China imposes on “Alibaba” the largest fine in the history of companies in the country … and reveals the reason!

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Chinese Market Control Directorate announced that Alibaba has fined 18.34 billion yuan ($ 2.78 billion) for violations of anti-trust legislation. The directorate decidedAccording to “Sputnik”, the directorate’s statement stated: “In accordance with Articles 47 and 48 of the Anti-Monopoly Law, and taking into account the nature, duration and scope of the illegal … Read more

Egypt will present the results of the excavations of the pharaohs in the “golden age city”

Emerging Egyptologist Zahi Hawass announced earlier this week that a “lost golden city” had been discovered, adding that this ancient complex had been discovered near Luxor, which also has the famous Valley of the Kings. “We found only one part of this city. But the city continues [toliau] to the west and north, ”Hawass told … Read more

First in history, scientists discover natural food blue dye – For the first time in history, researchers have succeeded in discovering a food blue dye in nature that can be mass produced. Reporting from Science Alert, Friday (9/4/2021); UC Davis biophysicist Pamela Denish says blue is actually quite rare in nature – most of it is actually red or purple. A rare blue … Read more

Movies/Lakers start three-point rain, new classmate McLemore has 4 three-pointers in a single quarter, and the KCP team history three-pointer improves to 6th | NBA | DONGTW Sports Net

In today’s Los Angeles Lakers game against the Brooklyn Nets, the Lakers beat the Nets 126-101 upset. However, in the third quarter, the Lakers control Dennis Schroder and netball star Kyrie Irving were expelled due to a spat. They scored 19 and 18 points before leaving the field, both of which were the highest points … Read more

Egypt: discovery of the century: ‘lost gold city’ found in Luxor

The city was also named “Pompeii of Ancient Egypt” because of how well it has survived despite being forgotten for many centuries. Archaeologists began looking for a burial temple near Luxor back in September, but found what they did not expect – one after another, they built mud brick constructions. Archaeologists have unearthed an entire … Read more

Polish spies made it possible to invade Africa. Action removed from Allied Intelligence history cards

Operating in Marseille, Major Mieczysław Słowikowski he transferred Polish soldiers to England, first through Spain, and when that became impossible – through North Africa. But in May 1941, he was ordered to leave France-Vichy, collaborating with the Third Reich – on the order of the Polish government in London, he was to go to Africa … Read more

WhatsApp Comes Soon Chat History Chat Migration Feature Android to iOS!

SEPUTARTANGSEL.COM – WhatsApp (Facebook) will soon release a new feature to move chat history from Android ke iOS. This was announced WABetaInfo. User Android which changes the device to iOS and vice versa will soon be able to move it without the help of a third party. The reason for the release of this new … Read more

For the first time in history, Škoda presents the popular Sportline version for the Octavia model

Despite the fact that the Sportline version is part of the brand’s portfolio Damage established for many years, it has never been available for the best-selling model. Now the Octavia Sportline will rank between the Style trim levels and the top RS. However, it remains true that the visually sporty version gains optical enhancements only, … Read more

Why in Indonesia is Driving on the Left Side of the Road?

Why in Indonesia is Driving on the Left Side of the Road? Shintaloka Pradita Sicca – 08/04/2021, 17:21 WIB The majority of countries in the world drive on the left side of the road because of the former British colony, so why is Indonesia the same, even though it was colonized by the Dutch … Read more

Enrique Krauze wins the III Spanish Orders History Prize

The Mexican historian, writer and editor Enrique Krauze has been awarded the III Spanish Orders History Prize, which recognizes the trajectory of authors whose work is related to the Hispanic world and their projection in the world, as announced this Thursday. Promoter and director of the cultural magazine Free Letters, founded in 1999, Krauze had … Read more