Crew boarded and lights on. Firefighters will honor the memory of a deceased colleague

The last farewell to the deceased firefighter Jan Dvořák will take place on Wednesday, December 7 in Česká Lípa. A volunteer firefighter tragically died in a log cabin fire in Nové Bor in Českolipsk. A ceiling collapsed on him as he tried to save a sick elderly man. Firefighters will also honor the memory of … Read more

The US secretly modified HIMARS so that Ukraine could not fire on Russia

The US secretly modified the HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Missile Systems) transferred to Ukraine so that the Ukrainian Armed Forces could not use them to launch long-range missiles at Russia, the US newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” (WSJ) reported. US officials said that US President Joe Biden’s administration tried to reduce the risks of war … Read more

Her children charred in each other’s arms… Shocking statements from the mother of the victims of the Montazah apartment fire

With bloody eyes from crying, and a voice unable to speak in shock and surprise, the mother of the three children, who died in an accident, spoke. Park fire to Sada El Balad, a few words before she broke down in tears, disbelieving and unaware of what had happened. The mother of the children stated … Read more

Gian Marco sends a hint to Rodrigo Gonzalez Peluchín and Gigi Miter: “Stupid gossip” Love and Fire VIDEO farándula | SHOWS

After what Gian Marco was criticized for saying profanity at his last concert, the preview of ‘Love and Fire’ shows another reaction he had at said event, where he would have sent a hint to Rodrigo Gonzalez y Miter Teeth. MIRA: Michelle responds to Magaly for telling her that she is a bad copy of … Read more

Italian restaurant in center of Utrecht hit by fire, surrounding homes evacuated | Utrecht

MET VIDEOThe fire brigade spent hours on Sunday evening to extinguish a fire in the Schoutenstraat in the center of Utrecht. In this street, near the Neude, restaurant Vegitalian, among others, was hit. Hans van den Ham 4 dec. 2022 Latest update: 05-12-22, 15:40 Free unlimited access to Showbytes? Which can! Log in or create … Read more

Sør-Varanger, News | House fire has been extinguished: – Neighbors have been allowed to return to their homes

The fire is out, the police wrote online at 8.46pm on Sunday. – The fire service reports that the fire has been extinguished. Evacuated neighbors have been allowed to return to their homes. The police are on the scene and are investigating the incident. It was at 6.15pm on Sunday that the police received a … Read more

The air quality in Sajószentpéter is dangerous, some people have already set fire to their beds

The air quality has deteriorated in the Northeast due to the high concentration of airborne dust, the air quality in Sajószentpéter is already dangerous, reports MTI based on data from the National Center for Public Health (NNK). The air quality was classified as unhealthy in Miskolc, Putnok and Kazincbarcik, and the air in Mosonmagyaróvár, Székesfehérvár, … Read more

5 Natural Phenomena Proof of the Truth of the Qur’an in Science, There is Fire at the Bottom of the Sea – Nature phenomenon proof of the truth of the Qur’an in Science you can see in this article. The earth with all its contents contains many natural phenomena that are difficult for human reason to explain. However, the natural phenomena that occurred were explained in the holy book of the Koran before the advent … Read more

Statue of Mother Stella de Oxossi is set on fire in Salvador

The statue of Mãe Stella de Oxóssi, a work of art composed of sculptures of the orixá Oxóssi and Mãe Stella, one of the main ialorixás in the country, who died in 2018, was set on fire during the early hours of this Sunday (04). People passing by Avenida Mãe Stella de Oxóssi, via which … Read more

A person found dead after a fire in Honningsvåg – NRK Troms and Finnmark

The person was found inside the home, writes IFinnmark. Fire crews entered the home and made the discovery. Relatives have been notified. The fire started shortly before 05:00 on Sunday morning. Due to the risk of spreading, the neighboring houses were evacuated. The extinguishing work started early on Sunday. The neighboring houses had to be … Read more