Swimming, Paltrinieri in the final in the 1500sl. The two mixed relays also fly

It is super Italy in swimming at the Olympics. Both the women’s and men’s groups qualified for the final of the 4×100 mixed relay. For the blue also to record the new Italian record. That wasn’t enough, Gregorio Paltrinieri, after the silver in the 800 freestyle, he qualified for the final of the 1500s. Federica … Read more

An Englishwoman (19) wants to fly around the world on her own! In an airplane manufactured in Hodonín

During her trip, Zara will visit 52 countries and cross the equator twice. The girl comes from a family of pilots, so it was no surprise to her loved ones when she announced her plan to fly over the globe, she writes. BBC. If she succeeds in her flight, she will be entered in the … Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator tested in this comparison of Xbox Series X | S and PC Does it fly well on console?

The Bit Analyst highlights the quality of the console port: “Asobo has done a great job.” Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available in Xbox Series X Y Xbox Series S, and there have been few players who have already taken to the skies to release the console port. Or, at least, that’s what the game … Read more

On a “Star Wars” plane, another million vaccines fly up Pfizer – Nationals

Tonight another batch of one million Pfizer vaccines donated by the United States arrived in Paraguay. The plane that brought the biologicals carried images of the well-known science fiction saga Star Wars, whose first great success was titled “A New Hope”, and this shipment represents precisely that for the Paraguayan population, given the ineffectiveness of … Read more

SpaceX Wins Contract to Fly NASA Satellite to Jupiter’s Moon

Jakarta: The space company owned by billionaire Elon Musk, namely SpaceX, can be considered a big winner. Not only do they dominate space missions on flights to the International Space Station (ISS) but now they have won a new contract with NASA. SpaceX is rumored to have just received a contract from NASA for a … Read more

What about LATAM flights and tickets to fly in August? – Connoisseurs.com

Due to current restrictions, both due to the border closures in Chile and Argentina, and the epidemiological situation in Brazil, LATAM flights and tickets to fly in August are restricted and here we review what will happen. The company issued a statement that it received “from the authority in Argentina the approval of a single … Read more

New Science, Baby Pterosaurs Can Fly Immediately After Hatching – All Pages

MARK WITTON A flamingo-like pterodaustro guinazui flying against an Early Cretaceous background in Argentina. A new study reveals that newly hatched baby pterosaurs are thought to have been able to fly right away. Nationalgeographic.co.id—A new study reveals that babies Pterosaurus the newly hatched may be able to fly right away. Even though his flying ability … Read more

The popular Riga nightclub “Coyote Fly” has undergone changes

Rudzite pointed out that the nightclub was closed on December 31 last year for the time of reconstruction and renovation works started on January 2. The opening of the reconstructed “Coyote Fly” club is scheduled for February 8 at 11 p.m. According to Rudzite, this year in the new premises of “Coyote Fly” such artists … Read more

Indonesia: He disguised himself as his wife to fly by plane. He was infected

During a flight from Jakarta to Ternate in North Maluku province, a flight attendant noticed a passenger changing in the toilet, Indonesian police explained the incident. The man pretending to be a woman was handed over to security officers. – He bought a plane ticket in the name of his wife, took her ID and … Read more