There are 5 star explosions, scientists want to solve the mystery of this one universe

Jakarta – The Hubble Space Telescope captured five large exploding stars, or supernovae. Scientists think the explosion that appears this time can help solve the biggest mystery of astronomy, namely about how fast the universe is expanding. Launch page Live Sciencea supernova has become one of the important benchmarks as a star explosion that produces … Read more

Nord Stream explosions: German media find new trail leading to Ukraine

Aa A + A – Restore Report an error During the investigation conducted by the journalists of the German media companies NDR and WDR and the publications Süddeutsche Zeitung and Tagesschau, with the participation of teams from the Swedish publications Expressen, the Polish Frontstory and the Danish Berlingske, new details about the explosions in the … Read more

Strong explosions in the suburbs of Mariupol: a base with 150 Russians attacked

Reported at least two explosions in the city of Mariupol, occupied by the Russians. The videos on social media and reports from residents report it. “In the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol,” residents reported tonight of explosions in the suburbs and at the airport, where the invaders’ personnel are stationed. This was reported by Petro Andryushchenko, … Read more

Strong explosions in Luhansk and Mariupol

On Saturday morning, the explosion apparently occurred in the area of ​​the village of Juvileine near the western outskirts of Luhansk. As a result of the explosion, the windows of houses in the neighborhood were broken, according to social network users. For now, there is no more precise information about what exactly exploded and whether … Read more

Ukraine: explosions in Kiev, alert in 14 regions – Europe

Explosions were heard this morning in Kiev and the Ukrainian capital region, according to local media reports. The same sources say that the anti-aircraft alert was issued today in 14 of the country’s 24 oblasts. Overnight The Russian army fired 25 missiles on Ukraine, 15 on Kiev, most of which were shot down by anti-aircraft … Read more

Reports of explosions in Crimea

Israel carried out airstrikes against the Islamic Holy War militant group in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday night. Nine people are said to have been killed. Nine people were killed in the airstrikes, according to the Ministry of Health in Hamas-controlled Gaza, according to AFP. A website linked to the Islamic Holy War reports that … Read more

Stack to build the city, but watch out for explosions! “Pile Up!” released on 5/27 “Pile Up!”

The game publisher Next in Game announced today that the strategy building game “Stacked High City(Pile Up!)” is scheduled to be listed on the Steam platform on May 27. 《Stacked High City》is a space management city building game. Players need to build houses on a small land. The main goal of the player is to … Read more

“Russian ships sailed several times at the site of Nord Stream explosions”

AFPA satellite photo of the leak in Nord Stream 2 on September 27 last year NOS News•Wednesday, 10:56•Amended Wednesday, 12:41 Russian naval vessels capable of conducting underwater operations have been near the site in September last year explosions were reported at the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2. This is what journalists from the … Read more

The agreed ceasefire has become empty words: Sudan continues to be rocked by explosions

The army and the RSF militant group confirmed on Sunday night that the ceasefire, which was due to end at midnight, was being extended for another 72 hours. However, new cease-fires, like previous ones, are not observed. In Sudan, the units of army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan have been fighting the RSF fighters led by … Read more

Air raid alert on April 29 – causes of explosions in south and east of Ukraine became known – UNIAN

In the morning, the Ukrainian military destroyed two Shahed drones in the eastern direction and one operational-tactical drone in the southern direction. About it report Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “At about 4 am, the forces and means of the Vostok Air Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of … Read more