Natalia, 27, left her son to defend Ukraine: when you hear how Russians talk to their mothers, everything becomes clear

If you think this article is going to be some kind of sexist, glorifying woman behind the stove because “she belongs there,” I have to disappoint you. It was this officer who invited me to talk to Natalija, especially speaking respectfully not only about her as a medic, but also about other women serving together. … Read more

Full-fledged IU tribute broadcast! Can you hear my breath and voice in your ears?[나는의사다 1010회]

Today’s video is a full-fledged tribute to IU! Singer IU became a hot topic when she revealed that she suffered from ‘open ear disease’ at her solo concert held last September. What function does the eustachian tube, which is composed of bone, cartilage, surrounding muscle and fat tissue, in our ears, and what kind of … Read more

I hope that Franjieh will be president of the republic.. and Aoun had “microphones” that transmit what we were saying to the outside so that the shadow president can hear it

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati considered that he was entrusted with his role and position as prime minister, and that he did not take the place of “His Excellency the President of the Republic.” He said in an interview with the “Sunday with Mario” program on LBCI, “Today, the cabinet is the one that replaces … Read more

Moraes will hear street population movements in MTST action

the minister Alexandre de Moraesdo Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), scheduled for this Monday (21) and Tuesday (22) a public hearing to hear over 60 institutions, entities and specialists linked to homeless people. The objective is to support the judgment of a lawsuit by the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST), Psol and the Sustainability Network. The MTST … Read more

A scenario no one wants to hear about. How far can the price of Bitcoin fall?

Bitcoin may face further decline. Source: Stock Arts In the last article: The scenario no one wants to hear about! – Bitcoin is preparing for the worst we reported on a possible scenario for Bitcoin, which expects a further decline. He arrived a few days later approximately 25% drop. In today’s installment, we’ll look … Read more

It cures diabetes in 5 steps! You will never even hear the name of diabetes again…

PREFER A BALANCED AND SUITABLE NUTRITION Food is fuel for the body and has a very real impact on physical and mental health. When you have a balanced diet, you are more likely to achieve better health and wellness outcomes and prevent or manage chronic conditions. While maintaining a healthy diet that helps manage blood … Read more

ASVEL players did not hear Parker’s early warnings about the quality of play of Zalgiris

Although they were behind Žalgiris by 2-5 points for most of the match, and in the middle of the third quarter they were generally ahead, at the end of the match the ASVEL team capitulated ahead of time. The fourth quarter was lost by 9:24, the last four minutes by 0:12, and after the final … Read more

Aries will need caution, and Sagittarius will hear an unexpected confession: horoscope for Friday, November 11

Horoscope for all signs of the zodiac for November 11. Aries This day promises to be busy and busy. It will not be easy for you to keep your emotions under control, so sometimes you will behave defiantly and even aggressively. Suddenly “surfaced” old grievances can cause quarrels with colleagues and even loved ones. Defending … Read more

Thalía’s harsh criticism of Shakira that no one expected to hear

11/09/2022 at 17:11 CET The song Monotonía, guilty of Thalia’s criticism of Shakira “It wasn’t your fault or mine, it was the monotony’s fault” Shakira is taking the music industry by storm Monotonya song with which she has thrown more than one poisoned dart at her ex-husband Gerard Piqué. It is clear that the phrase … Read more

You didn’t hear right! “Twitter” calls back some employees who have been fired l Money marketing l 07-11-65

You didn’t hear right! “Twitter” recalls some of the laid-off employees l Money Marketing l 07-11-65 Twitter (Twitter) recalls some of the laid-off employees. Due to the dismissal order was a mistake #Twitter #Twitter Blue #verified #Twitter #layoffs #identity verification #Elon Musk #Layoff . Time 11.00-11.30 TNN Channel 16 Channel to follow the news station … Read more