Microsoft issued a reminder: Windows 8.1 system is about to stop supporting, and will not provide extended security services | T Kebang

For users who are still stuck on Windows 8.1, Microsoft recently issued a reminder that the system is about to stop supporting. Microsoft says the Windows 8.1 desktop operating system will stop technical assistance and software updates after January 10, 2023. This means that these users still have half a year to upgrade to Windows … Read more

Renin is extended to patients with chronic kidney damage

Until now, the Renine quality registry only collects information about dialysis patients in the Netherlands, but that will soon change. The registry will be expanded to include patients with chronic kidney damage (CNS) stage 4-5 (eGFR < 30 ml/min). To gain more insight into the quality and outcomes of care in patients with earlier stages … Read more

Meteorologists have extended the warning of storms, heat, drought and fires

Heavy storms can affect parts of the Pilsen and South Bohemian regions. They may be accompanied mainly by torrential rainfall with short-term precipitation totals of around 30 millimeters. “Afternoon storms in the Šumava region will write a completely different story than very strong storms in the previous days. Conditions in the southwest of the Czech … Read more

Reinfections still on the rise, more at risk under 50 and women: more exposed to the new infection after 4 months from the vaccine – The extended ISS report

Reinfections from Covid they are once again on the rise, according to the latest extended report released by the Higher Institute of Health which integrates the weekly monitoring of the progress of the pandemic in Italy. According to experts’ data, the most affected are first of all the unvaccinated, as well as women, health workers … Read more

Purge in the Spartan B-team. The contract was not extended for 11 players

Source: SK Slavia Prague Ewerton is the freshest reinforcement in Prague’s Slavia. He also wore the Brazilian dynasty in a red and white jersey. How many players from this South American country have already played in Slavia? Adauto Evandro Adauto da Silva is probably the most popular Brazilian in Slavia. He came to Slavia as … Read more

It looks bad in Russia with an American basketball superstar. Prison extended

This is the second and second time in the last month that the Russian government has extended her imprisonment. The American legal expert is convinced that the “new” date of July 2 is as fictitious as any other date and that it will never be heard. “Anyone who believes what Russia says in the Griner … Read more

what was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended – DTF Games

As well as the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre gameplay, a couple of Starfield details from Pete Hines, and shooter details from one of the Rick and Morty writers. {“id”:1231487,”type”:”num”,”link”:” i-valheim-on-xbox-chto-extended-xbox-games-showcase”,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:139,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1231487,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1231487,”gtm”:null} 23 942 views June 14 was the presentation of the Xbox Games Showcase Extended. As part of the event, the organizers showed game trailers, … Read more

There was interest in Fousek, but he extended it in Brno. We have a vision to undo the last descent, he says

“I am glad that I can continue in Brno and play the first league for Zbrojovka again. We have a vision to undo the last descent. I’m glad to be there. That it would break out, “Fousek said after signing a new contract. Brno sports manager Tomáš Požár is happy with Fousek’s stay. “Adam is … Read more

Ukraine: Russian army prepares for even longer operation, schedule extended until October | War Ukraine

This happened last nightAccording to Ukrainian secret services, the Russian army is preparing for an even longer operation in Ukraine. GUR military intelligence chief Vadim Skibitski says his agency has information that Russia’s military command has extended its war planning for another 120 days until October. At the same time, Skibitsky said that Russia updates … Read more

K. Maksvytis announced an extended list of national team candidates

Already on June 16, the Lithuanian men’s basketball team, which is starting to prepare for the FIBA ​​World Cup qualifiers, has lined up its ranks – a shortlist of 15 basketball players with new, but well-known names. “There were a number of challenges in compiling the list, especially in trying to gather the best players. … Read more