Prime Minister Morawiecki appeals: We need a profound reform

In the text for the independent media group Euractiv, the head of the Polish government indicated directions for the development of Europe in times of crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of all the war in Ukraine. According to Morawiecki, the current problems on the European continent result, among other things, from ignoring … Read more

Scandalous entry by the Russian embassy. Jermak replies

On Friday evening, the official account of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Great Britain referred to the situation of Ukrainian soldiers from the “Azov” regiment, who in July they were to hear a death sentence for “war crimes”. “Members of the Azov regiment deserve execution, not by shooting in front of a firing … Read more

“Deutsche Welle”: The German economy has slowed down sharply

Germany, whose economy is largely dependent on Russian gas supplies, is anxiously awaiting the coming winter. All because of concerns about the availability of “blue fuel” for German companies and domestic households. Recently, the press reported that half of the 40 million German households are heated by gas and 55 percent are heated by gas. … Read more

This mechanism would allow Germany to plunder other states Representatives of European Union countries have agreed on a plan to reduce gas consumption. The plan to exterminate that there will be no requirement to share the raw material, and the position was to be created under the influence of the Polish delegation. How do you evaluate this decision? Prof. Karol Karski: It is … Read more

Ž.Skučas: about the rumors spread by Ž.Urbon, the feedback that deprived him of a chance abroad and why he no longer wants to be the captain

On the portal – the first part of the “MISsMATCH” interview with Žygymantus Skuču. He told about the two new studies courses he had completed. “First I enrolled in electronics engineering, I finished the first year with several debts, and I also had them in the second year, but since we won the basketball … Read more

NATO bases in Finland are a threat to Russia

Finland, which until now has remained militarily neutral, now – together with Sweden – is trying to join NATO because of fears that Russia might invade Ukraine as it did on February 24, sparking the biggest armed conflict in Europe since the end of World War II. The Russian ambassador to Finland, Pavel Kuznetsov, said … Read more

“It’s shameful.” Jakubiak sharply about the behavior of the Polish authorities

On July 11, Poland hosted official state ceremonies on the occasion of the National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Genocide in Volhynia. Among others, President Andrzej Duda i Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. There were also numerous social initiatives. Some political commentators expected that on the 79th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” the Ukrainian leader … Read more

Germany is circumventing sanctions on Russia. There is a comment from Jasina

The formal reason for lifting the sanctions in this area is the argument that the transfer of turbines to Gazprom will give Russia the technical possibility of restoring the full volume of gas transport to the EU. The government’s decision in Ottawa has already caused dissatisfaction of Ukrainians, who believe that these are “unreasonable and … Read more

The German press comments on Lavrov’s gesture. Strong words were spoken

On Friday, the media reported about unexpected departure by Lavrov the G20 summit, which takes place on the Indonesian island of Bali. The head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was supposed to be dissatisfied with the behavior of representatives of Western countries and their focus on the issue of the war in Ukraine. … Read more