Fire in Cakung East Jakarta Dense Residential, 10 Scorched Houses

Jakarta – Fire reported to have occurred in a densely populated area in the Grinding area, Cakung, East Jakarta, this morning. As a result, 10 houses were burned down. “It happened before dawn. The object burned down to 10 residential houses,” said Head of East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-agency Gatot Sulaeman when contacted, Thursday (23/3/2023). Fire … Read more

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has revealed a great architectural secret

During the restoration works of the cathedral, the former architectural innovations were revealed, which allowed the building to become the tallest cathedral of its era in the 12th century – at that time it reached a height of approximately 32 meters. This height, it turns out, was largely achieved thanks to the use of iron … Read more

Ghent café escapes disaster: extinguished candle suddenly causes fire after an hour

Charlotte Frans stuck to the thesis that a panel had caught fire from a candle holder. She has now submitted the images to the fire brigade, with the help of VRT NWS, to get clarity. “All kinds of wild hypotheses are possible,” says fire zone Center. “We actually miss other camera angles to give a … Read more

The impressive images of a fire in the heart of Brussels (photos and video)

HEight residents had to be evacuated from their building on Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier in Brussels after a fire broke out there on Monday evening. Three of them had to be taken to hospital, Brussels firefighters said. “Many objects were on fire, including mattresses and bicycles,” Brussels fire department spokesman Walter Derieuw said. “It formed a … Read more

[POPULER PROPERTI] Jasa Marga Responds to the Problem Fire Cars Can’t Enter the Jatiwarna Toll Road

JAKARTA, – Instagram social media was shocked by a video of a fire engine (Damkar) vehicle which was complicated when trying to enter and cross the Jatiwarna Toll Road, Bekasi City, Monday (20/3/2023). This video is presented in the uploaded Instagram account @net2netnews. Tuesday (21/3/2023). The 54-second video captures the situation of firefighters who … Read more

“Creating Intelligence Itself”: After Fire, Electricity and the Internet, the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

“Creating intelligence itself” After fire, electricity and internet, the revolution of artificial intelligence The deployment at high speed of a so-called “general” artificial intelligence, ie that of programs “smarter than humans in general”, is considered inevitable. Posted20 mars 2023, 22:26 OpenAI unveiled GPT-4 on Tuesday. AFP The rapid deployment of an increasingly “general” artificial intelligence … Read more

DKI Ensures Staple Foods are Safe Even though Warehouses are Fired for Hours

Jakarta – A rented warehouse owned by Food Station in Cipinang Village, Pulogadung District, East Jakarta burnt great. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government ensures that the stock is safe even though it is a warehouse burnt hours. Is known fire This warehouse is located on Jalan Pisangan Lama Timur, Pisangan Timur Village, Pulo Gadung District, … Read more

Scientists studying the burnt-out Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris have discovered a structure never seen before: nothing like it has ever existed

In 2019, the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was devastated by a huge fire – the flames severely damaged the iconic medieval structure. Later, when the restorers took up the reconstruction work, unique structures of this structure were discovered, which scientists had not seen before in the architecture of that era. A few months after the … Read more

Cipinang Main Market Rice Warehouse Struck by Heavy Fire

CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 21 March 2023 14:41 WIB The fire engulfed a rice warehouse located at the Cipinang Central Market, East Jakarta. Hundreds of personnel deployed (morgueFile/xandert) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Fire It hit a rice warehouse in the Cipinang Main Market, East Jakarta, on Tuesday (21/3) at around 12.30 WIB. The Fire Department deployed more … Read more