Rotterdam reflects on the ‘Forgotten Bombardment’, but why is it called that?

‘Forgotten’ fits in with how people commemorate shortly after the Second World War. A bombardment by the Allies, the liberators, receives less attention. But the bombing of the center of Rotterdam by the Germans has also not been commemorated annually in the city for a long time. “After five years of occupation, the government wanted … Read more

ORICON NEWS: “Tamori Club” 40 and a half years of history, “Voice of Ross” successive reactions to “Boiled peppers in soy sauce” | Mainichi Shimbun

Tamori (C) ORICON NewS inc. TV Asahi’s “Tamori Club” (deep 0:20) ended the “wandering program” that had been broadcast for about 40 and a half years with the midnight broadcast on March 31st. During the broadcast, various impressions flew on SNS, and immediately after the end, the voices of “Loss” continued. [Photo]Tamori and Yumi Matsutoya … Read more

The victims made the trial of the Brussels attacks enter the history of Belgium

The sequence of the testimonies of the victims closes, at the trial of March 22. Place very quickly to the interrogation of the defendants. But before that, look back on these four weeks of turning point of the trial, with the powerful words of Karen Northshield. Article reserved for subscribers By Louis Colart and Béatrice … Read more

[Video] The Goddess Isis stars in the new Gutting History

<!– –> Thursday March 30, 2023 In the same week that they announced their first concert in Chile, “Destripando la Historia”, a phenomenon headed by the Spaniards Álvaro Pascual and Rodrigo Septién, better known as Pascu and Rodri, presented their most recent installment starring Isis. Making the leap to Egyptian mythology, we will learn about … Read more

Diablo IV has the largest beta in the history of the Diablo series

We know there’s been a lot of hype for Diablo IV, but even with that said, the results are pretty spectacular.As the series’ official account announced on Twitter, it’s actually“The largest beta in the history of the Diablo franchise”. . We also got a handy infographic to accompany the announcement, which reveals that the Necromancer … Read more

Monarchs and ministers are of one mind! The Chinese version of “Nobunaga’s Ambition Reborn with Power Enhanced Edition” released the first trailer simultaneously on July 20

《Nobunaga’s AmbitionSince the first work of the series came out in 1983, new versions have been released continuously, which has been widely supported by players all over the world and has become its best-selling classic series. In 2018, the cumulative global sales exceeded 10 million sets, and it celebrated its 40th anniversary on March 30 … Read more

Biggest pen in sports history? UA tied 30.7 billion to kill Curry and made him the president of “Curry Brand”

Reporter Chen Yongren / comprehensive report Well-known star and sports equipment reporter Nick DePaula (Nick DePaula) broke the news that the head of the NBA Warriors star Stephen Curry and the sports brand Under Armor have completed their contract extension. The two parties have signed a long-term extended contract. The total contract value is expected … Read more

“Mike Maignan wants to make history” – International – Équipe de France

90e minute of Ireland-France last Monday. The corner. The head of Nathan Collins. The Irish who are already celebrating the equalizer. And, finally, Mike Maignan’s crazy parade. What do you say to yourself at the time? I’m not hiding from you that I’m not surprised. In the sense that I know he’s capable of making … Read more

A new chapter in the history of Polish handball

Press materials / PGNiG Superliga / In the photo: Orlen Wisła Płock players Pawel Nowakowski 30 Mark 2023, 10:30 am For the first time in the history of the elite Champions League, Poland will have two representatives in the quarter-finals of this competition. This happened after a dramatic promotion of Orlen Wisła Płock in the … Read more

[Learn again in 2 minutes! ]What is the definition of “language family” learned in world history class? | Essential education for business elites “People of the world” super introduction | Diamond Online

“There are deep-seated problems of race and ethnicity…” Many people must have felt that way when they saw the anti-racism demonstrations that took place during the corona crisis. Ethnic problems are often at the root of many of the world’s problems, such as discrimination, war, politics, and the economy. There are so many arts and … Read more