Cinema in Colombia: Cinema will continue to be the entertainment most loved by the people: Santa Barbara Films | Present

Redo Themistocleous, president and founder of Santa Barbara Films, spoke on La W about how theaters in the country have been reopening. “After eight months the cinemas finally started to open. Since last Thursday there are between 500 and 600 cinemas open, and in the course of the next few weeks some 200 or 300 … Read more

U24 News | Crazy weather: How will the conditions be to close November?

Good day! After having a weekend with highs that exceeded 30 ° C, the temperature in the City of Buenos Aires drops again. We have a Monday with cool weather and clear skies. It feels a bit chilly on the last day of November, we actually returned to 12 ° C. How is the weather … Read more

Actresses and actors who have never seen any of his films

Throughout the history of cinema we have found (and continue to find) a multitude of interpreters who do a magnificent job and have quickly become the favorites of both critics and the public, having the most memorable performances. However, despite being quite a celebrity, there are certain actors who have taken the iron off the … Read more

Biography, films, works, personal life and scandals

Everything you need to know about the biography, films and personal life of one of Hollywood’s most notable filmmakers: Woody Allen Who is Woody Allen? Heywood Allen Stewart Konigsberg, known artistically as Woody Allen, was born on December 1, 1935 in the Brooklyn district of New York. Her parents were Martin Konigsberg, a jewelery engraver … Read more

Will Smith turned down the role of Superman but we show you what he would look like in the suit | Films

Oswaldo BetancourtNovember 26, 2020 – 14:00 “The Prince of Rap” did not want to play the character that Henry Cavill played and a fan art shows a version that more than one would like to see. For younger generations, the face of Superman is linked to Henry Cavill and in 2021 we will see him … Read more

Christmas cinema for the strangest Christmas, by Desirée de Fez

This Wednesday an article was published in Vulture with the headline ‘Oh no, there are 82 new Christmas movies this year‘. The text consists of an introduction and a file for each of these films. That is to say, it was not an exaggeration: this year 82 more Christmas movies arrive (that all premiere here … Read more

U24 News | Weather: Clear sky, although for many it is a dark day

This Thursday 11/26 we will have warm weather, with mostly clear skies and a temperature that will reach 26 ° C. There is no chance of rain, although for many the day is gray and even stormy due to the death of former soccer player Diego Armando Maradona. What is the forecast for the other … Read more

Online edition will allow all the films that compete in the XV edition of the contest to be viewed for free

With a documentary about the professional career of the photographer Pilar Aymerich, has started the most special edition of the Memorimage of Reus, the international film festival that only accepts stock footage movies. Forced by the pandemic, which forced the original appointment to be delayed, this year the contest can be followed in its entirety … Read more

Jesús Zavala, an actor without clichés at the FICG

Complex productions seduce Jesús Zavala, who although he has manifested himself as an “all-terrain” actor, in comedy has enshrined a style that positions him as one of the most projected faces in Mexican audiovisual development both on streaming platforms and particularly in the national cinema. Before the premiere of his most recent film “Tell me … Read more