Gold Wholesale Action Begins, Prices Predicted to Fly This Week!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Gold prices slumped earlier this week. However, the many positive sentiments this week are projected to make the metal powerful again. During trading Monday (5/12/2022) at 06:02 WIB, the world gold price on the spot market was at US$ 1,797.31 per troy ounce. Gold prices slumped 0.03%. Within a week, the … Read more

Do women age differently from men? Fruit fly studies reveal how sex determines responses to anti-aging drug rapamycin

The life expectancy of women is significantly higher than that of men. However, women also suffer more often from age-related diseases and adverse drug reactions. “Our long-term goal is to ensure that men live as long as women and also women as healthy as men at the end of their lives. But for that, we … Read more

A380 becomes a test jet: Airbus wants to fly 1,800 kilometers with a fuel cell engine

The European aircraft manufacturer is working on a hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine. Around 2026 it should take off on an Airbus A380. Actually it’s old hat. As early as 1838 and 1839, the German-Swiss chemist and physicist Christian Friedrich Schönbein and his British colleague Sir William Robert Grove discovered the principle of the fuel cell. … Read more

Superweight continues to ‘fly high’! It touches its best level since February 2020 – El Financiero

The weight advanced against the dollar on Tuesday, supported by the entry of foreign currency into the country through Foreign direct investmentremittances and exports, and was placed at its best level since February 2020. According to data from the Bank of Mexicothe national currency appreciated 0.33 percent, or 6.38 cents, bringing the exchange rate to … Read more

Swiss success story – how three Japanese helped our Heidi to fly high – culture

“How crazy,” Junzo Nakajima smiles and lets his eyes wander over the wide valley. “How crazy is it that a Japanese wanted to film ‘Heidi’ and this series was distributed worldwide.” 46 years have passed since Nakajima’s first visit to the Ochsenberg above Maienfeld. Now the film producer is sitting with chief animator Yoichi Kotabe … Read more

It doesn’t fly even if thrown, valve’s new VR controller patent approved

▲ VR controller image being produced by Valve (photo source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office official website) Valve is developing a new VR controller. As related patents are disclosed, rumors that Valve is preparing a new VR device are gaining momentum. On the 22nd, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted a patent … Read more

Sparks fly between Annia Linares and Eduardo Antonio live

Among Cuban artists Anna Linares y edward antonio sparks flew this Friday during the live show of Alexander Otaola. However, the discussion did not remain within the framework of the program but transcended to social networks. In the midst of the verbal confrontation in which both were quite excited, Annia accused Eduardo Antonio of being … Read more

NASA’s Orion spacecraft will fly past the Moon on Monday

Par : LIANG Chen| Key words :| Updated on 19-11-2022 NASA’s Orion spacecraft is expected to pass close to the Moon on Monday and approach the lunar surface before moving into retrograde orbit, according to the US space agency. Orion’s entry into the lunar sphere of influence will make the Moon, not Earth, the … Read more

Football World Cup: The teams fly to the World Cup in Qatar with these jets

The national teams fly to the World Cup in Qatar. The team from England sets an example with their jet. And one type of aircraft is particularly popular. The German men’s national soccer team left for the World Cup in a Lufthansa Airbus A330. But the flight with the machine promoting diversity did not go … Read more