Gold price trend is expected to move sideways.

price trendgoldSideways movement forecast tonight following the release of the FOMC minutes. analysisgold price Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Company Limited reported that the pricegold spot last night dropped slightly. By being pressured by the appreciation of the US dollar. including rising US bond yields However, investors are keeping an eye on the minutes of … Read more

Gold prices re-rise at the end of the week’s sessions… and the gram rises by 25 pounds

habit gold prices To rise at the end of the trading sessions this week, so the gram of gold rose by about 25 pounds, as 21 karat rose from 1040 to 1065 pounds per gram in trading in the goldsmiths market, after the global gold market closed at a rise of about 12 dollars, to … Read more

New York gold closes down $15.7, bond yield increases, dollar strengthens pressures prices

COMEX Market Gold Contract (Commodity Exchange) Delivered in Dec. It was down $15.7, or 0.87%, at $1,791.2 an ounce. But gold futures are up 0.5% this week. Silver metal contract delivered in September It was down 28 cents, or 1.39%, at $19.842 an ounce. Platinum contract delivered in Oct. It was down 20 cents, or … Read more

Is it advisable to invest in gold in the face of high levels of inflation? This is what experts say – El Financiero

The gold price has shown a downward trend in this 2022, which began in March, mainly due to the increases made by the Reserva Federal (Fed) to interest rates. But, How much should invest in gold in a context of inflation living in Mexico and various countries of the world? “Gold is a safe-haven asset, … Read more

Gold prices today, Thursday, July 21, 2022 in Egypt

We publish the latest update in gold prices today, Thursday in Egypt, after it recorded a drop of 5 pounds, after a decline at the end of trading yesterday, with a drop of 3 pounds, bringing the total decline of gold to about 8 pounds, to record 21 karat gold, which is the best seller … Read more

Gold prices today, Saturday.. 18 karat records 862 pounds per gram

Gold Division announced the stability Gold prices today 21 karat gold, which is the best-selling in Egypt, recorded levels of 1005 pounds per gram, with the international price of gold continuing to record the level of 1827 dollars at the weekly closing price. Gold prices today: Carat 18 records 862 pounds. 21 caliber records 1005 … Read more

What happened to gold? .. The yellow metal is declining, and 21 karat records 995 pounds per gram

The Seventh Day TV presented a special coverage prepared by Ramy Nawar and presented by Hisham Abdel Tawab, which dealt with the details of gold prices, and prices during the past hours witnessed slight changes in conjunction with the increase in the price of an ounce of the yellow metal on the global stock exchange, … Read more

Investors Worried About Recession, Gold Prices Are Predicted To Soar

ILLUSTRATION. Investors Worried About Recession, Gold Prices Are Predicted To Soar High Reporter: Aris Nurjani | Editor: Novice Laoli KONTAN.CO.ID –  JAKARTA. The world gold price trade had experienced an increase after the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine made gold prices soared and made investors hunt for gold. safe havenHowever, after the Fed tightened monetary … Read more

Economic news today, Wednesday.. Gold prices fluctuate due to supply and demand

Over the past hours, the seventh day published a number of important economic news that we review in the context of the following lines. Among them, the participants in the session to enhance digitization and e-government in member countries of the Islamic Development Bank discussed the need for serious work and effective action in order … Read more

Most Popular Business: Free Pelindo Customers, Lion Passengers Can’t Get a Seat

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The most popular economic and business news on last Saturday, 28 May 2022 starting with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo), waived a number of fees for customers who were victims of the tidal flood in Semarang. Then there is an explanation Lion Air the chronology of the 10 passengers on the plane was unable … Read more