Closing of 23 CGD branches. PCP demands reversal of the process and wants to hear Medina – Atualidade

“What is required is to stop the process of closing branches and reverse this process, particularly reopening a set of branches that played a role of proximity to the populations”, says the PCP note sent to the newsrooms. In the same note, the communist party explains that the State bank is preparing to close another … Read more

Kazem El-Saher receives an imaginary wage in his episode with Mona El-Shazly and his concerts in Egypt.. The number will shock you as soon as you hear it!!

2022/08/11 It’s 09:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Iraqi artist, Kazem El-Saher, will be a guest on the Maakom program with the Egyptian media, Mona El-Shazly. After he returned to perform concerts in Egypt after an absence of more than 10 years. fantastic amount A source revealed that Kazem El-Saher received $150,000 for … Read more

Ashton Kutcher reveals rare disease has left him unable to see, hear and walk – Celebrities

“Two years ago, I got this rare and strange disease called vasculitis, which took away my vision, my hearing, my balance,” Kutcher, 44, revealed on Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge. Vasculitis is a group of heterogeneous autoimmune diseases characterized by primary inflammation in the walls of blood vessels. In vasculitis, the inflammation usually … Read more

Bizarre images: North Koreans in tears when they hear of Kim Jong-un’s serious illness | Abroad

Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, said the leader of the country had a high fever. “He was seriously ill, but he could not rest for a moment because he was so concerned about the people.” She did not say what bothered Kim Jong-un, including whether he was infected with the corona virus. Kim is known for … Read more

4 reasons to eat watermelon before summer ends! When you hear the health benefits of watermelon, you will eat plate by plate.

Watermelon, which is one of the fruits that we miss all winter with the arrival of summer, is one of the fruits that everyone loves and consumes. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, watermelon has a great contribution to our health. Here are 4 reasons to eat watermelon… Sweet and juicy, watermelon is … Read more

When he didn’t hear, he went to the doctor, what came out of his ear during the surgery was shocked

Lütfi Karaka, 70, living in Sultangazi, started to have problems such as hearing loss and discharge in his right ear 3 years ago. As his ear itched, the old man, who learned that he was mixing his ear with an ear stick and matchstick, went to the doctor after a while. Karaka, who used drops … Read more

If You Always Hear This Sound, Attention! It’s Worse Than You Think, Take These Vitamins Now

If we have a disease or if we are in the beginning stages of a disease, our body immediately gives us certain warnings. Sometimes we don’t notice or care about them, but these signals have a meaning. Sometimes our ears ring or we hear a sound, even slowly progressing to hearing loss. Did you know … Read more

Ton lost his partner Hester (55) to Alzheimer’s, now he wants to help ‘other Hesters’: ‘Can’t, I never want to hear it again’

When his partner Hester was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at a young age, Ton discovered that there is still much room for improvement in dementia care. Hester recently passed away. Now Ton wants to help ‘other Hesters’. “I want to change healthcare in the Netherlands.” “I may have to put the phone down for a while. … Read more

It secretes the hormone of happiness, protects against cancer! You will be very surprised when you hear 7 benefits…

Kiwi, which contains a large amount of vitamin C, protects the immune system. Happiness Kiwi, which supports the production of serotonin, which means the hormone, also protects against some psychological problems. CREATE THE EFFECT OF COLLAGEN Kiwi, which benefits the production of collagen, leads to the repair of wounds and the preservation of the moisture … Read more

Together, but separately, that is, the compounds of the LAT. “I don’t want to hear what he is doing in the bathroom in the morning”

You can find more texts about relationships between people on the website Many people will probably agree that the greatest test of the quality and durability of a relationship is living under one roof. That only then, in common everyday life, can the partners really get to know each other well. It comes as … Read more