The 2 films added to Amazon Prime Video from August 19, 2022

Trying to find the best movie to watch on Prime Video isn’t always easy. You can therefore anticipate by regularly following the latest additions. The month of August saw the arrival of an impressive number of films, including several original creations. As usual, discover the films that are entering the catalog this week. ©bigtunaonline/123RF.COM First … Read more

The 4 films added to Netflix from August 17, 2022

Filmographic discoveries continue with Netflix! The streaming giant offers you a great week with four new feature films. Fans of romance and fantasy will be delighted with what awaits them on Netflix over the next few days. Details ! Credits 123rf Royalteen – Romance A romance full of twists and turns under the Oslo sky, … Read more

these cult films that caused a scandal when they were released

1 Freaks, the monstrous parade de Tod Browning, 1932 Today considered a pillar of the 7e art, the masterpiece of Tod Browning was however very controversial when it was released. Freaks is known to have influenced, among others, revered filmmakers such as Werner Herzog, William Del ToroTim Burton or even David Lynch, with in particular … Read more

Do you know that several well-known Latvian films were shot in Ogre? / LR3 / / Latvian Radio 3

Narrated by the guide of the Ogre Museum of History and Art Jana Iesalniece-Pikše Every house and yard of the cultural-historical center of the city of Ogre has its own story. The fact that even before the First World War, the public from the capital came to Ogri to relax in the summer, has been … Read more

who is his wife who is also an actress and has worked in his films

Adam Sandler He is one of the most successful actors and producers in Hollywood, who has been characterized by comedy films, making many laugh. The actor has a beautiful wife, with whom he has just celebrated 24 years together, but, although she is also an actress, few know about her. Is about Jacqueline Titone, who … Read more

The Perseverance rover on Mars films the debris of its landing

On Mars, a unique kind of “weed” rolls across the plains of Mars. These weeds are not plants – they are bits of debris from the devices for entering, descending and landing of NASA’s persistence vehicle. Percy came across many of these remains and photographed them so engineers could study them. During Landing on February … Read more

The Perseverance rover on Mars films the debris from its landing

On Mars, a unique breed of “weed” rolls across the plains of Mars. These weeds are not plants – they are debris from the entry, descent and landing (EDL) devices of Perseverance Vehicle der NASA. Percy found many of these remains and photographed them for engineers to examine. While Landed on February 18, 2021a series … Read more

Is the 45-day window over? ‘Elvis’ could be the first movie to delay its premiere on HBO Max

Warner Bros. Discovery continues to turn its entire strategy upside down with the intention of reducing the debt it inherited from the WarnerMedia era and correcting what David Zaslav, the company’s new CEO, considers past mistakes. Among those mistakes we found spending millions of dollars on a DC movie, ‘Batgirl‘, to launch it directly on … Read more

Angie Cepeda: what happened to the Colombian from Pantaleón and the visitors | Christian Meier | Light Maria | Solar Savior | Peliteñida | poor devil | sister of Lorna Cepeda | Marisol Aguirre | ATMP | NTLR | Famous

Angie Cepeda is an internationally recognized Colombian actress, who is also one of the sisters of the ‘Peliteñida‘, Lorna Cepeda, from the hit telenovela “I am Betty the Ugly one”. His passage through the first leading role in “Las Juan” of 1997 opened the way to different projects, the same ones that arose in Peruwhere … Read more