leader of the UN said to reporters, underlining that “we had the opportunity to discuss the Black Sea cereals initiative and its possible expansion, we discussed the obstacles that exist on the export … Read more

[오늘의 스팀] 50% Off Expansion Pack Reveal, Shafeng 2077 Revealed

▲ Top 10 best selling products worldwide on Steam as of 1pm on September 13 (Source: Steam) (This is the ranking of access by US IP to display games that are not exposed in Korea) Cyberpunk 2077, which received a 50% discount for the first time since the release of the expansion pack ‘Phantom Liberty’ … Read more

Dollarcity continues with its ambitious expansion and has Colombia as a key market

Dollarama, the Canadian company that owns the majority of shares in Dollarcity, released operating results for June. The registry shows that until June 30 of this year “Dollarcity had con 222 stores in Colombia80 in Guatemala, 61 in El Salvador and 14 in Peru”. In the second quarter alone, the brand opened 19 points. With … Read more

Best friends and nemesis take center stage in the new Crusader Kings III expansion

Paradox Interactive has the new today Event Pack Friends and Foes for Crusader Kings III released. With this expansion of the award-winning medieval strategy RPG, the stories being told gain even more complexity. Is it better to be feared or loved? Can you trust your closest courtiers to tell the truth? Who stands side by … Read more

‘Humankind’ expansion ‘Together We Rule’ will provide spies and statecraft

Amplitude Studios revealed Together we reignthe first expansion for Humanity this adds espionage and more diplomacy options to the turn-based strategy game. Together we reign Set to launch in Fall 2022 for all PC game storefront releases. As for what it includes, publisher Sega says players will “see the world in a new light and … Read more