Nuclear Submarine fuss, US fires 2 Trident ballistic missiles

loading… WASHINGTON – Navy United States of America (USA) test-fired two ballistic missiles from submarine (SLBM) Trident II D5LE. The missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead, was fired amid a dispute over a nuclear-powered submarine technology sharing agreement between the US, UK and Australia that angered France. The agreement to share nuclear-powered submarine technology … Read more

the abandoned house in the parking lot in via Valente is on fire

Ma.Cif. September 19, 2021 11:42 am Share A column of black smoke a few meters from the buildings. The fire broke out in the late afternoon of Saturday at Collatino, to ignite a disused structure located in a parking lot in Viale Giovanni Battista Valente. The column of smoke emitted from the ‘little house’ is … Read more

Giant trees are wrapped to shield them from forest fires in California

The world’s largest trees have been wrapped in fireproof blankets. It is happening in an attempt to protect them from large forest fires that are raging on the drought-stricken west coast of the United States. 17. sep. 2021 19:10 Last updated yesterday 01:02 Here, the fire crews have wrapped the lower part of the large … Read more

Giant problems of a small electric car. Several of them burned down, manufacturers are in danger of fiasco

So far, this is the most extensive problem of one model in the new era of electromobility. The American giant General Motors has to solve a big problem of its Chevrolet Bolt model. There are more and more cases when a small car caught fire spontaneously. GM has launched a giant convening action and warns … Read more

Spain managed to control a forest fire that raged for seven days

The fire, which, according to my officials, began as a result of arson last Wednesday in the Sierra Bermechos mountains near Estepona in the southern province of Malaga, is “under control”, Juan Manuel Moreno, head of the Andalusian region in Spain, posted on Twitter. The plane, which fought the flames with about 500 firefighters and … Read more

The rain helps in the fight against Spanish “mega fire”

7,700 hectares have been destroyed by the fire in the Sierra Bermeja mountain range in the province of Malaga during the last five days. – We are facing the most complex fire the forest fire crews have seen in recent years, says Juan Sánchez, who heads the forest fire service in the region of Andalucía. … Read more

Fires: Spain, fire in the south still out of control – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MADRID, 13 SEPTEMBER – A fire of “complex and exceptional” characteristics that broke out last Wednesday in the province of Malaga, in southern Spain, remains out of control. The fire spread to several municipalities located in the Sierra Bermeja, a mountainous area characterized by an orography that complicates the extinguishing work. “There is … Read more

Apple fires one of its employees, victim of harassment

While Apple is in the eye of the storm regarding internal issues of harassment, surveillance and safety at work, one of the whistleblowers has just been fired. Ashley Gjøvik was thanked this Thursday, September 9, 2021. For several weeks, the manager of engineering programs complained openly on social networks of discrimination at work. Indeed, she … Read more

South Korea fires ballistic missiles from homemade submarine

loading… SEOUL – South Korea (South Korea) has successfully test-fired a domestically-made submarine-based ballistic missile (SLBM). The test-firing of the SLBM made it the eighth country in the world to possess such a weapon. Several Seoul military sources on Tuesday (7/9/2021) revealed the SLBM test firing from the newest submarine. Also read: Taliban Invites US-educated … Read more