Oil exploitation in Angola: nearly 10 billion dollars in contracts concluded since 2022

These contracts were signed with major international oil companies as part of the integrated development project of the “Oste Agogo” center, one of the largest exploration, drilling and production projects in Angola, said this platform focused on investments in the energy sector. She said that the contract that mobilized the highest amount (7.8 billion dollars), … Read more

‘Sex + Person’ PD “The reason why I didn’t mention AV sexual exploitation… ” [쿠키인터뷰]

The filming site of Netflix’s original variety show ‘Sex + Person’. Netflix The battle surrounding the Japanese version of the Netflix original entertainment show ‘Sex + Person’ has been going on for over a week. In particular, criticism is strong for the second episode featuring Japanese AV (Adult Video) actors. In addition to ignoring the … Read more

May Day, Landini (Cgil): “Republic founded on labor exploitation”. Sbarra (Cisl): “We need a season of labor policies”

“While article one says that ours is a Republic founded on work, if we want to be honest with each other, today it is not like that. Today ours is a Republic founded on labor exploitation and a Republic founded on the precariousness of work. It is unfortunately a republic founded on poverty and on … Read more

“I got an orangutan ‘bad hand’… The Little Mermaid female actress, ‘animal exploitation’ controversy” – The Herald Business

[할리 베일리 인스타그램 캡처] [헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]American actress Halle Bailey (23), who played the main character in the Disney movie ‘The Little Mermaid’ scheduled to be released this month, faced criticism for encouraging animal exploitation. An animal rights group denounced Bailey as “contributing to a vicious cycle,” while her fans defended her by saying she “wouldn’t … Read more

new fugitive on ‘Most Wanted’ list, police issue wanted poster

The 65-year-old man is an internee and must be considered dangerous, underline the police. They also call on Mohamed Ben Brahim to immediately surrender to the police. People who have information can contact the investigators via the email address avisdereche[email protected] or the free telephone number 0800/30.300.

Broad Front asks to avoid “political exploitation” after shooting a police officer in Santiago

Parliamentarians of the Broad Front They asked not to make a “political advantage” after the shooting of a Carabineros official that occurred on Wednesday night in Santiago Center. Let us remember that the event occurred on the same day that Congress approved the Naín-Retamal Law, in the midst of criticism from Apruebo Dignidad, which will … Read more

Tarapacá: Preventive prison for a teacher accused of producing and distributing material for the sexual exploitation of minors

The Iquique Guarantee Court left NAPT subject to the precautionary measure of preventive detention, teacher accused by the Public Ministry as author of the crimes of storage of material of sexual exploitation of minors, child sexual abuse and drug trafficking in small quantitiesyes; illicit discovered on Monday in High Hospice. In the formalization hearing, Judge … Read more

2,000 irregular workers discovered in Venice shipyards – Last Hour

(ANSA) – VENICE, MARCH 28 – Almost 2,000 irregular workers, mostly Bangladeshis and Eastern Europeans, paid with meager wages, were discovered by the Guardia di Finanza in the shipbuilding industry of Venice, as part of a investigative activity coordinated by the Lagoon Public Prosecutor’s Office. The investigation, in collaboration with the Labor Inspectorate, was aimed … Read more

An international organization reveals the exploitation of “politicians” in the electricity sector in Lebanon

The failure of successive governments to address the electricity crisis in Lebanon and the serious repercussions it poses to the productive sectors prompted Human Rights Watch, for the first time in its history, to classify the citizen’s right to obtain electricity as one of the social and economic human rights, and to consider that the … Read more