Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty: Largest expansion in CD Projekt RED history

CD Projekt RED isn’t known for releasing fleshless expansions anyway, but Phantom Liberty, the upcoming expansion for the sci-fi RPG Cyberpunk 2077, could take the cake again. When it comes to extensions, CD Projekt RED is usually pretty generous. Not only that there are usually a number of free DLCs, but also the full extensions … Read more

Vienna Airport gives impetus again with the southern expansion of Terminal 3

Austria’s largest airport is in a positive mood. So he invests again. In the summer, Vienna begins expanding Terminal 3. People are satisfied at Vienna Airport. The airlines are returning and the range of destinations is increasing. 2022 use 23.7 million passengers use the airport, which is an increase compared to 2021 but still a … Read more

Tesla lowers car prices, postpones Shanghai factory expansion

Tesla is making its cars cheaper all over the world. It started in China, where last week the company cut prices for the second time in less than three months, by 6-13.5 percent. Now we are learning that a similar reduction by units to lower tens of percent is also coming in the USA and … Read more

In the face of the Russian threat, NATO expansion has stalled: Turkey’s demands have crossed the line

How LNK explained the director of the East European Studies Center (RESC). Linas Kojala, Turkey is still maintaining the position that it cannot support the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO. They raise a lot of questions about Sweden in particular. “Let’s remember that a memorandum was signed by these three countries in Madrid … Read more

VW: Bitter news for Boss Blume! Competitor plans mega expansion

The fact that you can buy almost any car in Germany without any problems is an absolute luxury. In other countries, electric speedsters from VW and its other brands are still in short supply. But that should change soon. VW’s top competitor is planning a mega expansion. VW competitor wants to conquer the Turkish market … Read more

MNF II: here are the reasons for the expansion of the fund’s investment strategy

The MNF II investment fund will now be able to invest in startups from the Moroccan diaspora abroad with a subsidiary in Morocco. Omar El Hyani, Investment Director of MNF II discusses the reasons and implications of this change. A first file concerning the financing of a start-up in the diaspora is being finalized. On … Read more

Innovations in Expansion Microscopy Allow Unprecedented View Inside Cells

Unprecedented views of the interior of cells and other nanoscale structures are now possible thanks to innovations in expansion microscopy. The advances could help provide future insight into neuroscience, pathology, and many other biological and medical fields. In the article “Magnify is a universal molecular anchoring strategy for expansion microscopy,” published Jan. 2 in the … Read more