Leiden startled by four fires in a row: ‘My legs are still trembling’. Police suspect arson and are looking for witnesses

The damage to the homes on Jan Wolkersstraat in Leiden© Toon van der Poel Rutger de Quay Tuesday 4 October 2022 at 15:08 Leiden What should have been a beautiful end to the Relief of Leiden ended in a pitch-black night for four residents of the Jan Wolkersstraat in Leiden. A total of four barns … Read more

The suggestion of neurologists: It almost fires your brain! The way to have the youngest mind… – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health The suggestion of neurologists: It almost fires your brain! The way to have the youngest mind… The human brain is one of the most complex organs in existence. For this reason, the issue of how to have a healthy brain can become just as complicated. For example; poor oral hygiene is … Read more

fires and sexual violence on the rise. Exceeded pre-pandemic levels

Crimes are also decreasing in Rome, on a general level, but increasing compared to pre-Covid levels – in some cases, also due to the pandemic – single types, such as computer crimes, fires and assaults. This is what emerges from the comparison of crime statistics for the first half of 2022, extracted from the inter-force … Read more

Legislature Fires Judiciary, Said Didu: This is a Wonder of the World

M. Said Didu–ILC Youtube screenshot eramuslim.com – The former Secretary of State-Owned Enterprises, Said Didu, suddenly alluded to the dismissal of the Constitutional Judge who was fired by the Indonesian House of Representatives. “How devastated this country is. The Legislature (DPR) fires the Judiciary (Judges). It’s a wonder of the world. Do we all have … Read more

The Ukrainians used the M240 mortar from the museum. The monster fires 130 kg bullets

A very unusual weapon was used during the fighting in Ukraine. It is equipment that the Ukrainian army has certainly not been equipped with before. It is also uncertain whether it was in her warehouses. It is known, however, that a specimen of this weapon was exhibited at the Kiev Museum of the Great Patriotic … Read more

‘People warm themselves with anything’: firefighters fear more fires due to energy crisis

To save energy, some are turning to alternative means of heating. For example, there are wood-burning stoves. Problem: These devices are sometimes faulty or incorrectly installed. Their use can then be very risky. Another accident occurred this Friday in Sombreffe. It is 12:15 p.m. this Friday when a house catches fire in Sombreffe, in the … Read more

New technique for artificially invoking precipitation in dry weather

Posted in: 28/09/2022 – 17:52 Scientific bulletin titles: – DART spacecraft prepares to collide with asteroid Dimorphos to divert its course – The giant pink diamond Fortune Pink will soon be auctioned in Geneva – New technology to artificially summon precipitation in dry weather A NASA spacecraft is trying to collide with an asteroid to … Read more

After the Vulgar Video Case Spreads, Siti Suciati, Medan DPRD Member Fires by Gerindra from Her Position

SERAMBINEWS.COM, WHILE – Siti Suciatimember DPRD While fired from his position by the Party Gerindra. Siti Suciati fired related to the circulation of vulgar photos and videos of himself uploaded by Porsea Paulus Bartolomeus Hutapea alias Muhammad Rajaf on social media. Porsea Paul Bartholomew Hutapea himself has now been sentenced to 4 years in prison. … Read more

VIDEO: HIMARS brought to Liepāja finally fires

The US Embassy in Latvia has published a video showing the systems in action. It has already been announced that the HIMARS high-mobility missile artillery system will be demonstrated at Spilve airfield and Liepāja airport at the same time on Monday. Based on the training request of the National Armed Forces, landing exercises of MC-130J … Read more

North Korea fires short-range ballistic missile after US troops arrive in South Korea

Jakarta – North Korea shoot short-range ballistic missile Sunday (25/9/2022) local time to the east sea. Reported from the Ap Newsoom page, Saturday (25/9/2022), the Joint Chiefs of Staff South Korea said a short-range ballistic missile was fired from the inland western city of Taechon. The launch came as the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald … Read more