A recently discovered double binary system is unstable. The stars could collide, giving rise to a supernova

Multiple star systems are very common in the Milky Way. While most of these systems are binary systems consisting of two stars, others contain three, four, or even six stars. These systems tend to be fairly stable, as unstable systems tend to break apart or merge fairly quickly, but sometimes a kind of metastable system … Read more

‘Sornram’ clears drama after giving ‘Kung Ploy’ results in ATK test before meeting daughter

There is still a mess To keep track of each other for the hero forever Young-Sornram Thepphithak and his ex-wife Tik-Kanitharin Patcharaphakdeechot or Kung Ploy, when over the weekend, there was a hot issue about ATK testing because the young man had said that before meeting the child, he had to submit an ATK test … Read more

Husbands are entitled to leave to accompany their wives in giving birth for a maximum of 40 days

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Legal Draft on Maternal and Child Welfare or RUU KIA give the husband the right to get holiday accompany the wife to give birth for a maximum of 40 days. This is stated in Article 6 paragraph 2 letter a of the MCH Bill which was accepted CNNIndonesia.comMonday (20/6) which reads … Read more

Prime Gaming is giving away Mass Effect Legendary Edition, GRID Legends and 30 other games

Prime Gaming is the video game service of the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. As part of the subscription -and at no extra cost-, users can access the section focused on gaming, which renews the titles every month that all members can download for free. This week anticipated the arrival of this year’s Prime Day … Read more

Instead of falling poor, these 3 zodiac signs are getting richer because they are diligent in giving alms, is that you?

Sonora.ID Generous people usually often give part of their sustenance to anyone in need. Generosity is the nature of giving property with pleasure in the condition that it is obligatory to give, according to its appropriateness without expecting a reward. Even though they don’t need anything in return, generous people believe that one day that … Read more

Cristina Chiabotto with a big belly, last shooting before giving birth

June 16, 2022 9:49 am The former Miss Italy will soon be a mother bis, in the meantime she post sweet photos with her eldest daughter It has been a crescendo of emotions and love for Cristina Chiabotto since she met Marco Roscio, the entrepreneur she married in the Reggia di Venaria in September 2019 … Read more

Barely 11 months after giving birth, Anne-Lise broke the speed record for crossing the mythical GR20 (video)

Trail runner Anne-Lise Rousset smashed the ten-year-old women’s GR 20 record on Tuesday by running the 170 km and 13,000 meters of elevation gain of the emblematic Corsican course in 35 hours and 50 minutes. The 33-year-old Frenchwoman is the first woman to go under 40 hours, lowering by 6 hours the mark established in … Read more

Christian Meier to Tula Rodríguez after giving her acting classes in the past: “You are my best student” RMMN | SHOWS

Christian Meier remembered that he was the acting teacher of tula rodriguezduring an interview for ‘On everyone’s lips’, where he boasted of having taught the former dancer the techniques of this art. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED: Aldo Miyashiro went to the theater to see Érika Villalobos in her musical: “A Beautiful Appearance” “Everything that is … Read more

The Story of Giving Birth to Eril When Ridwan Kamil was Fired, Atalia was given the status of a poor person in America

AYOINDONESIA.COM – Like the flow of a river, life Ridwan Kamil full of twists and frequent ebbs and flows. Born in Bandung, October 4, 1971, the man who is often called Emil was raised with great affection by a pair of academics, Atje Misbach Muhjiddin and Cucu Sukaesih. His love for science and architecture led … Read more