Flies don’t come to where you do this! Here is fly repellent made by natural means!

With the arrival of the hot summer months, besides the holidays, the evenings with mosquitoes started to make millions of people think. Natural methods have become popular nowadays, as experts have declared that insect repellent with chemical properties has negative effects on health. Natural fly repellants, which have managed to attract the attention of millions … Read more

Covid disaster, cases fly to Sardinia: Cagliari is the most affected province in Italy

The cases of Covid in Sardinia are increasing dramatically and, for the third consecutive week, Cagliari is the most affected province in Italy. No respite for the summer, as in other years, on the contrary: the virus is pressing, hospitals are filling up again and for this reason the appeal of the president of the … Read more

This is the reason why planes are not allowed to fly over the Kaaba

KOMPAS.com Airplane mode of transportation is one of the practical and fast means of transportation. Traveling the distance from one country to another can be reached in a faster time than using land transportation. However, it turns out that not all places can be crossed by planes. There are some places that can’t and can’t … Read more

It took years to detect! Even that affects it: if you fly too often…

One of the most important sub-topics of Gynecology and Obstetrics is infertility. This section is closely related to researching and trying to solve the obstacles in front of couples who want to have children. The different effects of certain high-energy rays on the human body and reproductive organs were known until today. These were mostly … Read more

Nightmare for Russia, Su-75 stealth fighter is said to probably never fly, what’s going on?

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Russia never stop creating fighter the best stealth in the world. However fighter cheap and stealth is not something that can be put together just like that. Since last year, Russia has been trying to promote fighter The new Su-75 is a low-cost stealth version. But for the President Russia Vladímir Putin, it … Read more

The following is the story of students playing Higgs Domino Island on Bintan Island: Motorcycles fly, girlfriends also fly

AROUND CIBUBUR – “Waste mase”. Those two words are often uttered from players Higgs Domino Island loses bet. Buang mase is a Malay word which means wasting time on things that are not profitable or doing something that is not useful. Higgs Domino Island is a game that can be downloaded on the Play Store … Read more

“Somcheng Samcha” prepares to fly Korea overhaul, set a budget of 5 hundred thousand, cleared the drama of “Teng” quarrels, just a child’s frustration

“Somcheng Samcha” prepares to fly Korea, overhaul, set a budget of 5 hundred thousand! no surgery because always pay cash launch new products Lotus Pollen Extract Tell me to sell it. I don’t care about expensive raw materials. It’s been 9 years as a business owner. Getting Covid to make sales fall but a cartel … Read more

Fly, Miami | Passenger plane caught fire during landing in Miami

Three people were injured in the drama when it started burning in the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 plane from the Dominican low-cost carrier Red Air. The fire is said to have occurred because the plane’s nose wheel failed during landing, the airport states on Twitter. Also read: Russian planes rebel Sweden’s defense minister Videos shows the … Read more

Passenger plane catches fire after failed landing at Miami Airport

The American NTSB is investigating exactly what happened, but according to the airport fire department, the nose wheel collapsed during landing. Fire started when the fuselage came into contact with the runway. All 162 passengers managed to get out of the plane and the fire was quickly extinguished. Three occupants were taken to hospital with … Read more

This is the new Cubamax offer to fly to Cuba from the United States

The travel and shipping agency to Cuba, Cubamax, offers its clients a wide variety of options to make their lives easier. Now, it proposes special prices for the current month of June through its Miami-Havana flights. These operate daily with total safety and reliability. The good news related to Cubamax and its trips to the … Read more