Meloni, there is no decision on the Silk Road, a delicate issue – Last Hour

(ANSA) – PRAGUE, MAY 10 – “This is a decision that we have not yet taken, it is an open debate”. So Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in Prague when asked about the Italian renewal of the memorandum on the Silk Road. “It is a delicate decision” he added, recalling that “I did not share” at … Read more

Gallagher: war ends, even if not as Zelensky or Putin imagine

From Liechtenstein, where he is on a visit, the Secretary for Relations with States and International Organizations illustrates the action of the Holy See in conflict mediation and denounces a profound crisis of the multilateral system and large organizations, especially the UN and invites the international community to recover the ‘spirit of Helsinki’: the Vatican’s … Read more

Chavismo assures that its official hanged himself with a sheet, despite the “signs of torture”

Contradictory versions around the “suicide” in a cell of Chavista official Leoner Azuaje, president of Cartones de Venezuela until his arrest in the midst of the anti-corruption purge ordered by Nicolas Maduro. His family has made a desperate appeal to ask for protection, they have even gone to the Embassy of Spain and Peru in … Read more

Don’t swing your sword at him.. Samson will return with your head if a drop of blood is spilled

“Left arm everything…!” This is the description given by the former Indian player Murali Karthik to the bowling style of a boy named Noor Ahmed, a native of Afghanistan. Ahmed entered the field as an impact substitute for Gujarat Titans. That move looked like the final nail in Rajasthan’s coffin. Murali Karthik gave an explanation … Read more

Russia chairs the UN Council, what it means and how it works

There was no lack of protests from Ukraine, who spoke of “a slap in the face”, “a blow to international relations”, “a shame”. Kiev also expressed concern. For the president Volodymyr Zelensky it is a “failure of the institution”, while the minister Kuleba urged the current members of the Council to oppose any Russian attempt … Read more

The rocket, Sama Al-Masry, competed with Safinaz in a scandalous dance match: The valley hurts him.. Watch

Beirut – Thuraya Shaheen – The artist, Sama Al-Masry, published a new video clip from her latest live broadcast with her followers on a social networking site. Sama Al-Masry appeared in the video, in sportswear and a wig, while she was singing and dancing with the song “The Valley’s Heart Hurts” by Bahaa Sultan. Sama … Read more

After he praised him.. This is how Tamer Hosni responded to Hassan Shakoush

Egyptian festival singer Hassan Shakoush revealed a distinguished position that he had with Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni, when he invited him to sing at his wedding in exchange for a sum of money. Hassan Shakuk said that he called Tamer and invited him to his wedding to sing in return for money, and Tamer Hosni’s … Read more

Stéphanie intervenes to avoid drama, “I thought he was going to kill him…”

For many years, Stéphanie Lardinois, 46, has been a loyal customer of OKay de Crisnée. “It’s the only place I go shopping,” she explains. I go there several times a week. Usually it’s pretty quiet outside. But that day… everything happened very quickly. » Last Monday, barely out of her car in the parking lot … Read more

the number of civilians killed has more than doubled in 2022, reveals the UN

An alarming new report from the United Nations. The number of civilians killed in Mali has more than doubled in 2022 compared to 2021, and 35% of human rights violations were attributed to the Defense and Security Forces (FDS), according to this document consulted on Wednesday by AFP. In its quarterly report on human rights … Read more

Food: we are consuming too much salt

WHO considers ingesting too much salt to be the main risk factor for nutrition-related deaths Populations around the world are eating too much sodium, which exposes them to a greater probability of being affected by serious illnesses. A warning comes from the World Health Organization (WHO), following an unpublished report it carried out on reducing … Read more