Your Mercenaries and Weapons We Will Finish!

Wednesday, 29 June 2022 – 15:10 WIB VIVA – No matter the harsh criticism voiced Russiathe United States (US) and European Union countries continue to provide arms support and mercenaries to Ukraine. An official made sure, military Russia has the legal right to kill mercenaries and destroy Western weapons. It was Dmytry Polyansky, Russia’s Deputy … Read more

Nintendo’s Swtich console: the game is impossible to finish

PublishedJune 21, 2022, 1:39 p.m. “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II” players were never able to complete their game due to an incredible bug. The game for Nintendo’s Switch console went on sale on June 8 for around 15 francs. nintendo The impossible no one is bound. Players of “Star Wars: Knights of … Read more

In “equilibrist” mode, Bonifazio narrowly avoids a child at the finish of the Tour d’Occitanie

Nice little scare for Niccolo Bonifazio at the finish of the last stage of the Tour d’Occitanie on Sunday evening. While he had just won the sprint and had crossed the finish line, he almost hit a child who was crossing the road at the same time. Fortunately well concentrated, the Italian embarked on a … Read more

Nong’s movements have implications. compare human life to a tree After the drama ended, Praewa

One piece became a Buddha image.One piece became a plank. The plank was unsatisfied. “We are all trees from the same tree, why would anyone step on me to prostrate myself?” The Buddha said to the plank that “Because she was sawed only once. But I’ve been slashed thousands and thousands of times!” so is … Read more

Euroleague champions finish second: Fenerbachche wins gold in Turkey

This is the 10th title of the Turkish League in Fenerbahce and the first since 2018. The winners were led by a Czech Janas Veselyscoring 18 points (9/10 shots per game) and rebounding 7 balls. He received the award for the most useful basketball player in the final. It was likely to be the last … Read more

Verstappen wins, Ferrari fails to finish

Jakarta – Max Verstappen top of the podium in Formula 1 GP Azerbaijan 2022. The Red Bull driver appeared dominant, while Ferrari go home empty handed. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix race took place at the Baku City Circuit, Saturday (12/6/2022) evening WIB. After the start, Sergio Perez shot to the first position overtaking Charles Leclercfollowed … Read more

Japan shares end 5 days of gains as US inflation data awaits

The owner of a local securities firm said Japanese investors are worried that the consumer price data will push US stocks lower and that they won’t be able to do anything until markets open in Tokyo on Monday. Shares that are expected to grow at a much higher rate than the market’s growth rate declined, … Read more

The Celtics took control of the final series after losing their opponents at the finish

The National Basketball Association (NBA) played the third match of the final series of intrigue. Boston Celtics in their arena 116:100 (33:22, 35:34, 25:33, 23:11) defeated San Francisco’s Golden State Warriors and broke forward 2: 1 in the series. The hosts started the match much more successfully and broke away early with a safe advantage … Read more

Scary accident. The competitor knocked down his own wife at the finish

Chía won the third stage spurt and at the finish enjoyed the audience’s well-deserved applause. But his wife Claudia’s quest for the perfect moment almost ended in tragedy. The woman got right in the way of her husband, and because he did not have his hands on the handlebars due to the winning gesture, he … Read more

Quartermaster Vondr was fifth in the Diamond League again, Warholm did not finish

Vondrová ran into the finish line fourth, but could not withstand the onslaught of Irish Sophie Becker. With a time of 52.07 seconds, she was four hundredths behind her performance from Tuesday’s Golden Stilts, where she ran the first outdoor Thursday of the season. The race was won by Marileida Paulin from the Dominican Republic … Read more