Apple Music has been revealed to have a bug, and users report strange display of other people’s playlists – – Tech Focus – Digital

I wonder if any Apple Music users have encountered strange situations when opening the app recently? A few days ago, a Reddit user shared that in the Apple Music app, a playlist belonging to someone else was displayed strangely, and an unknown playlist was merged with the user’s existing playlist. immediately【click here]use the App to … Read more

iOS 16.4 new feature adds iCloud shared album duplicate photo detection function- – Technology Focus- iPhone

The new features of iOS 16.4, in addition to the new emoji and network push notifications mentioned in the past, will also add a duplicate photo detection function to the iCloud shared album, so that the iCloud storage capacity will be more effective. immediately【click here]use the App to watch more product unboxing videos Apple itself … Read more

Dingdong Audio’s March 25th and 26th master class content preview – midifan: We focus on computer music

Since the opening of the “A Resurgence of Everything in the Heart” professional musician exclusive master class on March 11, two sessions have been successfully held at Dingdong Audio’s flagship store in Beijing. Top teachers in the industry have shared their knowledge And experience, the course content can be said to be a lot of … Read more

Assignment of credit, all constraints of remission in bonis – Fiscal Focus

For the application of the institute of remission in bonis, in its free version, a specific regulatory intervention will be needed. In fact, the current regulatory formulation, excluding all the cases in which the substantial requirements have not crystallized, does not allow a generalized application. For this reason, in the busy parliamentary calendar, the majority … Read more

the bulk of the changes would focus on screens

The prolific leaker Ice Universe shared on his Twitter account a summary of his information on Samsung’s next folding smartphones: the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 5. If he corroborates a lot of information mentioned in recent months, this specialist also gives some more details on possible future screens and dimensions of the two products. … Read more

Credit assignment and building bonus invoice discount: communication of the option and deadline of March 31, 2023 – Fiscal Focus

The deadline of next March 31st should be the definitive deadline for communicating to the Revenue Agency, pursuant to art. 121 of Legislative Decree no. 34/2020, the option for the transfer of credit or for the discount on the invoice following the building interventions carried out. It is a passage…

Focus on technology attracts attention, early cashing is questioned, Silicon Valley Bank falls in his hands_Greg Becker_USA_Company

Original title: Focus on technology attracts attention, early cash out is questioned, Silicon Valley Bank falls in his hands Silicon Valley Bank, which focuses on providing financial services to start-ups, suddenly went bankrupt recently, becoming the largest bank failure in the United States since the 2008 financial crisis. The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank … Read more

Vision, prostate, intestine… focus on Nutravya innovations

Small everyday hassles such as bloating, a need to urinate frequently, tightness in the eyes or joints that lack flexibility are markers that can alert you to the body’s state of health. The body reacts easily depending on the quality of life, but also on the food it ingests. So how do you promote your … Read more

Facilitated settlement of tax disputes, no definability for social security contributions – Fiscal Focus

The Law of 29 December 2022, n. 197 (Budget Law 2023), in article 1, paragraphs from 186 to 205, provides for a new edition of the simplified definition of tax disputes. In particular, this institute will be applicable to disputes pending as of 1 January 2023 in every state and level of the proceedings, brought … Read more